Google Home is still in the early stages of development but here s everything we know at this hour.Users will be able to customize the base through a variety of different colors of either fabric or metal.Its three primary tasks are to provide music and entertainment throughout a home, manage everyday tasks on your behalf and make the power of Google search accessible via voice commands through what s called the Google assistant.As such, you ll be able to control your lights, thermostats, switches and more simply by using voice commands.Again, basic tasks like checking the weather or seeking out facts on Wikipedia will be possible but you ll also be able to ask complex tasks like how much fat is in an avocado or the jersey number of your favorite athlete.You can even ask follow-up questions in which Google will understand the context and return the correct answer.
It's developed a unique form of beer packaging that's not only sturdy enough to hold its weighty cans, but is can also be safely consumed by animals should it find its way to their habitats:The Edible Six Pack Rings are completely biodegradable, and are made of waste materials created during the brewing process.Barley and wheat remnants have no ill side effects for sealife.It's good PR too – Saltwater positions itself as the go-to beer for surfers and beach lovers, who naturally will have an interest in maintaining the quality of oceans.It's a great idea a little undermined by the OTT, obviously-paid talking head "members of the public" in the clip , and one that could have a really positive impact if adopted en masse by the industry.Using recycled waste materials should theoretically keep the cost down too, which could increase adoption of the practice.Here's hoping manufacturers of similar packaging take note.
Sydney security tester Jamieson O'Reilly has reported a since-patched vulnerability in popular video platform Vidyo, used by the likes of the US Army, NASA, and CERN, that could see videos leaked and systems compromised.O'Reilly, director of intelligence for consultancy Content Protection, says he picked up the bug during a client test and reported it to the New Jersey video company which has since issued a patch.The company says some 3000 Fortune 100 SMB customers and 39 of the top 100 healthcare networks in the US use the product, together clocking more than 50 million minutes in talk time."I ended up finding an arbitrary file disclosure vulnerability," O'Reilly told The Register."There are a lot of publicly accessible Vidyo endpoints that are probably vulnerable that you can identify using Google."O'Reilly says the patch version has been released to close the hole.
An undergraduate at New Jersey Institute of Technology made his own plastic braces using a 3D printer, $60 of materials, and a healthy dose of ingenuity — and they actually worked.Amos Dudley had braces in middle school, but he didn't wear a retainer like he was supposed to, so his teeth slowly shifted back.He didn't want to shell out thousands of dollars for a whole new round of braces, so the digital-design major decided to make his own.On his blog, Dudley writes that he was an unlikely combination of two things: He was broke, but had access to a high-quality 3D printer through his university.He took full advantage of this.The process wasn't exactly easy.He had to research orthodontic procedures and plot the route of his successive braces, so his teeth would move in the right way.But once that was done, all it took was fabricating a series of models out of relatively inexpensive plastic, and then following through on wearing them.And it was worth it for Dudley, whose smile turned out looking remarkable.Here is the process he went through:  View As: One PageSlides
Some people are under the impression that if they want to buy a $25,000 car, instead of paying $1750 to evil New Jersey, they can just drive over the state line and pay $937 to Delaware.Since the buyer is a Jersey resident, his or her home state still is going to want a cut of that sale.Keep in mind the dealership pays people to deal process this paperwork; these are nice people with bills to pay too.However, some stores will give you a big enough discount off the price of the car to offset it.High-end and specialty cars have to be put on a truck to be moved long distances, the trucking company is going to charge the dealer and they will pass that cost on to you.It s your money and you should question charges you aren t sure about, but when comparing the best deal focus more on the total cost rather than the details.
Online streaming is bigger than ever, and with so many streaming services adding new shows and movies every week, it can be nearly impossible to sort through the good and the bad.If you need something to watch and don t want to wade through the endless sea of digital muck that washes up on the internet s shores, follow our picks below for the best new shows and movies worth a watch.Lucky Louie is a multi-camera sitcom in the style of All in the Family, and Louis lack of control on the show and its eventual outcome is what made him fight so hard for complete creative control over his current series.Louie plays much more of a sad sack than the usual sitcom patriarchs here, and the show s grim outlook on marriage makes it a bit more interesting than it TV predecessors.The show follows Nucky Thompson Steve Buscemi , treasurer of Atlantic County, New Jersey, who uses his position to control the city s finances and its drug trade during Prohibition.Though she does not recognize him, Magallanes cannot forget his role in what happened to her.
Photo via YouTube screenshotRacing is inherently dangerous, and that danger presents itself each time a vehicle rolls onto a track.While both cars and motorcycles participated in the board-track era of racing, motorcycles identified with the discipline more—cars had road courses, streets, ovals, board tracks and the like to race on elsewhere, but motorcycle board-track racing was a spectacle that popped up throughout the U.S. soon after it began.That led newspapers to refer to the motordomes as murderdomes beginning midway through the 1920s, when the discipline was already on the decline.Photo credit: Tom Pennington/Stringer/That danger came from all around—the speeds, the track surface, the spectator placing and the lack of brakes in the motorcycles.On one particularly lethal day in 1912, several observers—from four to six, accounts vary—were killed along with Eddie Hasha and another rider at a motordrome in Newark, New Jersey, when Hasha lost control of his bike and slammed into the crowd.As with all things, motorcycle racing evolved from one of its most famous early states to become what it is today.
Its new conversational assistant, for example, will take its traditional search product to the next level, letting users ask it questions, find suggestions, or book services through text chat in its new messaging app Allo or voice, in its new smart speaker, Home.Google's building on many years of research, development, and data collecting here and it shows."But despite Google's behind-the-scenes smarts, the company will have some serious challenges ahead to get people actually using its new products.The allure of Assistant is that it can make messaging more productive by auto-suggesting replies based on your speech patterns and through image recognition and "remembering" things about you to tailor recommendations for example, it could know you're vegan and suggest restaurants accordingly .But do you want Google becoming your voice?" As we hurtle towards a future potentially powered by artificial-intelligence and we grapple with what that means for our daily interactions, Google needs to prove that the benefits it can bring us from dancing so close to that "creepy line" are worth it.NOW WATCH: Clever ways to reuse your old iPodLoading video...
Talk To Me is HuffPost s new parent-child interview series, and its most important goal is encouraging sons and daughters around the world to make time to interview their parents.A few weeks ago, as part of the series, HuffPost headed to Unilever s offices in New Jersey for Take Your Child To Work Day.The end result is the most heart-warming video you ll see today.All the info suggested questions are right here.Unable to play video.Neither flash nor html5 is supported!
But right now, the rivalry between the two is driving prices to be ludicrously cheap.HUGE LEAK: This is our first look at a real iPhone 7The rideshare company won t say how long this promotion will go on for, but it can t be endless — since Lyft is making up the difference between the discount and the real fare, without collecting commission, it s losing money on every single ride you take.A Lyft spokesperson told the NY Post only that it would last for a limited time, possibly stretching to several weeks.With the discount in place, any trip shorter than about 25 blocks is cheaper than a one-way subway fare, and four to five times cheaper than a standard yellow cab.To get the discounts, you don t need a promo code — just open the app, hail a ride as usual, and be pleasantly surprised by the bill at the end.Lyft is also planning to expand around the NYC area, with Jersey Shore and the Hamptons in the works for the next few weeks.
Photograph: Kim Kulish/Corbis via Getty ImagesA new school funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, is facing delays in construction due to a water crisis in East Palo Alto, a Silicon Valley city that has struggled with poverty amid the region s tech boom.The roughly $45bn pledge came several years after Zuckerberg partnered with the city of Newark, New Jersey, in an effort to help improve its public schools.The school initially declined to comment, but after publication of this article, spokesman Brent Colburn released a statement saying the school would open in a temporary space in the fall, adding: We look forward to continuing to work with the city on permits for a permanent location.When the city was incorporated in the 1980s, officials allocated East Palo Alto far less water than surrounding cities, according to local paper the Peninsula Press.The disparity and water shortage remains a problem today, according to East Palo Alto assistant city manager Sean Charpentier, who noted that the city receives roughly 76 gallons of water per day per capita – a significantly smaller amount than the 114 gallons surrounding municipalities receive.We cannot entitle projects until we can prove there is a water supply available for them, Charpentier said, adding: We have a water allocation that is inadequate for the size of our city in terms of allowing it to grow.
Over the next five years, NVP has plans to invest $10 million per year into startups as part of the incubator.Alongside investment, they will provide space in their 25k square foot office with 10GB direct Fiber internet.With those relationships in place, NVP Labs companies will have access to discounted AWS as well as a high-level of access to AWS support.Managing Partner Tom Wisniewski explained that NVP is setting itself up to not only help these companies start out, with NVP Labs, but also participate in follow-on rounds for up to Series A rounds.NVP will invest $85k into pre-seed companies and up to $250k into seed stage companies.Applications are open for the first class now, and that first class will start with NVP Labs in August.
Di Digital / New York World riskapitalbolag may have taken somewhat of a break when it comes to investments in technology companies, but Fintech has proved to be an exception to the rule, said Warren Mead, which is responsible for analyzing Fintech at KPMG. Consulting and auditor giant lies with the US research firm CB Insights behind a fresh grasnkning of financing will in the matter. It states that a total of $ 5.7 billion, ie 47.4 billion kronor was invested in the sector only during the first three months. The latter is based in New York and had long been a Swedish technology officer of Fredrik Nylander. It did not stop investors from investing further 3.3 billion to the innovative insurance business is primarily addressed to the residents of New York and New Jersey. Recent events and developments in the stock market makes us funding to build Fintech company will be more difficult to implement in 2016, says Arnand Sanwal.
Announcing the plan on Thursday, the pair said the cable will help meet growing customer demand for high speed, reliable connections for their plethora of cloud and online services.Microsoft and Facebook noted that its cable will take a route south of existing transatlantic cable systems that mostly come into the New York and New Jersey region.Being physically separate from these other cables helps ensure more resilient and reliable connections for our customers in the United States, Europe, and beyond, the pair said.Microsoft aims for the cable to help maintain and expand services for its cloud products such as Bing, Office 365, Skype, Xbox Live, and Microsoft Azure.As the world continues to move towards a future based on cloud computing, Microsoft is committed to building out the unprecedented level of global infrastructure required to support ever faster and even more resilient connections to our cloud services, the Redmond-based computer company said.Microsoft s Frank Rey said the project marks an important new step in building the next generation infrastructure of the internet, while Facebook s Najam Ahmad commented that the plan lets the two companies choose the hardware and software that best serves the system, and would ultimately increase the pace of innovation.
But there would be none of the "range anxiety" issues that plague most all-electric cars, with the exception of Teslas — if a Volt owner were unable to recharge the batteries, he or she could keep going on good old regular gasoline.Brilliant, right?We spent a few days with the car, driving around suburban New Jersey, and, as with the first-generation car, we were impressed.Chevy has modestly upgraded the powertrain to deliver better overall electric and gas-powered performance 53 miles on a single charge , and, as plug-in hybrids go, the Volt continues to be relatively fun to drive.I own a 2011 Prius, and the 2016 Volt's performance blows it away.My family only has to gas up the Prius once a month, meaning that we spend around $24o a year of fuel, at current prices.If we had a Volt and its 9-gallon tank, we'd definitely cut that in half — and in fact given that we don't take many long trips but typically use our car for errands and school pickups — if we charged a Volt every night, we could theoretically require gas power only in emergencies.Our test car did test that proposition, as it was fully loaded and tipped the price scales at nearly $41,000, complete with seat heaters, a heated steering wheel, and a pretty tasty eight-speaker Bose audio system.But the Volt has the same problem, except worse: It can only carry four people.Unless you're an enthusiast, deeply concerned about which of 22 different versions of the Porsche 911 you should get, you don't want to think about your car.It had always been a thoughtful undertaking, from General Motors, the company that gave us the EV-1 all-electric car, but then missed the Prius revolution.
Eileen Scanlon, left, steps across a 44-foot wooden boat on Wednesday, May 25, 2016, underneath a home she rents in Highlands, N.J. Thomas P. Costello/The Asbury Park Press via AP HIGHLANDS, N.J. – Workers raising a waterfront home in New Jersey made a nautical discovery: a 44-foot wooden boat from the 19th century.The 12-foot wide vessel, its rudder fully intact, was found beneath Eileen Scanlon's Highlands bungalow on Wednesday, the Asbury Park Press reported.The boat likely was used to transport coal and other good along local waterways, and pieces of coal were found scattered along the floor.Rumors of the vessel's existence had circulated for years.Scanlon got a peek of what looked like a rudder through the home's crawlspace shortly after buying it in 2010, but she didn't anticipate the size and scope of the boat.It's built from 3-inch-thick wooden plants and is held together with 18-inch iron nails.
To go from the US to Europe over the Atlantic Ocean and has a record speed of 160 Tbps. A monster of almost 660 kilometers that will extend over the Atlantic between the US and Europe and have a speed of 160 Tbps. Internet cable is even so cruel that it has a name, Marea, and will be installed later this year. Microsoft announced last year that they planned to put just such a cable to meet the demand for data is needed for the cloud. Most of today's transatlantic cables is the emanation of New York and New Jersey in the US why the whole system is particularly vulnerable in case of an accident or similar would happen. Mareakabeln will be built and operated by Telxius, infrastructure division of Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica, which will use part of the capacity for its customers.
It was a night full of tears and taunts, of cold-blooded celebrations and clutch competition.In what seems to have been a concerted effort to appeal to the elusive youth culture, the ESPN-broadcasted bee was replete with moments intended to go viral — and however obviously cynical the move may have been, we have to admit: It worked.While the Golden State Warriors were dueling with the Oklahoma City Thunder on the West Coast, we had a matchup just as contentious on the other side of the country, between the soon-to-be co-champions Nihar Janga and Jairam Hathwar.The bee used our collective adulation of Golden State superstar Steph Curry to help Nihar parse giallolino.While painting a portrait for his shrine to Steph Curry, the artist used giallolino to help create the perfect hue for his Golden State Warriors jersey.Nihar went on to celebrate a successful spelling of gesellschaft with Dez Bryant s patented X move …Lil Wayne and JJ Watt also found themselves fixed to the screen as the competition went down.
But as working the wheel and pedals becomes more hobby than chore, I believe some will pursue it, and become especially picky about what they drive when they take the wheel.Related VideoI see sales of roadsters and sporty sedans spiking, and the market for collector cars surging as people snap up soulful cars, from the early Subaru WRX and Acura Integra to the Ford Mustang GT and that mid- 80s Audi Quattro coupe you always wanted.When Mazda introduced the Miata in 1989, I sat in one at an auto show and knew I had to have it.It took years to scrape the money together, but I ve never regretted it—and I ve driven all manner of modern machinery that trounces my wonderful little car in nearly every measure of performance and safety.That s increasingly vanished from today s cars, but you find it in the Miata, in the Acura Integra, in the air-cooled Porches.In the long run, though, I must consider the possibility that an autonomous vehicle could bring our family together in a way the little convertible can t. A few times each year we drive from our home in New Jersey to Deer Isle, Maine.
View photosMoreIn a Friday, May 27, 2016 photo, Joe Martinez reads over information about a container outfitted with video conference electronics that is part of an art installation at Military Park in downtown Newark, N.J.AP Photo/Julio Cortez NEWARK, N.J. AP — The truck-size metal container sitting in a downtown park here isn't meant to raise awareness about the global shipping industry, though it may nudge some people's curiosity in that direction.The gold-painted shipping container in Newark's revived Military Park is the hub of a 10-week pilot program sponsored by Shared Studios, an arts and technology collective, in collaboration with local arts group Gateway Project Spaces and researchers at Rutgers-Newark and Yale University."These are two cities where there are police and community tensions," said Shared Spaces co-founder Michelle Moghtader.The portal's criminal justice piece has been an eye-opener as it substitutes freewheeling conversations for more conventional research methods of focus groups and direct interviews."What we've found is people have these very rich and detailed and passionate conversations with strangers," said Rod Brunson, the incoming dean of Rutgers-Newark's school of criminal justice.