News: The company has also introduced a new app store, which will help businesses find line-of-business SaaS apps.Microsoft is unifying its existing customer relationship management CRM and enterprise resource planning ERP cloud solutions into one service, dubbed Dynamics 365.The company believes that the move will make it easier for businesses to buy and manage their applications.Microsoft Dynamics 365, which will be available starting this Autumn, will feature apps for functions including financials, field service, sales, operations, marketing, project service automation and customer service.The new service has also been integrated with Office 365 to improve productivity and opportunities for collaboration.It also comes with Power BI data visualisation and Cortana Intelligence embedded natively to help customers meet their business targets with predictive insights, prescriptive advice and further steps.
General Catalyst announced that it is moving forward in making investments in bot-related startups.Managing director Phil Libin revealed in a LinkedIn post that the firm has participated in the $1.7 million seed round for real-time feedback service Growbot and made a $3 million bet on knowledge sharing bot are Libin s second and third investments in the space, respectively.Growbot is a product of the 500 Startups accelerator program and integrates with Slack so people can collect and provide real-time feedback while at work.Think about it as a performance-management service that evolves the standard employee review for new-age companies.Besides the investment from General Catalyst, Growbot has received funding from Inventus Capital and XSeed Capital.As for, Libin shared that while it s still in stealth, the bot aims to answer questions and find documents within a work environment, thereby hopefully improving productivity in the office.In a Medium post, company chief executive Jack Hirsch explains what service Butter will provide:It s also the first company to have graduated from General Catalyst s Hatch program, the same one that has produced firms like Demandware and Kayak.Libin made his first investment in April, putting money into a bot startup run by cofounder of product/gadget database and discussion forum gdgt Ryan Block and Brian LeRoux.
A major PC system upgrade awaits in The Ultimate PC Bundle, featuring 10 premium apps to sharpen your workflow, deliver system security and beef up your productivity.At 91 percent off from TNW Deals, supercharging your PC has never been more painless.Looking to speed up your hard drive?Look no further than CCleaner Pro, designed to eliminate waste and tighten up your system performance while monitoring your computer s health in real time.Bestselling authors and journalists worldwide have moved away from Word in favor of Scrivener, an updated and intuitive writing program offering a clean user interface with useful reference tools.You ll explore a new world of tools and capabilities with Scrivener s productivity helper, while enjoying newfound freedom from those old familiar nuisances of Word.
Cloud computing has opened new vistas for small companies as well as for departments within larger companies.But while it has empowered business leaders to get around certain budgetary and organizational constraints, uncoordinated cloud purchases have also left a welter of new organizational and budgetary problems in their wake.It may not be fashionable to say so, but cloud computing has in many cases simply compounded existing problems without fulfilling its cost-cutting and innovation-driving promise.Business executives with no technology experience—but a history of frustration with conventional IT and IT organizations—have been lured by slick user interfaces and promises of quick results into signing up for so-called best-of-breed cloud applications that have done little more than foster information silos and system redundancies.And even when these business manager purchasers understand that they need modern cloud technology to help them move their organizations forward, they don t have the tech background to fully leverage these new tools to transform their businesses.Fortunately, there is a very simple and sensible solution, which is to put the power of the cloud back where it belongs—in the hands of the corporate CIO.
Although Microsoft has had apps on iOS for a long time now, most of those have revolved around its Office productivity suite and related products.Of late, however, it has dabbled in rather strange new ventures, like the Selfie app, literally its name.Now it has another oddly named app, again for iOS only, called course, Pinterest doesn't have a monopoly on services that let users collect digital representations of objects, or even digital only objects, into themed groups for showing off and sharing with others.Even Google, with its much maligned Google , tried something similar, to somewhat no effect.What makes different, however, is its sole focus on capturing physical things and then displaying them as on a rack or table, like what you might do with those physical things in the real world.
From driving awareness and executing campaigns to promoting loyalty and conducting analyses, marketers are constantly juggling different channels and tasks to deliver optimal customer experiences.Also, feel free to share your favorite tools via the form at the bottom of the page.The pros: Using the Kanban board you can easily move cards tasks from the backlog, to in progress,' to done.'- Allison Smith, Digital Marketing Manager, The Pedowitz GroupWhat it does: Spreadsheets were created for organization, analysis, and storage of data in a tabular form.With Google Sheets , data is entered in columns and rows and the software has built-in formulas and functions that make it simple to interact and present your data in a variety of ways.
The past decade has seen important advancements in computer science that enable software systems to compile and process new information to continually improve the way they function.This improved artificial intelligence is enabling computers to become an ever more powerful and valuable complement to human capabilities: improving medical diagnoses, weather prediction, supply-chain management, transportation, and even personal choices such as where to go on vacation or what styles of clothes to buy.Unfortunately, their voices have grown so loud that we are nearing a tipping point where their narratives may be accepted as truth, which would create a real risk that policymakers will decide to ratchet back the pace of progress.With the White House convening a discussion later this week on the social and economic implications of artificial intelligence technologies, to be followed just days later by the 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, it is a good time to rebut these pervasive and pernicious myths.And it is particularly hard to automate large numbers of jobs with AI, because virtually all AI is narrow AI, designed to focus on doing one thing really well.The second reason is that even if AI were more capable, there still would be ample job opportunities, because if jobs in one firm are reduced through higher productivity, then costs go down.
Working with too many tabs can slow down you and your PC.Manage your multitasking with these add-ons.If you routinely have a dozen or more favicons staring at you when you open your browser, you have a problem.Sooner or later your browser —and your productivity—will buckle.Fortunately, if you re a Chrome user, there are a number of extensions that can help you manage your tab usage.Activating this extension condenses all your open tabs into a single tab, keeping links to the others within it.
Artists are entrepreneurs, wearing many hats - to market themselves, to broaden their fan base, and in some cases, catch the attention of a record label.For artists, who want to practice with a variety of music but don t want to invest money in books that will take up space, MusicNotes makes it easy and affordable to search and download sheet music for vocals, piano, brass, woodwind, strings and guitar.Fans can follow artists, and build playlists, completely free.MP3 Tag is a small piece of software that allows you to batch edit the metadata on your audio files.Beyond MP3s, it can also handle batch-editing of other formats including: WMA, iTunes, MP4 and a variety of others.Designing promotional materials for shows, artwork for CD covers and social media graphics can be pricey, and for the musician on a budget, hiring a professional graphic designer may be impossible.
Twitter has named former Facebook technology chief Bret Taylor to its board of directors.Mr. Taylor is the latest in a series of new appointments joining the social media company s board as it struggles to reignite growth under co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.Mr. Taylor brings with him a unique skill set yet to be found on Twitter s board: experience at another social media company.The 35-year-old co-founded FriendFeed, which was sold to Facebook in 2009.Mr. Taylor worked at Facebook in the hypergrowth period leading up to its 2012 initial public offering, at a time when the company was building out its social graph, the friend lists, interests and likes that link Facebook users together.After leaving Facebook, Mr. Taylor co-founded Quip Inc., the collaborative productivity software company where he is now CEO.
As our home screens get saturated with apps, conversational interfaces are poised to take over our interactions with the internet.Yet we must realize that chatbots are not for everyone.A recent article by Jan Dawson on Recode did a pretty good job of explaining why standalone apps are here to stay.A quick summary: The amount of money Apple pays out to developers has been on the rise, and a whole host of apps — such as camera apps, productivity apps, and most importantly games — cannot be replaced by chatbots.But of course we already knew this.We try to create bots that replace whole apps.I sent the post along with a few bots to Nick Babich, who writes prolifically about user interface and user experience design.The same GUI interface which I had lambasted in my previous posts was the ideal solution for this problem.While a bot certainly offers the user a simpler experience, an app — with its dropdown menus, checkboxes, and buttons — makes comparison and customization easier.The natural question that arises is, how can we leverage both of these benefits together?
Without such policies and enforcement, mobility doesn t do much good for anyone — except, of course, those who mean to do the enterprise harm.The Four Dimensions of Mobile PolicyPeople are constantly using different devices to access different types of content via different apps.In many cases, they are also using the same device for both business and personal purposes.More specifically, we recommend experts take a fourfold approach to policy-based control of enterprise mobility:Mobile device management: MDM is where most enterprises have focused their efforts already.
A key challenge when working on what we could term large-scale PPC accounts is efficiency.In this post, I will talk about how concepts from machine learning could potentially be applied to help with the efficiency part.To paraphrase Steve Jobs, a computer is like a bicycle for the mind.The generally understood meaning of this statement is that, in the same way a bike can increase the efficiency of human-powered locomotion, computers can increase human mental productivity and output.With the existentialism out of the way, let s get to something tangible — we ll explore here how relevant/valuable it could be to try and automate the process of placing new keyphrases into an existing campaign.As a definition of sorts that ties into our objectives let s consider the following to be true:
As the world nears a future with fewer resources and greater demand, creating a sustainable world that preserves and enhances the productivity of the world as a whole has become of paramount importance.After a huge amount of worldwide agitation, we have finally reached a point where the environment is taken seriously, where sustainability is a valid concept that is of considerable importance, and not just amongst tiny non-governmental organizations but the institution as a whole.In the very center of the effort towards building a sustainable world is the idea of converting the most heinous centerpieces of pollution and environmental disregard into an initiative towards a better, more environment-friendly world.Airports have always been an immense source of anti-environmental activity, be it the high amount of air pollution emitted from flying planes, or the screeching noise that permanently disturbs the decorum of the ecosystem as the plane takes off.Thankfully, however, some visionary architects are thinking towards building a more sustainable, eco-friendly airport system that everyone can use and enjoy.An outstanding example of the future of airport sustainability can be found in the revolutionary plans proposed by the architects of Heathrow and Gatwick, the two of the United Kingdom s central airports.
MapR Technologies, provider of the industry's only converged data platform, announces that the company has launched Spyglass Initiative - a comprehensive, open and scalable solution that will improve the usability and productivity of the company's big data projects. The launch, which is the first in a series of launches in the Spyglass Initiative, gives companies access to new functionality that creates a better review and customizable dashboards that simplify the management of big data projects and unprecedented control of converged data from different containers, processes, components, etc. . - For us at Cardlytics, working with the financial services and marketing, the data is all about, says Bret Lowery, technical director, data and architecture, Cardlytics. Therefore MapR a strategic partner for our growth plans. The new solution will be extremely important to our ability to monitor and maintain our Hadoop- and Apache systems and ensure that we continue to meet our customers' requirements. The purpose of Spyglass Initiative is to simplify management and increase the value of growing big data installations.
Your browser does not support HTML5 videoPlayPausePlayPauseMute0%00:00 / 00:00FullscreenSmallscreen Close Embed Feed Hacking your money: Cloning credit cards, stealing bitcoin and spoofing Verified by Visa IBTimes UKCanada has been hit by several major banking Trojans targeting businesses and citizens alike.Six different malware variants have been uncovered by security researchers, including Dridex, Zeus, Kronos, Gootkit, Ursnif and Vawtrak.Security firm Proofpoint detected the surge in banking Trojans directed at Canada, adding that while it was not uncommon for threat actors to target Canadian businesses and residents, the "volume and diversity" of the recent campaigns indicate a notable rise.Hackers are believed to be using mainly malicious Microsoft Word documents in spam emails to infect users' systems.Proofpoint Threat Operation Centre VP Kevin Epstein told IBTimes UK: "Like the other major industrialised nations, Canada is a wealthy country with a robust banking system and widespread adoption of automation and online services for banking, social media, productivity, and many other activities.
As Nextiva s CMO, Yaniv Masjedi has led the marketing and branding efforts for the cloud-based business communications brand since joining its executive team in 2008.This year we will welcome speakers like Steve Wozniak and Guy Kawasaki, among others, says Masjedi.The entire event will be focused on helping businesses succeed.In addition to serving as Nextiva s CMO, Masjedi is a frequent contributor to, covering everything from corporate culture and social responsibility to work productivity and social marketing.I love the Nextiva app and I m not just saying that because I m with Nextiva.I used to have a Facebook account but I got off three years ago and it has helped increase my productivity tremendously.
The i5s and i7s have made their way into a huge number of laptops and desktops.This guide is designed to help you decide whether you need the extra technological enhancements provided by the Core 7, including better integrated graphics, faster clock speed, and hyper threading, or whether an i5 will suit your needs.It s worth noting, before we get started, that we re talking specifically about Intel s sixth-generation Skylake chips here.These threads are used by software to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, rather than queuing everything up for execution one-by-one.Only applications specifically designed to take advantage of multiple threads will see a performance increase.The feature is most useful to people who run productivity applications, including photo and video editors.
Microsoft OneNote Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web Of course, OneNote comes at the very top of the list, Evernote's forever rival.Sometimes even better, sometimes worse.Write type , scribble, paste images, tear and rearrange, OneNote does it all.• It is really everywhere, on all the major platforms, not just Microsoft's operating systems• Free-form layout lets you place anything anywhere you choose
Bots will soon transform the world of productivity tools, business workflows, and enterprise software.Enterprise software tools such as ERP, HR, CRM and accounting automate business workflows; create structured entities; divide it into roles; map it to specific screens, and create views for each individual user.The end user experience typically involves form-based UI for data input and reports for data output.But there are some problems here.When a salesperson doesn t input customer meeting updates in a timely manner, it limits the manager s ability to make adjustments.When the manager doesn t approve the expense request in time, it slows down the whole process for others.And there s a second issue.Business processes follow a version of the 80-20 rule: Most of the users in a business will use tools lightly while a very few are heavy users.
Tesla reported on Sunday that it delivered 14,370 cars in the second quarter of 2016 short of the 17,000 cars the company expected to sell.In fact, deliveries are down from the 14,820 vehicles Tesla delivered in the first quarter of the year which itself missed the target figure of 16,000 cars.As a result, the Elon Musk-run automaker is well behind the pace required to deliver the 80,000 to 90,000 cars the company forecast for the year."Due to the extreme production ramp in Q2 and the high mix of customer-ordered vehicles still on trucks and ships at the end of the quarter, Tesla Q2 deliveries were lower than anticipated at 14,370 vehicles, consisting of 9,745 Model S and 4,625 Model X," the company said in a statement.According to the Palo Alto-based electric car maker, a total of 5,150 Model S sedans and Model X SUVs were still in transit on their way to customers at the end of the recording period.As a result, the delivery of these vehicles will be included in Tesla's Q3 results.Although Tesla ended the second quarter of the year by producing 2,000 cars a week, the company expects productivity to improve to 2,200 cars per week in Q3 and 2,400 a week in Q4.
This story was delivered to BI Intelligence IoT Briefing subscribers.To learn more and subscribe, please click here.Approximately 65% of enterprises utilize IoT solutions for business purposes, according to a recent survey conducted by 451 Research and cited by Beta News.Among the businesses surveyed that are using IoT solutions:66% used IoT technologies for risk reduction.For instance, oil companies are starting to use drones to inspect oil rigs, which can be a dangerous task for humans to perform.63% used IoT solutions to optimize operations.For example, manufacturers can use sensors to gather data about machines on their assembly line to predict when they might fail, and fix them prior to experiencing any downtime.33% used the IoT to develop new or enhance existing products, such as car companies that are putting cellular data connections into their cars to gather data about them and provide Wi-Fi hotspots for passengers.21% leveraged IoT solutions to enhance customer targeting.A good example of this would be a retailer that uses in-store beacons to target customers with real-time offers sent to their smartphone based on their location in the store.We expect more companies will move to utilize the IoT to cut costs in the near future.BI Intelligence projects that businesses will be the top adopter of IoT solutions since it will help lower operating costs, increase productivity, and allow for expansion into new markets.We project that enterprise investment in IoT technologies will skyrocket from $215 billion in 2015 to $832 billion in 2020, and expect that businesses will continue to find new use cases for IoT technologies over the next few years.To receive stories like this one directly to your inbox every morning, sign up for the IoT Briefing newsletter.
For businesses, the most important benefit of the IoT will be the data generated by billions of new smart sensors and devices.The Internet of Everything — all of the people and things connected to the internet — will generate 507.5 zettabytes 1 zettabyte 1 trillion gigabytes of data by 2019, according to Cisco.But that data analysis will be essential if IoT initiatives are going to provide the insights to drive greater productivity and revenues.Right now, most of this data management and analysis is performed in the cloud or enterprise data centers.However, several IoT technology providers are promoting a different model called edge computing, or fog computing, for the IoT.In an edge computing model, sensors and connected devices transmit data to a nearby edge computing device, such as a gateway device a networking device like a switch or router that processes or analyzes the data, instead of sending it back to the cloud or a remote data center.A recent report from BI Intelligence looks at the market for edge computing solutions tied to the IoT and explains the specific benefits and challenges around using edge computing for enterprise IoT data storage and processing.
Companies and employees seeking to increase productivity are leveraging apps and devices to enable employees to continue working outside of a traditional workspace and improve workflow for various roles in numerous industries.This trend has driven mobile workers, or employees who use mobile devices for their work, to account for 65% of the US workforce in 2016.While enterprise mobility offers employers and their employees a slew of, some businesses have been slow to officially launch their own software or device mobility programs, which has resulted in the emergence of numerous employee-led initiatives.Bring Your Own Device and Bring Your Own Apps are two scenarios in which employees choose what devices or software they employ for enterprise mobility.Most companies that employ Bring Your Own policies lack policies to regulate usage of enterprise mobility tools.In a new report from BI Intelligence we look at the state of the Bring Your Own environment and company-led initiatives.
Take a slice of cloud collaboration tools, add a dash of Watson, simmer gently for enhanced productivityIBM and Cisco have joined forces in an attempt to improve cloud-based workforce collaboration and productivity tools.The two firms have a long history of co-operating on different projects, including the cloud, smart grids, and more recently the Internet of Things IoT .To this end Cisco s Spark and WebEx collaborative workspace platforms will be integrated with IBM s cloud collaboration solutions, including Verse and Connections.The two firms will design joint solutions to help workers deal with all types of data including unstructured , allowing people get more done, in less time. With Watson powering a joint IBM-Cisco solution, backed by a robust partner ecosystem, new classes of solutions will emerge, the companies said.
I moved a few weeks ago, so I had to break down and re-set up my workspace.You get great horizontal real estate, clean up your cable mess, and enough room to keep multiple windows and applications open.Going from Multi-Monitor to Ultrawide Was An Easy TransitionBefore I switched, I had three displays for two computers.A 30" 2560 x 1600 in the center, with two 27" 2560 x 1440 displays on either side.When LG dropped me a line offering to send over their brand new LG 34UC98 34" 21:9 curved IPS LED display just shy of $950 at Amazon for me to try out, I figured it would be an easy transition.
I moved a few weeks ago, so I had to break down and re-set up my workspace.You get great horizontal real estate, clean up your cable mess, and enough room to keep multiple windows and applications open.Going from Multi-Monitor to Ultrawide Was An Easy TransitionBefore I switched, I had three displays for two computers.A 30" 2560 x 1600 in the center, with two 27" 2560 x 1440 displays on either side.When LG dropped me a line offering to send over their brand new LG 34UC98 34" 21:9 curved IPS LED display just shy of $950 at Amazon for me to try out, I figured it would be an easy transition.
Vea FitnessI use technology and apps to outsource other areas of my life, so I don t have to think about it.One of the most challenging parts of being an entrepreneur is balancing other areas of your life while you are on your hustle.You literally earn rewards as you go and it keeps you engaged and incentivized to keep working out.- Jonathan Maxim, Founder, Vea FitnessRelated Article: Mobile Apps vs.You might even make new contacts sitting at the local coffee shop.The app provides more ways to interact and communicate than any other social media app.Instead of being limited to one form of communication, Brabble gives you everything all in one app.
Microsoft's massive $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn is still a question mark to many: What would Microsoft want with a professional social network?On stage at this week's Aspen Ideas Festival, Nadella started to connect the dots."LinkedIn is not just about having your profile and finding a job," Nadella says, but also "being able to find your economic opportunity."The short version is that Microsoft's recently rediscovered mission is all about productivity at work...but thanks to a proliferation of new devices and the rise of artificial intelligence, the concept of "work" is about to change.In other words, Nadella says, LinkedIn isn't just a social network — it's a way to track opportunities and find and develop the skills you need to stay competitive, economically speaking, in an age when change is the only constant.With technology constantly redefining every industry, robots increasingly able to do the work of humans, it's increasingly vital to stay on top of current trends.In fact, Nadella even goes so far as to say that tech companies like Microsoft have a "responsibility" to spread that kind of economic opportunity, whatever they do and wherever they go.He says that when Microsoft invests in regions like Nadella's birth country, India, the measure of success is in how much opportunity they create."I don't think you can participate in all of these countries and not create economic opportunity," Nadella says.
View photosMoreThe organised people of the world are worried.Google s Calendar service has gone down globally, with the tech giant s official status page confirming it is continuing to fix the issue.With organisation and productivity for many users seemingly up in the air for the time being, many have taken to social media to express their woes at seeing the Server Error page.Maybe everyone at Google Calendar assumed June 30th didn't exist, just like April thought March 31st didn't exist on Parks & Recreation.But then, for some, it suddenly returned.I can step off the ledge now.