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Se vuoi ottenere il meglio dal paese, soprattutto per il tuo prezioso giorno - matrimonio, entrare in contatto con la Wedding planner Italia sarebbe la decisione più saggia. Quindi, senza perdere altro tempo, considera di saltare in alcuni dei vantaggi che acquisisci con wedding planner di qualità. Esperienza senza stress Se desideri organizzare il tuo matrimonio Dolomiti che coinvolge non molto familiare, avere agenzie di eventi alle tue spalle è immensamente consigliato. Essendo attivamente nel settore, sono ben versati con numerosi fornitori di servizi, che consentono loro di individuare quelli più affidabili e convenienti per il tuo matrimonio. Economico Alcune persone si attengono all'idea che associarsi ai wedding planner può avere un impatto sulle loro tasche. Dalle persone con un budget più basso a quello illimitato, sanno come lavorare con un budget limitato e fornire comunque eleganza al tuo matrimonio Alto Adige.
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Amy Poehler and Tina Fey returned to present the Golden Globes for the first time in six years on Sunday night, and did a pretty great job of hosting on a night like none the long-running awards show has ever seen before.The duo were confirmed to be hosting this year’s Golden Globes way back in January 2020, when they could never have predicted they’d end up presenting it on different sides of the US due to the pandemic.Yes, Amy and Tina shared hosting duties via video-link, with the former in California and the latter in New York, so celebrity guest presenters wouldn’t have to fly across the country during the pandemic.Opening up the show with an eight-minute comedy routine, the pair delivered some brilliant one-liners ribbing the nominees and the all-round ridiculousness of the situation.Here are a few of our favourites from their Golden Globes opener...Summing up the dystopia that was 2020Amy Poehler: “I’m Amy Poheler here at the Beverly Hilton, district 7, New Angeles. And this is the 78th annual Hunger Games.”Seizing the opportunity for a great visual gagAmy Poehler: Tina and I are hosting from two different cities tonight but the technology is so great you are never going to be able to tell the difference. It’s going to be smooth sailing.Tina Fey: You won’t even notice.Poking fun at how many of the films nominated for Golden Globes in 2021 passed many of us byTina Fey: What an exciting night! All the big blockbuster movies that came out of this year are nominated. Parts Of A Lady! Irish Goodnight! Mauricio’s Delve! Amy Poehler: Day Planner! Grunk! Ali G Goes To Chicago!Tina Fey: And we’ll be honouring all the TV you binge-watched this year. The American Office… old episodes of Columbo… very one-sided news programmes.Amy Poehler: And of course the cranberry juice skateboard guy is going to skateboard to all the nominated songs tonight. How exciting!Praising the first responders in the audience (sort of) Tina Fey: Normally this room is full of celebrities but tonight our audience is made up of smoking hot first responders and essential workers. We are so grateful for the work that you do and that you’re here… so that the celebrities can stay safely at home.Amy Poehler: This front table right here usually houses the biggest stars in the world… Brad Pitt’s always waving at me like ‘Amy! Amy!’ and I’m like, ‘dude, I’m working, not now’... Quentin Tarantino crawling under the tables just touching people’s feet… the point is, do whatever you want. Because they do.And of course, they couldn’t not mention the recent controversy that followed reports that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association – who decide the winners of the Golden Globes – doesn’t have a single Black memberTina Fey: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is made up of around 90 international no-Black journalists who attend movie junkets each year in search of a better life. We say around 90 because a couple of them might be ghosts, and it’s rumoured that the German member is just a sausage that somebody drew a little face on.Tina Fey: Soul is a beautiful Pixar animated movie where a middle-aged Black man’s soul accidentally gets knocked out of his body and into a cat. The HFPA really responded to this movie, because they do have five cat members.Amy Poehler: Everybody is understandably upset at the HFPA and their choices. Look, a lot of flashy garbage got nominated, but that happens. That’s their thing. But a number of Black actors and Black-led projects were overlooked…  Tina Fey: … the point is, even with stupid things, inclusivity is important, and there are no Black members of the HFPA. I realise maybe you guys didn’t get the memo, because your workplace is the back booth of a French McDonald’s. But you gotta change that. So here’s to changing it.Getting into the key differences between the TV and film categories Tina Fey: I think the rule is, if their fake teeth look real, that’s a movie. And if their real teeth look fake, that’s TV.Amy Poehler: If the British actors are playing British people, it’s TV. If they’re playing Americans, it’s a movie. And then they got onto some of the nominees like The Prom... Tina Fey: The Queen’s Gambit is whatever James Corden was up to in The Prom, I guess. The Prom came out at the perfect time, because this year so many teenagers didn’t get to go to their proms. So they could watch James Corden and Meryl Streep go to it instead. That’s still fun, right, guys?...The Undoing…Amy Poehler: The Undoing was a sexy and dramatic mystery where Nicole Kidman’s coat is suspected of murdering her wig....Music… Tina Fey: Sia’s controversial film Music is nominated for Best International Flop-er-oonie. I don’t want to get into it, guys, but it’s real problematic. And Twitter is saying it’s the most offensive casting since Kate Hudson was the Weight Watchers spokesperson....and, of course, Emily In Paris Tina Fey: Emily In Paris is nominated for Best TV Series – Musical Or Comedy, and I for one can’t wait to find out which it is. French Exit is what I did after watching the first episode of Emily In Paris.And finally, introducing the first guest presenter of the night Tina Fey: Could this whole night have been an email? Yes! But then we wouldn’t get the chance to see our beautiful first presenter. Like a child’s skeleton pyjamas, she simply glows… Ms Laura Dern.READ MORE:British Stars Lead The Way As This Year's Golden Globes Winners Are RevealedSacha Baron Cohen's Golden Globes Acceptance Speech Was Every Bit As Cutting As You'd ExpectOlivia Colman's Reaction To Emma Corrin's Golden Globes Win Was Adorable And So Olivia Colman
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Amanda Kusek recently inspired me all they way from her garden in New York to my own grotty London lockdown setup, when she conveyed a thought I’d been nursing privately for a while.“This year my theme is DREAM BIGGER,” Kusek posted under a photo of herself in a jumper with FUCK OFF written right across it. “I noticed over the past couple of years my goals have become too reasonable,” the 33-year-old account manager wrote. “So, for 2021, I’m done being reasonable.”Now, I’d love to write an article that didn’t mention the pandemic, but let’s face it, if ever big dreams were having a rough ride, it’s right now. Unsure what’s happening tomorrow, next week or next month, we are living in a state of infinite present. And this low-level stress means most of us are struggling to make plans for dinner, let alone our lives. View this post on InstagramA post shared by Poet | Storyteller | NYC (@cheapcourage)“Dreaming big may seem distant and unrealistic given our environment,” says psychologist Dr Jill Bond. But for Kusek, the pandemic had the opposite effect.“I was forced to slow down and reflect in a way that I have typically avoided,” she tells me. “This experience shifted my thinking heading into the new year and I wanted to try setting a theme.” It also made her realise how much much her perspective had changed since childhood. “I recalled memories of great big, beautiful dreams I had as a child and I missed that feeling. Realistic dreams aren’t dreams – they’re a to-do list!”Pandemic or no pandemic (let it soon be the latter!), losing the ability to “dream big” is a feeling I can relate to. As more of my friends settle down into families and develop stronger personal ties, I’ve been left wondering what my version of life looks like if it’s different to theirs and I’m not the only one having a rethink.When Thuva Amuthan’s final medical exams were halted by the pandemic last year, the stress gave him pause for thought and the 29-year-old doctor from Birmingham began pondering if his big dreams were even the right ones. “Do I really want to neglect my health in my best years working crazy hours relentlessly, only to play catch-up later, if that is even possible?” he asked.Looking more closely at the cost – financial and emotional – of his current commitments and how they affected his work-life balance, Amuthan realised the setback was a chance to “really unpick my priorities and what I want from life”. Given the right headspace, could this pandemic actually be a good time not only to think about, but potentially action, our biggest hopes and dreams? Jessica Chivers is a coaching psychologist and founder of Comeback Community, a digital resource for people returning from any sort of leave – parental, sickness, bereavement. She agrees that going through a stressful period can sometimes help people work out what really matters to them. While differences in our individual make-up mean this isn’t going to work for everyone, some people find themselves fuelled by uncertainty, she says. “Putting one person in a state of distress, not able to attain the things that they usually have, can generate huge feelings of, ‘Right, I’ve got to solve this, let’s get creative and think big,’” Chivers explains. “We hear many entrepreneurial stories coming from really difficult situations.”Amuthan, who arrived in the UK as a refugee in childhood, believes that encountering difficult situations in the past has only spurred him along.“Growing up in a council house and leading a single parent household at a young age, adversity has never fazed me,” he says. “I have particularly enjoyed proving wrong those who say, ‘Ooh that’s impossible/mad!’ – from getting into medical school to many of the other things I have achieved.” Perhaps it’s no surprise how he’s responded to these latest obstacles, then, no matter whether he ends up doubling down on his medical dreams – or finding new ones.Some shifts are smaller, but no less significant. For Amber Leach, 39, a wedding photographer based in Devon, the past year has triggered a fight or flight response that’s reset her priorities while also focusing her ambitions.“I was in a rut, hoping things would get better within the wedding industry and then I realised I couldn’t keep hoping and waiting,” says Leach. With weddings off, Leach started “dreaming in a different direction”. The pandemic showed her she had been overworking. “I realised my family is the most important thing to me in the world! Nothing comes in the way of my time with them,” she says.Now, while weddings still aren’t possible, she’s still developing her career by working on elements of growth that are within her control. “I have spent my extra time rebranding my business, building a new website and working on my marketing strategy. The current climate has given me courage to try completely new ideas that I would never have had the time to do,” she says.For me, the big dreams aren’t professional so much as personal and a matter of geography. I can’t stop thinking how I’d like to move abroad, but I’d also get into a relationship. The weirdness of lockdown ennui has definitely spurred both trains of thought on. I count myself lucky as someone predisposed to thinking beyond the end of the day, but that’s not to say I find those days any less hard.There are people, of course, for whom dreaming big is blocked by the very real struggles of getting food on the table, caring for children or other dependents, and stabilising their own mental health in hugely challenging times like these. And even for those of us with the relative freedom to daydream, the flights of fancy can be irregular and unpredictable. Pandemic preoccupations easily take over. As Leach says of her current headspace: “It is pretty tough. I am usually a goal setter and planner but I am finding it hard to plan long term.” So, how can we get our “big dream” juice flowing? If nothing else, the pandemic has offered us time for introspection, good or bad. “This is not quick fix territory; this is thinking about things over the longer term,” warns Chivers, who suggests setting some time aside to work out, in the truest sense, what you really want.“Sometimes big questions need to sit and marinade at the back of our minds,” she expands. “And when I say the back of our minds, we’ve kind of put them there. That thought won’t rise up unless we’ve said, ‘I want to consider this question, I want to think about this.’” Positive external stimuli can be a good way to arouse your intrigue if you aren’t in natural dreaming/planning mode during lockdown. “Listen to stories of how other people have achieved something, how other people have overcome difficulties,” says Chivers, who recommends the podcasts How I Built This and Conversations of Inspiration. Time away from Zoom, phone calls and other day-to-day stresses, whether that’s paid work or emotional labour, is key, she adds – “not carrying a cognitive workload so your mind has the ability to be free.”Remember there is light at the end of a vaccine vial. “We can see the global pandemic will have an end at some point in the future so it will be possible to gain more control back over your life and your destiny,” reflects Dr Bond of dreaming big. “For people who have lost a lot at this time, these ideas may help them to rethink things and some may even re-evaluate their failures.” Dreaming big can mean “failing time after time”, she adds. “It is a cliché, but often, as a result, people come back stronger and more able to see their real dreams.”Ultimately, whichever camp you’re in – forced into new ways of living by the pandemic or crying out for change, somehow, without knowing how to get at it – finding ways to think truthfully through what we want will help us escape our current confinement. So, there you have it: don’t beat yourself up if you want to think further than the end of the day right now, but aren’t able to. The first step to being able to dream big might just be overcoming ourselves.Covid-19 is more than a news story – it has changed every aspect of life in the UK. We are following how Britain is experiencing this crisis, the different stages of collective emotion, reaction and resilience. You can tell us how you are feeling and find further advice and resources here.Related...Lockdown May Last Months. Here's Why We Still Need Life PlansHow To Get Your 'Spark' Back If You've Completely Lost Your MojoHow Setting Goals In 2021 Can Help Deal With UncertaintyTry This New Approach To Your Daily Walk. You'll Love Or Hate ItWhy We Feel Constantly Distracted Right Now