And what's also interesting is that it appears to have a grounding effect that prevents the motion issues that many other first-person VR games suffer from.The pant-wetting trailer started by making reference to the infamous Kitchen demo shown at last year's E3, which involved being strapped to a chair while a zombie-woman prowled around you before jumping onto your chest.A first-person, action-packed dogfighting spin-off from the huge and hugely complicated Eve Online MMO, Valkyrie is essentially everyone's Battlestar Galactica fantasies made real.Besides, while Oculus players are right now playing a fairly feature-light, work-in-progress version called the Founder's Pack , the game should be finished by the time it hits PS VR, so as well as the multiplayer space battles there's expected to be a pretty substantial single-player story.The concept is this: the year is 2050 and robots now do all of the blue collar work.There are four jobs to do, including office worker, diner chef and mechanic, and every one I've played has been equally hilarious.
Every style sports charging rings around the collar area that are designed to accommodate BauBax s Bluetooth earphones more on those in a bit , and all except the vest ship with several of BauBox s charging coins — circular pads that secure to your wrist for the purpose of powering your Android Wear smartwatch on the go Baubax says an Apple Watch-compatible model will launch later in the year.There s also an inflatable, detachable neck pillow that folds in half for storage.It s got a generous capacity of 4,000mAh, which should be enough to charge a smartphone once and features two designated slots for the BauBox earbuds.BauBox s new chino pants, jeans, and shorts pack charging tech similar to its jackets with charging rings in pant pockets big enough to fit today s largest phablets.But you can opt to add a power pack to either and thanks to receiver chips built into the wallets and wristlets, they ll charge wirelessly on a power pad.Here s a breakdown of the pricing:The sweatshirt and vest start at $140 for super early birds and go up to $160The down jacket is $150 to $170 and the bomber is $170 to $190The jeans and chino pants are $90 to $109 and the shorts are $70 to $90The wristlets and wallet, meanwhile, are $60 to $70 and $20 to $30, respectivelyThe charging pad is $30 to $40 or $50 to $60 for a dual-device chargerThe battery bank runs $50 to $60The charging coins cost $40 to $50The iPhone charging case costs $15 to $25The pocket blanket and the earphones cost $70 to $90BauBox ships to 34 countries including the United States, Canada, China, and the United Kingdom.
Ironing can be a pain, but is worth it to keep your clothes and you looking sharp.Make ironing pants a little easier by using a couple large binder clips to keep the seams lined up.You ll need four large binder clips.Before you start, lay the pants out on the ironing board and match the legs up so you ll get a crisp crease.Use two clips to attach the bottom pant leg to the board.Secure the waistband together with the other two clips.
There s nothing quite like memorializing a bad day on the internet, and it only gets better when that place on the internet is Google Maps.You know, the app used by more than a billion people.Alas, that seems to be the fate that befell an employee of Houston restaurant Flying Saucer, a Mr. Joshua Justice, whose little accident was captured by the passing Google car.So now, there s an intersection in downtown Houston that features Justice, a wet pant leg, and a pretty unfortunate story.Justice didn t actually wet himself.That involves hooking up a cleaning keg full of a mixture of warm water and acid.
Weeks after leaving her eponymous news website to launch a corporate wellness service called Thrive, Arianna Huffington has hired former New York Times and Google executives for the new venture, aiming to teach companies to "treat the whole human being." As it enters the crowded workplace wellness industry, with its quit-smoking incentives and step challenges, Thrive intends to go beyond the usual offerings to focus on "the mental aspects of our lives, what's happening in our heads," Huffington said in an interview."This is all something that you bring to work," she added.Huffington spent more than a decade running the Huffington Post, which she founded in 2005, but over the years her interest shifted from news to the pursuit of elusive work-life balance.In the last two years, she has published two books—Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder and the nap-at-work manifesto The Sleep Revolution—full of theories she's now spinning into her new business.In the meantime, the company is staffing up: Rajiv Pant, a former chief technology officer at the New York Times, has come on as CTO, and Kathryn Friedrich, who spent the better part of a decade at Google and YouTube, will join next month as chief marketing officer.Both said Huffington's plea for a more humane work-life balance drew them to the organization.This is something I personally connected with," said Pant.
If you re on a sinking ship or you fall overboard, and you don t have a legitimate flotation device, it s time for the pants to come off.This clever survival trick will help you float on the water so you use less energy while waiting for someone to rescue you.This video from the BlackScoutSurvival YouTube channel demonstrates the survival technique that s taught to all U.S. Marines.As soon as you hit the water, pull those pants off.Once they re off, tie the pant legs together with a simple square knot, then grab the pants by the waistline.Now pull them out of the water and give them a good whip, letting the pant legs fill with as much air as possible before hitting the water again.
MetricStream's Piyush Pant looks at the complexities of measuring cyber risk and the shortcomings of cyber insurance.Business risks encompass any factors that can have a negative impact on a company s performance, operations, revenue and growth.The Brexit vote provides a timely reminder of the impact of these risks and why they must be managed.Many, including the UK Government, were surprised by the leave vote and hadn t adequately planned for it, creating mass uncertainty across the globe.Multinational corporations remain unsure whether they will relocate staff to other countries in order to ensure access to the single market, for instance, and that hesitation continues to impact the UK s and global economies.Indeed, in 2016 there is one type of risk that weighs heavily on every business leader in the world, against which traditional forms of business insurance seem to be no match – cyber risk.
The Samsung Gear VR is one of the easiest ways to experience virtual reality, but some users are learning that convenience comes with its costs.Owners of Samsung phones such as the S6, S6 Edge, S7, and S7 Edge are reporting that Oculus app is destroying their phone s battery life.Samsung phone owners have been writing about the problem on Oculus forums, on Reddit forums, and in emails to Gizmodo.The Samsung phone owners say their phone s CPU is running really high, even when the Oculus app is closed, and it s preventing the device from going to sleep.The strain on the processor is burning through the phone s battery ridiculously fast.Many users are reporting more than half of their battery being drained in just a few hours with the Oculus VR app installed and running in the background.
Equipped with sensors, they shall climb up and down the pant legs and tröjärmar.that's The plan, according to the scientists behind the Rovables.Aktivitetsarmband with the aim to measure heartbeat, pulse, or our sleep sits firmly and steadily on our wrist.But researchers from the american universities MIT and Stanford has other plans for the smart technology that monitors our bodies.At a conference in Tokyo, presented the Rovables, miniatyrrobotar that can crawl around on the ordinary cotton clothing.It is only a few centimeters big, but is still equipped with both sensors and artificial intelligence.
These aren t even the first wool-lined sneakers we ve written about.We live in exciting times.TIME Slippers are the dress pant sweatpants of shoes.Featuring sumo-stretch laces, they go on like slip-ons, and moisture-wicking wool gives you the option of skipping the socks.The footbed is a yoga mat.TIME slippers come in three unisex styles, though if you don t like black leather with a white sole you re out of luck.
At some point, someone gave men permission to have nice underwear, and that blessing has been extended to your sweatpants.MeUndies, the harbinger of better men s basics and innovator of subscription underwear, and Tommy John, my new favorite manufacturer of men s basics, have both entered the lounge pant game.Our Promotions Team Sponsored , frequently runs discounts on MeUndies products.Tommy John s Lounge Pants cost $1 less than MeUndies , are 90% modal, and feature a stash pocket on the front.Tommy John claims their modal is non-pilling and holds it shape better than the competition, and this is completely accurate in my experience.MeUndies Lounge Pants are available in a few more colors, 92% modal, and have normal pants pockets.
There s something to be said for saying yes to things.You never know what potential opportunities there are in saying yes to an extra project at work or volunteering your time somewhere.Over at Afford Anything, personal finance writer Paula Pant talks about any benefit mentality: the idea that you should pursue every possible activity or connection because you never know where it might lead.How often have you heard this advice?Go to every networking event on the planet!Jump on every new social media platform!
With this in mind, and with an eye towards some of the things still to come in 2017, what is it worth getting excited for?I think Resident Evil 7 will be a return to form for the original survival horror title.Horror games have been struggling to make a real mark recently, but Capcom's latest – shifting focus to first person – seems like it'll be pant-wettingly scary.I've played this already, and I dug it.Sniper Elite seems like it's finally hit the point where it functions both as a simulator for plugging Nazis at 500 yards and also as a stealth game.Now you'll be traipsing around open environments, getting your sneak on as a WW2 commando, and indulging in the same sort of stealth-based exploration that went over so well in Metal Gear Solid V.
One of the best ways to stay warm during cold weather is to keep dry.Whether it s rain, snow, or sweat, there is always something to fend off.Garments have claimed to be both waterproof and breathable before, but most such fabrics typically become overwhelmed by water.This leads to a build-up of moisture that causes you to get cold.Fortress Clothing works a bit differently.This base or midlayer garment is designed to keep you warm even when wet.
The new Trail Adventure Pant turns the trail pant upside down with its stainproof, waterproof and nearly rip-proof fabric.Coalatree, the company that brought us the Kickstarter-funded Kachula adventure blanket, is back again with another must-have crowdfunding product: The Trailhead Adventure Pant.The lightweight pant is as versatile as you are — moving smoothly from a Friday night at the movies to a weekend climb in the mountains.The trail adventure pants are designed from a cutting-edge fabric that combines recycled ripstop nylon with four-way stretch spandex and dri-fit waterproofing.The material also is stain and odor resistant, allowing you to wear it for longer periods between washing, a bonus for those who multiday hikes.Best of all, similar to Coalatree other’s products, the Trail Adventure Pant is sustainably made using recycled materials and waterproofing methods that are less harmful to the environment and preserve the natural look and feel of the fabric.
During a busy work week, people don't have time to fuss around with chains and gears.For starters, that greasy chain can rub against that nice pair of pants and leave an unsightly stain.Commuters will spend more time getting to work and less time fussing with their pant legs.Designer and Pedale88 founder Vincenzo Severino was inspired to create a bicycle that was easier to maintain and wouldn’t break the bank.“Colder temperatures, rain, and wind make bike maintenance a hassle in Scotland, but even in my hometown, the hot and dry weather meant it was always a challenge to keep bikes in the best condition.The belt-driven system offers a fantastic compromise — and makes owning a bike much more pleasurable and significantly less complicated!”
p AMV BBDO and Tena Men’s ‘Mr.Pant-tastic’ has won over The Drum readers to be crowned this week’s European Creative Work of the Week.The campaign teaser, which introduces a new male incontinence product that looks like regular underwear, continues the brand’s mission to normalise the taboo subject.Featuring Tena Men’s charismatic spokesperson Stirling Gravitas – the man who’s always in control – the campaign pastiches the glossy ads of brands like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein and sees Gravitas model Tena’s latest pants with as much swaggers as Beckham and Bieber.To vote for next week’s Creative Work of the Week check out our latest round-up.To submit work for consideration, please use our online form.
p Yum China Holdings, the operator of KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant chains across the country, is buying a controlling stake in food delivery service provider Daojia, as it looks to boost sales by better serving customers who chose to eat at home.Reuters reported in November, citing sources, that Yum China was in talk to buy Daojia for up to US$200 million.Daojia (到家), which also operates Sherpas food delivery services, was founded in 2010 and focuses on higher value food orders in major cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.The move is in line with Yum China’s strategy to accelerate growth through digital and delivery.Deliveries accounted for around 12 per cent of Yum China’s sales in the first quarter of this year.“Digital and delivery are long-term strategic drivers of our business, and I am pleased to build on our technological know-how and capabilities in this high growth area,” said Micky Pant, CEO of Yum China on Tuesday.
p The joke in the smartphone space in years past was how screens just kept getting bigger — stretching palms and making you look ridiculous when held up to the head to talk.Phablets have long been the new normal as the telephone icon lost out in the war to capture our attention via finger-flicking touchscreen fun — losing out to all the other apps offering more visual ways to be entertained and/or communicate, be it by text, selfie lens or silly GIF.Apple, a laggard at inflating smartphone screen size, has remained something of a reluctant participant in this ‘bigger is better’ logic.Evident in its tortured sloganizing for its very first phablet, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus — which it launched in 2014 and stuck next to the words: “bigger than bigger”.The less said about which the better.The iPhone-maker’s reluctance to participate in the pant-stretching smartphone craze has also included an attempt to buck the trend, by reviving — in 2016 — the 4-inch form iPhone factor, and putting a bit more heft under the hood, aka the iPhone SE.
Despite thousands of years of pant-crapping history, there’s a surprising amount we don’t know about diarrhoea.Or rather, in certain cases where bacteria causes diarrhoea in mice — call it traveller's diarrhoea for mice — since that’s the way they did their research.Also, it’s just cool as hell to better understand why your body gets sick and smelly.The intestinal wall is lined with cells much like the skin is, and some, but not a lot of water, can get through.This protein caused a leak in the cell junctions that let water in, making the mouse poo runnier.These mice had more severe injury to their lining cells—and they still ended up having diarrhoea, because it looked like the immune system attacked the cells to help make some bacteria-clearing diarrhoea.