The following discussion helps you discover some of the notable free learning resources for blockchain that you can access readily.Best Free Blockchain Courses The blockchain market worldwide is expected to reach a total value of around $20 billion by 2024, with around $2.1 billion recorded as global expenses on blockchain solutions in 2018.Furthermore, the volume of blockchain-centric LinkedIn job postings has increased more than three times in recent years.Any individual wishing to learn about blockchain can choose this free blockchain course without any doubt.The course will also help you learn about different blockchains technology concepts, such as mining, smart contracts, consensus algorithms, and smart property.You can learn about the immutable distributed ledger, trust model underlying blockchain, and the decentralized peer-to-peer network.Students can gain insights into the fundamental components of a blockchain and its related operations.The course will guide you through the basic algorithms and data structures used to develop a typical blockchain.Initially, you can gain knowledge on storing single transactions in a block and gradually understand the approaches for storing multiple transactions.
Technical skill development is one of the foremost requirements for boosting your career in the present times.Any new technology with the potential for changing the way businesses operate is a prospect for exploring new career paths.Blockchain is one such technology that is giving rise to numerous career prospects worldwide.If you learn blockchain, then you can find lucrative opportunities in the roles of blockchain architect, blockchain security professional, or blockchain developer.However, diving into anything new is a completely challenging task for any individual, especially a beginner.Therefore, it is reasonable to look for resources that can help you gain insights into new technology for free.The following discussion helps you find out some of the best free blockchain courses available presently.101Blockchains Enterprise Blockchains FundamentalsThe assurance of a credible blockchain training platform is the first thing that beginners look for in block chain courses.
The world of blockchain is an interesting place.Right now, in 2020, it is easy to say that blockchain has matured enough to be used by businesses and enterprises.Maybe you are working in a company that recently started to focus on blockchain.However, the best way to learn anything is to do a course on it.But, before we go list the blockchain courses, let’s first learn the benefits of doing blockchain courses.Benefits of doing online blockchain coursesThere are many benefits of doing online blockchain courses or online courses in general.The course can be taken by anyone including software developers and startups, advisors and business analysts, decision-makers or anyone who wants to get started with blockchain.
 Blockchain is definitely one of the prominently emerging technologies with a high potential for disrupting many industries.Blockchain technology has proved its efficiency in the financial industry by serving as the foundation of cryptocurrencies.Developing knowledge regarding Blockchain technology and its implementation across different domains could provide a considerable competitive advantage in the existing IT labor market.However, any beginner would obviously wonder about the possible approaches to start learning Blockchain.A newbie in Blockchain must have prior knowledge and experience in computer science, information technologies, and information security.Distributed Systems and Data Structures Beginners must also have a fundamental impression of distributed systems, data structures, cryptography, and networking.Therefore, beginners must have a basic understanding of smart contracts as they would have to learn the approaches of executing smart contracts in free online Blockchain courses.