the true finns mps, transport and communications committee chairman, Ari Jalonen said in his opening speech to the Caravan Show-trade fair in Turku today, that motorhomes and caravans is not coming from the tax."This is circulating untrue rumors.Motorhomes and trailers will not become a tax," Jalonen said in the the Same time Jalonen fretted motorcycle to the planned tax.Jalonen also stressed that this government will make significant additional investments in road maintenance."Road repair debt is huge, and the government has increased road maintenance funding, so that more of you will be in better shape."
Here you can peer into the lives of some of Facebook s global community of 1.65 billion users.But don t expect too much – a random look through feeds late Wednesday showed a guy staring blankly at his smartphone camera, a shaky POV of a motorcycle journey, a person buttering toast, and a guy in a youth hostel eating noodles.Blue dots indicate the location of a stream, and hovering your mouse over it connects you to the feed.These point to where current viewers are located around the world, though maybe Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will look at them as an indicator of how well he s succeeding in his quest to connect everyone on the planet.Live Video s interactive map should certainly boost traffic for the service, as before the only way you d know if a user was broadcasting live was via a notification, meaning you had to already be following them.Facebook knows there s money to be made here – users reportedly watch live broadcasts for three times longer than recorded video, and post 10 times more comments.
Transport ministry official Nunthapong Cherdchoo told Reuters that the services conflict with existing motorbike taxi services in the Thai capital.UberMoto, which has since launched in India and Indonesia after Bangkok, takes the company s on-demand taxi concept to two wheels.Motorbike taxis are a popular form on transport in many cities in Southeast Asia since drivers can weave the traffic-clogged roads faster than four-wheeled vehicles.This despite UberMoto debuting with the endorsement of the Thai transport police who were represent at the launch event in February.And this is Uber s full statement:Earlier this year Thailand helped Uber achieve a world-first with the launch of uberMOTO, a global pilot and our first two-wheeled ridesharing service.And we re grateful for their support when it comes to using motorbikes as couriers and to deliver food.
MoreA phone running the Uber application is held above the traffic in central Bangkok December 10, 2014.REUTERS/Damir Sagolj/FilesBANGKOK Reuters - Thailand has ordered Uber Technologies and Grab to halt their motorcycle taxi-hailing services, a senior transport official said on Tuesday.The services are popular in Thailand's grid-locked cities, where bikes weaving through traffic jams get people around in a fraction of the time a car takes.There are more than 186,000 motorcycles registered to provide taxi services in Thailand, almost half in the capital, Bangkok, government data shows.UberMoto and Grab Bike services had caused conflict with those registered to provide taxi services, said Nunthapong Cherdchoo, a senior official at the transport ministry.We see the need to cooperate with related agencies and have the intention to operate under the existing law."
BANGKOK—Uber Technologies Inc. on Wednesday put its motorcycle-booking service on hold in Bangkok after warnings from local authorities about operating licenses for drivers.The service, dubbed uberMOTO, was launched on Feb. 24.Customers could pay with cash or credit cards, with fares beginning at 10 baht 28 U.S. cents .The decision to suspend uberMOTO in Bangkok was made public after the Department of Land Transport invited representatives of Uber and Grab—a rival, Singapore-based ride-hailing app—to a meeting Tuesday, during which Thai authorities ordered both companies to immediately cease their motorcycle-booking services.Thailand s ruling council, which took power in a May 2014 military coup, has launched a campaign to regulate the Thai capital s motorcycle-taxi business after years of complaints about overcharging and other problems.Corrections & Amplifications:Thailand s ruling council took power in a May 2014 military coup.
A study conducted at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, found boda-bodas are responsible for 75% of all trauma caused in road traffic collisions."We are aligning the consumer demands with the drivers interest," says Peter Lloyd, the company's co-founder.Safebodas recently raised £160,000 in funding from the London-based Global Innovation Fund."We realized bodas are such a big market," says Maramoja's CEO Jason Eisen "they just need safer practices."The boda-boda community is highly unregulated, compared to conventional taxis, and that makes it difficult to find reliable drivers and build product awareness.Anything that doesn't represent a revolutionary innovation won't survive."
The Fast & Furious franchise has wasted no time in showing off its high-profile new star, Charlize Theron.The official Twitter account today shared the first photo of the Oscar-winning actress in character, less than two months her casting was announced.Although the image shows Theron with an assortment of firearms, the combination of her ponytail, Metallica T-shirt, and a motorcycle jacket doesn t quite scream lethal.Now, they meet Cipher, said the tweet that accompanied the photo.Jason Statham s rogue assassin Deckard Shaw definitely comes to mind.New additions over the years, such as Johnson and Statham, have kept things interesting, and Theron does the same.
Image: APWorksThe word Airbus probably brings to mind an image of a hefty airplane that flies you around the world.But this time around, Airbus has made a decidedly different kind of vehicle: a 3D printed motorcycle that looks like something straight out of Alien.Called Light Rider—man, David Hasselhoff is probably pissed—the vehicle was created by Airbus subsidiary APWorks.It weighs in at just 77 pounds and is powered by a six kilowatt electric engine that helps it go from zero to 50 miles per hour in a few seconds.And if it looks a little web-like, that s intentional:The frame itself was made using a selective 3D laser printing system that melted minuscule aluminum alloy particles together.The end product was a series of parts made up of a lot of extremely thin—as in 60 microns thin—layers.
View photosMoreThe CEO of Airbus, Tom Enders, left, and the head of APWorks, Joachim Zettler, present the first 3D printed electric motorcycle in Ottobrunn, Germany, Friday May 20, 2016.An electric motorcycle made from tiny aluminum alloy particles using a 3D printer.European aeronautics giant Airbus unveiled the 'Light Rider ' in Germany on Friday.The frame weighs just 13 pounds, about 30 percent less than conventional e-motorbikes.APWorks chief executive Joachim Zettler said the complex, branched hollow structure wouldn't have been possible with conventional production technologies such as milling or welding.The company is taking orders for a limited run of 50 motorbikes, costing 50,000 euros $56,095 , plus tax, each.
Airbus APWorks; Jungfernfahrt Light Rider; 20.05.2016; Ottobrunn Image Source: AP Works3-D printing has been used to make all sorts of products of increasing complexity, including rockets for spacecraft and engine components.The oh-so-cleverly-named Light Rider is produced by Airbus subsidiary AP Works.Even including the chunky tires, suspension and electric motor, the whole bike only weighs in at 35kg.DON T MISS: Apple s stores have gone from serious to absurd in 15 yearsDespite the low weight and electric motor, the bike still has enough power to make it a serious around-town commuter: 50mph top speed, and 0-30 in three seconds.All in all, it s like some kind of electric bicycle/Vespa hybrid, and it sounds ideal for my daily commute.The entire project is really a metaphor for 3-D printing s battle against more conventional manufacturing technology.
We're seeing 3D-printed versions of just about everything these days, from shoes and robots to even working cars, and now it's the electric motorcycle's turn.APWorks, a subsidiary of airplane-maker Airbus, has produced what it says is the world's first 3D-printed motorcycle, complete with a total weight of just 35 kg 77 pounds .This all helps to make the bike 30% lighter than the typical e-motorcycle.The company had an intentional design goal of using bionic structures and natural growth patterns when programming its algorithms.Parts of the frame are also hollow, allowing cables and pipes to be run through them, another aspect that contributes to the weight reduction.The material was developed for use in additive layer manufacturing, bringing those benefits to the metallic 3D printing process.
The Light Rider, made from aluminium alloy particles, runs on electric power and is 30% lighter than other motorcyclesHave you ever wanted an alien-looking motorbike?A 3D-printed motorcycle that looks like a next-gen alien-like machine has been developed by aeronautics giant Airbus' subsidiary firm AP Works, which, according to the company, is the world's first 3D printed functional bike.The hollow frame, which looks similar to an exoskeleton of sorts, was made using a selective 3D-printing system.The bike's lightweight frame was shaped using AP Works's own Scalmalloy material, which in itself weighs only 13 pounds.AP Works used a unique algorithm in order to ensure that the machine was kept at a minimum weight, yet was structurally strong enough to handle the weight of an adult rider and the added on-road stress of daily driving scenarios.Airbus has manufactured a very limited number of Light Riders, each of which has been priced at $56, 095 £38,663 .
You get the Light Rider, a jaw-dropping, 3D printed electric motorcycle that tips the scales at just 35 kilograms, or roughly 77 pounds.APWorks CEO Joachim Zettler said the complex and branched hollow structure couldn t have been produced using conventional production technologies such as milling or welding.Advances in additive layer manufacturing, Zettler added, have allowed them to realize the bionic design they envisioned for the motorcycle without having to make any major changes.Reducing the amount of material used and swapping a standard gasoline engine for a 6wK electric motor creates a power-to-weight ratio that equals what you d find on a supercar.APWorks is offering a limited production run of just 50 motorcycles and predictably, they won t come cheap.The company is currently accepting pre-orders with plans to sell each bike for 50,000 euros, or around $56,000 USD.
3D printing technology is on the verge of revolutionizing manufacturing, with recent examples including shoes and a working electric motorcycle.But now printing is about to get a lot more delicious, with a 3D printer that produces gummy candy in a variety of custom shapes and sizes.The device is called the Magic Candy Factory, and it's being installed at Dylan's Candy Bar stores across the US.The device can also produce words, or scan a photo to create a gummy likeness of someone's face.Users can choose from eight different flavors for their edible creation, and each one is priced around $20.Before becoming a gummy creation, the printer heats up the ingredients and then uses a nozzle to apply it to different shapes and forms.
Just a few years ago it was a big deal to 3D print a plastic toy.APWorks specializes in additive layer manufacturing ALM and special materials, producing optimized special parts for the automotive, aerospace, and robotics industries.It looks like an organic structure, perhaps something you d see under a microscope.The material and design resulted in a frame that weighs only 13 pounds but can handle the load and rigor of daily use.However, if you re intrigued enough to want to get on the list, the company is taking pre-orders for a limited production run of 50.But grab a large pen when you pull out your checkbook: Those 50 Light Riders are priced at $56,095 each €50,000 , plus tax.
Photo via YouTube screenshotRacing is inherently dangerous, and that danger presents itself each time a vehicle rolls onto a track.While both cars and motorcycles participated in the board-track era of racing, motorcycles identified with the discipline more—cars had road courses, streets, ovals, board tracks and the like to race on elsewhere, but motorcycle board-track racing was a spectacle that popped up throughout the U.S. soon after it began.That led newspapers to refer to the motordomes as murderdomes beginning midway through the 1920s, when the discipline was already on the decline.Photo credit: Tom Pennington/Stringer/That danger came from all around—the speeds, the track surface, the spectator placing and the lack of brakes in the motorcycles.On one particularly lethal day in 1912, several observers—from four to six, accounts vary—were killed along with Eddie Hasha and another rider at a motordrome in Newark, New Jersey, when Hasha lost control of his bike and slammed into the crowd.As with all things, motorcycle racing evolved from one of its most famous early states to become what it is today.
These earbuds are the fifth generation of wireless offerings from the company and promise style, sound, and comfort in a single package.That long useful life is possible with four hours from the internal battery and another four hours of listening as you charge using the portable charging clip.Jaybird says that the metal housing eliminates distortion that plastic housings add in making the sound quality better.Freedom earbuds have a secure fit with an over/under secure ear fit system featuring silicone ear fins that hug into the top, back, and lower surface of the ear to lock the buds in place during activity.They will come to other retailers later this summer in gold, black, red, or blue colors.The over-ear fit and elegant metal accents of Freedom bring a fashionable element while also being more rugged than ever, offering the freedom to bring your music anywhere, from mountain to motorcycle, thanks to the buds helmet friendly breakthrough form."
Be yours for just under half a million crowns. A finlemmadd, bicycle-like electric small matter of 35 kilos that is held together by a complex web of aluminum, according to The Verge. Or, in fact, it is not without any aluminum Apworks call Scalmalloy which is a self alluminumpulver designed to be nearly as strong as titanium. The battery that drives the whole thing is then interchangeable and one charge is enough for a journey of 60 kilometers. But the issue of no mass production, it is certainly not for a while yet. The company will initially manufacture only 50 motorcycles and price lands at about 500 000.
Light Rider from AP Works sold in a limited edition of 50 copies for 50,000 euros each. Photographer: AP Works Airbus company AP Works begin selling an electric motorbike that is printed from a 3D printer and weighing only 35 kg. By building up the framework of the thousands of layers of powdered metal, each only 30 micrometers thick, AP Works to build a structure optimized for strength and low weight. It had not been possible with conventional manufacturing techniques, argue AP Works. They have used an aluminum alloy called Scalmalloy, commonly used in the aerospace industry. The motorcycle is powered by an electric motor with power 6 kW, and torque is 130 Nm.
This makes finding a motorcycle helmet that fits perfectly tricky.Mass-produced helmets don t match well with everyone s cranial oddities, and ill-fitting protection can lead to serious injury in the event of a crash.The company, which has been making helmets for 60 years, spent the past three years making bespoke helmets by 3-D scanning customers noggins.Not everyone with a funky dome has that kind of money though.Its ProFIT system offers five shell sizes that s the hard exterior of the helmet and six impact liner sizes that s the soft inside material that keeps your coconut comfortable and holds it in place .It chose those variables based in part on three years worth of customer head scans it won t reveal how many people it s got data on .