Today we will be learning about positive psychology or rather positive emotions.First, we will start with definition of positive psychology.Positive psychology is the human mind side which deals with the positive emotions like strength, happiness and virtues that makes a person lively and healthy.Positive psychology is aiming to make us happy with the emotions which we have in us.Positive emotions have a direct impact on our health has been found in many studies that a critical sick patient can recover much faster when they are treated with positive emotions- You are absolutely Fine, you will be fine soon, you are absolutely healthy, today you are much better and is looking forward, get well soon and many such words are magic words.How to manage stress with positive emotionsStress management is a tactics which is being hugely done by positive emotions.Here are some which are listed below:SpiritualitySpirituality is the ultimate thing which teach you to be positive.We have often heard the words- kind, loving, happy, smile is some of the words which are commonly termed in Spirituality.GratitudeAppreciation is a characteristic which would help you and the other person to be happy and satisfied.
Since a vast majority of people are using Telegram, advertising in this platform positively affects the growth of your business.If you are a business owner and have opted for Telegram to introduce your products and services to a larger number of people, This article, in which the best Telegram advertising principles, methods, limitations, and tools are covered, is exactly what you need.Main questions you need to answerIf you want advertising on Telegram to be effective and efficient, you need to be familiar with principles in this environment.First, answer the 4 questions in the following:Who is your target market?How can you find and access them?How can you overcome Telegram limitations on advertising?How should the promotional message be (regarding the theme and psychology) to persuade the promotional message recipient and reduce the risk of being reported?How can you do the advertising most economically and effectively?Telegram does not allow you to add more than 50 people to your Telegram group per day, and for adding bulk members to your group, you will need to use several Telegram accounts.To exceed this limited number, you have to use several Telegram accounts.Moreover, both in adding members to groups and sending direct messages to random strangers, Telegram allows the users to report your group or account.
Standardized intelligent intelligence testing has been called one of psychology's greatest successes.It is an accurate predictor of your natural level of intelligence.So take our test now!
>How girls look, how much they have started to weigh, what they wear- is always a concern and can cause self-esteem issues.->Frequent emotional labor and gender roles are said to cause high functioning anxiety.->Depression is one of the most common disorders that are strongly associated with gender roles and expectations, in a marriage setup.->Mental disorders that are linked to domestic violence and intimate partner violence include clinical depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders, and psychosis.Psychosocial factors exist around us in all forms and they influence our behavior.In India, patriarchy is the biggest inducer of them, affecting women’s mental health at different stages.Self-esteem issues can be found due to restrictions imposed since early childhood.Living in a patriarchal joint family, a woman is expected to overperform and cater to societal expectations, which very often leads to high functioning anxiety.It is very important to realize that everything that exists around us, has the capability to affect us.In case you’re going through something similar, don’t shy away from reaching out for help.For better assistance visit or contact:- 91 98047 91047.#anxiety #anxietyawareness #anxietysupport #counseling #depression #doyouknow #generalknowledge #interestingfacts #love #loveyourself #medical #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthmatters #positivepsychology #positivequote #positivevibes #psychology #psychologyfact #quotestoliveby #selfcare #women #womenempowerment #womensday #womensupportingwomen
Standardized intelligent intelligence testing has been called one of psychology's greatest successes.It is an accurate predictor of your natural level of intelligence.So take our test now!
For many, the thought of having to confront another person fills us with fear, anxiety and a whole lot of dread — whether it’s talking to a roommate about their less-than-hygienic cleaning standards, approaching a co-worker who keeps taking credit for your ideas or telling a relative their off-colour “jokes” are actually offensive. Rather than deal with these issues head-on, we’d much rather put off the conversations to some later date or — better yet — avoid them altogether.“We often picture a confrontation to include many factors that are distasteful to a lot of us: anger or hostility, thinking on our feet, the possibility of getting railroaded, potential rejection, or the worry we won’t be able to control our emotions — that we’ll burst into tears or make a fool of ourselves,” said Boston University clinical psychologist Ellen Hendriksen, author of “How to Be Yourself: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety.”“If we’re not good at advocating for ourselves, [or] we were taught not to be a bother or a burden, or we’re allergic to strong emotion, confrontation is bound to feel aversive.” When we avoid tough conversations, we get some temporary relief from our anxiety. But in the long run, we’re only hurting ourselves. Our needs won’t be met, the problem won’t be solved and we erode our self-esteem in the process. “You’re endorsing the idea that you don’t have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with another person,” said Ryan Howes, a clinical psychologist in Pasadena, California, and author of the “Mental Health Journal for Men.” “You’re saying their ideas are more important than yours and acting accordingly. Every time you continue this pattern, you are reinforcing this belief, confirming that you shouldn’t stand up for yourself.” Avoidance builds a wall between us and others — if we can’t speak with respectful honesty, we can’t build a close relationship.Ellen Hendriksen, clinical psychologistThis avoidant approach can do damage to our relationships, too. By not speaking up, we think we’re keeping the peace. But eventually, our negative feelings are bound to seep out, no matter how hard we try to ignore them. “If we avoid talking about something that’s upsetting us, we clamp a lid on the metaphorical boiling kettle,” Hendriksen said. “Eventually, steam will start to escape in the form of resentment, hostility, or passive-aggression. Second, avoidance builds a wall between us and others — if we can’t speak with respectful honesty, we can’t build a close relationship.”Below is some helpful advice for anyone who struggles with confrontation. Confrontation isn’t a bad thing — so stop treating it like it is. “Whether you learned to walk on eggshells because you once had a difficult boss, or your fear of confrontation goes all the way back to childhood, check your assumptions,” psychotherapist Amy Morin wrote for Psychology Today. What false narrative have you spun in your head that could use some reframing? You may associate confrontation with heated arguments and doomed relationships. But know that confrontation can actually be quite healthy when approached in a kind but assertive way.   “Confrontation doesn’t have to be a spittle-flecked screaming match that ends with estrangement,” Hendriksen said. “It can be a win-win negotiation, a radically honest conversation that brings you closer, or an expression of deep concern.” Focus on what you have to say, rather than how it will be received. When you’re so worried about how the other person might react, it’s easy to get stuck in your head and lose sight of the real purpose of the conversation. “You have a need, want, or opinion, and you have every right to express it,” Howes said. It may help to spend some time clarifying your feelings before you initiate the conversation. Make some bullet points about what’s bothering you — and be specific. Instead of writing something vague like, “I wish my roommate was more considerate,” you might say, “I wish my roommate would give me a heads-up before inviting people over to the apartment.”“Just start listing everything you can think of when it comes to what’s upsetting you,” clinical psychologist Nick Wignall wrote in a blog post. “Could be people involved, different emotions you were feeling, fantasies that run through your mind, whatever. By forcing yourself to think on paper, you will get a lot more clarity on the real issue.”Once you’ve narrowed down your main points, you can jot them down on a post-it or save them as a note in your phone. That way you have something to refer back to during the conversation if you’re worried you might lose your train of thought, Howes said.   Confrontation doesn’t have to be a spittle-flecked screaming match that ends with estrangement. It can be a win-win negotiation, a radically honest conversation that brings you closer, or an expression of deep concern.HendriksenWeigh the long-term payoff against the short-term discomfort. Being uneasy about the confrontation for the next few hours or days is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you’ll enjoy afterward. It’s much better than having this thing hanging over your head for weeks, months or even years.Howes offered the example of a neighbour who borrowed your lawnmower but has yet to return it. Now you want to cut the grass in your yard — but you really don’t want to ask for it back. As your lawn grows, so, too, does your resentment. “Five months from now, and countless hours of rumination and resentment and bitterness, you blow up at [this person] and get your lawnmower back while destroying your friendship,” he said.“Sure, you could experience months of internal strife and the eventual blow-up, or you could face 30 seconds of discomfort now and say, ‘Hey, do you think you’ll be done with the lawnmower soon?’ and allow a polite confrontation [to keep you] from ruining your summer.”Use “I” statements to keep defensiveness at bay. Instead of telling a friend, “You’re so self-absorbed — you always talk about yourself and don’t care how I’m doing,” you might say, “I feel hurt when our conversations are one-sided. It would mean a lot if you’d check in with me more and ask how I’m doing.” You want to keep the focus on your feelings. Attacking the other person’s character will only make them defensive. Once their guard is up, it’ll be harder to get through to them. “Avoid being overly accusatory; express what you think and how you feel,” Morin wrote. “Most important, take a few deep breaths and don’t let your anger get the best of you — even if the other person lashes out. The goal is to be assertive, not aggressive.” Another way to reduce defensiveness: Take responsibility for anything you may have done wrong or could have done better in the situation — even if it’s something small. “Of course, you don’t want to take this too far and start apologising for things you haven’t done or simply making things up just to make the other person feel better,” Wignall wrote. But assuming responsibility is a “powerful way of signalling that this isn’t personal and you’re not attacking or criticising the other person. It’s just about making things better for everyone going forward,” he added. Approach confrontations like a collaboration rather than a competition.  Instead of adopting a you-against-them mentality, think about it as the two of you united against the problem, Hendriksen said. “For example, in approaching a potential confrontation with your partner on overspending, open not with, ‘You need to get your Amazon spending under control,’ but with, ‘I know we’re trying to save for a down payment on a house; how can we keep our eye on the prize?’” she said.If the conversation gets derailed, steer it back to your common goal. “You’ll feel less like adversaries and more like a team,” she added. Howes agreed: It’s better to work together toward a mutually beneficial solution when you can. Plus, collaboration is less intimidating — and often more productive — than pure confrontation.“Say your boss needs extra work on a project but you can’t give any more time,” he said. “You can approach this as a problem to be solved rather than a battle to win: ‘Let’s put our heads together to figure out a way for you to get this problem done. I don’t have extra time, so I’m not an option, but how about hiring a temp, borrowing someone from another department, or postponing the delivery date? What other ideas do you have?’”Regardless of the outcome, reward yourself for facing your fears. When it’s over, take a moment to acknowledge what you did well. Maybe you were able to maintain a respectful tone of voice, even when you wanted to yell. Maybe you tackled the conversation early in the week instead of putting it off for months. “Even if the overall outcome didn’t go the way you wanted, you can still give yourself credit for doing certain aspects of it well,” Wignall wrote.Then treat yourself to a little something: your favourite take-out meal, a scenic bike ride, a manicure or any other indulgence that makes you feel good.  You have a need, want, or opinion, and you have every right to express it.Ryan Howes, clinical psychologistHowes also encourages his clients to reevaluate how they measure success and failure when it comes to confrontation. It’s not about whether you were able to change the other person’s mind or behaviour, as we have no control over those things. We can, however, get more comfortable confronting our fears and get better at advocating for ourselves. “Did you start a conversation? Job well done,” Howes said. “Did you ask for what you wanted — even if the other person disagreed? Good work standing up for yourself.”  We’ve all been there: Somehow, you’ve found yourself in a conversation with a person you have nothing in common with, someone who intimidates you or someone who won’t stop complaining. These kinds of interactions can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Our HuffPost series How to Talk to Just About Anyone will help you navigate these conversations and others. Go here for all the latest.
The title ‘Clinical Psychologist’ is a protected term in the UK, which means it can only be used by psychologists who have successfully completed an accredited NHS doctoral training program.Training as a Clinical Psychologist involves completion of an undergraduate psychology degree followed by a period of years spent developing relevant clinical and research experience.Post graduate applicants can then apply for a three-year NHS doctoral training programme.Training as a Clinical Psychologist therefore usually takes eight years or more and leads to the attainment of a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.Clinical Psychologists apply psychological theory to help people understand and make sense of what they are experiencing, to support the person to help reduce psychological distress and to achieve their goals.Clinical Psychologists are trained to assess and treat a wide range of psychological health difficulties and draw on multiple evidence-based theoretical models and psychological approaches in their work.By making sense of these factors, understanding one's thoughts, emotions, physiology and behavior and through the engagement with evidence-based psychological interventions with an experienced Clinical Psychologist, improved mental health and wellbeing can be achieved.Clinical Psychologists are also equipped with the skills to apply psychological theory to working effectively with teams and organisations to support the development and maintenance of a healthy and productive workforce where experiences of high stress and other health problems can create difficulties for the individual and the organisation.
We have heard for years that Chatbots are the future and although we have seen some significant progress in the concept and application, they are still impersonal and not as helpful as we had hoped they would be. Dr. Michelle Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Juji, Inc, as well as inventor of IBM Watson Personality Insights, joins us to talk about her belief that in order for Chatbots to be effective, they need to include cognitive intelligence that is both empathetic and responsible. Learn more about Dr. Zhou’s work here : Here is the entire transcript of the […]The post How Cognitive Intelligence will Reshape Chatbots with Dr. Michelle Zhou appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
Hugely multiplayer online role-playing activities are available around the globe in all different languages and cultures.While most are organized using unique machines ideal for different regional parts, participants also get the chance to become listed on categories of fellow participants from any nation or background.MMORPGs are popular with a wide range of players and also across genders.Another intriguing Free Fortnite Skin  of MMORPGs is the psychology of the games.Consequently, the activities can be and are useful for academic research, particularly in areas linked to social behavior.Winning contests with your dog provides good advantages for equally you and your dogs.They overlook the enjoyment of winning contests with their dog and don't realize how comforting and satisfying it can be.Playing activities with your dog can be great for your dog if he's any issues with indifference or anxiety.Dogs will vary from people.
Don't follow your passion, writes Moran Cerf. Take financial risks proportional to your age, and take time to find the right life and work partners.
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Jupiter Mahadasha's duration is of 16 years.Jupiter is the planet connected with wealth, money, fortune, spirituality, and happiness in married life and general well-being.It also represents the liver.The benefic placement of Jupiter in the chart means, the natives would live a wealthy life.Jupiter expands and develops the aspects of the area where it lies in the horoscope.People under the Mahadasa of Jupiter get progress in  business, psychology, spirituality, politics, administration, teaching, banking, lectureship, education, finance, jewelry, marriage counseling, loan, etc,During the period of Jupiter Mahadasha Children also perform well, and there is an increase in the decision-making power of natives, Jupiter gives blessing to native with enhanced judgment and wisdom and helps to achieve great heights in career too.
There so many students who still find it challenging to understanding the concepts that are taught in the psychology classes.That is when psychology coursework help can prove to be a blessing for them.This coursework consists of certain discussions, social status, experimental ways, and even the influence of biology.Basic research with an outlining can be helpful!In your academic coursework, research plays an important role.You can even use the textbook and internet for different other sources for the same purpose.Make sure that you have a clear idea of the paper structure and do not miss out on word count because that holds good marking too.
Many fortnite save the world codes  give task options for all skill level characters, but players find to boost their degrees to allow them to take part in more difficult sport activities.With therefore several character possibilities, correct role-playing is yet another important element of the games.Among the attractions of MMORPGs is the chance to fully immerse oneself into game play and the cultural earth of the game.Participants can interact with one another both as themselves or as the character they elect to play.Since most games have figure centered actions along with larger-scale activities for groups of participants, the very best online MMOs give participants numerous methods to role perform and interact with each other.Greatly multiplayer on line role-playing games are available all over the world in various different languages and cultures.MMORPGs are favored by a wide range of people and also across genders.Another fascinating facet of MMORPGs may be the psychology of the games.Several games feature difficult or story lines that interact mental and emotional emotions.
Life Resolutions’ Director Story Jodie Brenton is the Director and CEO of Life Resolutions. Jodie has devoted over 20 years to helping Australians achieve improved mental health and well-being through her business offering counseling and psychology services. Jodie holds a personal commitment to improving the mental health and wellbeing of all Australians, this commitment led to the foundation of Life Resolutions in 2001. Jodie believes in demystifying counseling services, the need to remove the stigma associated with mental issues, and encouraging all Australians to seek help, without fear of judgment. Jodie also believes accessibility and affordability are the most critical elements to ensuring everyone has access to quality mental health services they require, irrespective of their location. Jodie Brenton’s extensive experience in the psychology industry has allowed her to dedicate her career to making it easier for psychologists to spend as much time as possible providing much-needed support to clients and improving their emotional well-being.
What is an integrated talent management?Integrated talent management (ITM) refers to the management of traditional HR sub- functions (recruitment and selection, workforce planning, performance management, learning and development, reward and recognition and succession planning) in an integrated fashion to strategically leverage talent.The cornerstone of an integrated Talent Management (ITM) System is a robust competency model that guides talent management strategy and tactics.We learn from organisational psychology that for any organisational change effort to be successful, it must be supported by the top management of the organization.HR Practitioners should shift their mindsets from a silo based mentality of managing HR sub-functions to a mindset of using these functions as a vehicle to build an organisational capability to attract, engage, and retain competent and committed employees.An integrated Talent Management System enables users to pull all this information (from different HR sub-functions) together to assist decision makers to understand the depth and breadth of talent at their disposal and talent risks that they should practices for succession planningTalent Review CommitteesTalent management is the responsibility of line management and HR supports line by making the tools available and also giving them training and guidance on how to apply the tools.
A SEO expert working in a SEO agency in Singapore always concerns about web site popularity and its reach.Color Psychology, as the term proposes is the study of how colors impact people.Colors are incredible in making social components of how individuals feel or respond.There is no particular definition for a winning color, it is the blend and match of the color that decides the yield.Colors are interesting to utilize, utilization of colors requires a lot understanding and a creative eye.Websites which focus on selling ladies products should zero in on the colors which ladies feel engaging for instance a shade of pink, purple works and assists with commanding notice.
One in three Covid-19 survivors has gone on to be diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric condition within six months of infection, a major study has found.The largest study of its kind to date suggests there is a link between infection with SARS-CoV-2 and subsequent mental health and neurological conditions.Anxiety (17%) and mood disorders (14%) were the most commonly diagnosed conditions after infection, according to the study. Neurological diagnoses such as stroke and dementia were less common, but more likely in those who had been admitted to intensive care with the virus.Lead author Professor Paul Harrison, from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford, said: “These are real-world data from a large number of patients. They confirm the high rates of psychiatric diagnoses after Covid-19, and show that serious disorders affecting the nervous system (such as stroke and dementia) occur too.”Although the individual risks for most disorders are small, the impact on health and social care systems across the whole population may be “substantial”, said Prof Harrison, due to the scale of the pandemic.As many of the conditions in question are chronic, health care systems need to be adequately resourced to support those affected, he added.Researchers analysed data from the electronic health records of 236,379 Covid-19 patients from the US. Patients who were older than 10 and who became infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus after 20 January 2020, and were still alive on 13 December 2020, were included in the analysis.This group was compared with 105,579 patients diagnosed with flu and 236,038 patients diagnosed with any respiratory tract infection (including influenza).One in three Covid-19 survivors (34%) were diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric condition within six months of infection. The most common diagnoses after Covid-19 were anxiety disorders (occurring in 17% of patients), mood disorders (14%), substance misuse disorders (7%), and insomnia (5%).The incidence of neurological outcomes was lower, including 0.6% for brain haemorrhage, 2.1% for ischaemic stroke, and 0.7% for dementia. Risks of a neurological or psychiatric diagnosis were greatest in, but not limited to, patients who had severe Covid-19.In analysing whether these neurological and mental health complications were linked specifically to Covid-19, researchers found a 44% greater risk of neurological and mental health diagnoses after Covid-19 than after flu, and a 16% greater risk after Covid-19 than with respiratory tract infections.This led them to conclude the virus does lead to a greater risk of neurological and psychiatric disorders than other respiratory health conditions.“We now need to see what happens beyond six months,” said Dr Max Taquet, co-author of the study, also from the University of Oxford. “The study cannot reveal the mechanisms involved, but does point to the need for urgent research to identify these, with a view to preventing or treating them.”Some limitations to the study were noted: not only is the completeness and accuracy of the electronic health records not known, nor the severity of the neurological and psychiatric disorders, but many people with coronavirus have mild or no symptoms and do not present for health care, so the people studied are likely to have been more severely affected than the general population.But responding to the study, Professor Dame Til Wykes, from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London, said it confirms suspicions that a Covid-19 diagnosis is not just related to respiratory symptoms, but also to psychiatric and neurological problems. The next step is to understand how new treatments being developed have affected the appearance of these medical and psychiatric outcomes, she added.“The hope is that these new treatments will prevent poor medical outcomes. The psychiatric difficulties are harder to prevent as it is more likely that psychological and social influences following a Covid diagnosis, and its physical effects, influence whether these mood problems appear and persist.”Professor Paul Crawford, from the Institute of Mental Health at the University of Nottingham, said work still needs to be done to determine whether the link between Covid and poor mental health results from infection or the effects of prolonged confinement and isolation people have endured during the pandemic.“We know from penal, remote living and aerospace studies, not least in relation to long-duration flight, that such conditionality can affect mental state in terms of experiencing anxiety, depression, lassitude, irritability and other cognitive disturbances,” he said. Useful websites and helplinesMind, open Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm on 0300 123 3393.Samaritans offers a listening service which is open 24 hours a day, on 116 123 (UK and ROI - this number is FREE to call and will not appear on your phone bill).CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) offer a helpline open 5pm-midnight, 365 days a year, on 0800 58 58 58, and a webchat service.The Mix is a free support service for people under 25. Call 0808 808 4994 or email [email protected] Mental Illness offers practical help through its advice line which can be reached on 0808 801 0525 (Monday to Friday 10am-4pm). More info can be found on Could Be Why Women Are More Likely To Have Long CovidFree Twice-Weekly Covid Tests To Be Offered To Everyone In EnglandAdults With A Severe Mental Illness Are Being Urged To Get Vaccinated'Second Pandemic' Warning Issued As Mental Health Crises RiseI'm Fully Vaccinated. How Much Of A Risk Am I?
The most common biases that can hurt your investments include mental accounting errors, loss aversion, overconfidence, anchoring, and herd behavior.