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Boosted has scored some serious cash as it looks to move beyond the world of electric skateboards to conquer new forms of personal transportation.The startup announced today that it has closed a $60 million round of Series B funding co-led by Khosla Ventures and iNovia Capital.Stanford’s StartX and Bay Meadows also participated in the round.Boosted has now raised north of $70 million.The company founded in 2012 is the most recognizable name in the quickly crowding field of electric skateboards, but Boosted is now looking to grow its ambitions to new personal transportation verticals in the “light vehicle type” category.So, does this mean Boosted is building a scooter?
“Personal mobility” has emerged as one of the big trends in technology, with the likes of ride-hailing, dockless bikes, and electric scooters all featuring prominently in Silicon Valley and beyond these past few years.One mobility startup that has been steadily building its business in dozens of markets around the world is Boosted, a Mountain View, California-based company that’s known for its electric skateboards.Founded in 2012, Boosted develops a handful of e-skateboards, ranging from the $825 Boosted Mini S through to the Boosted Stealth, the latter of which can run at up to 24mph for a range of 14 miles.Boosted graduated from both the Y Combinator and Stanford StartX accelerator programs, and its skateboards are today sold in 34 markets.It’s also one of a growing number of “last-mile” mobility startups to gain traction.Boosted cofounder and former CEO Sanjay Dastoor left the company last year, and he went on to launch an e-scooter startup called Skip, which raised a $100 million debt round earlier this month, in addition to a $25 million equity round back in July.
There is an updated map filled with new terrain and locations to check out.We are going to go over all of the new areas, places to explore, and changes to once familiar locales, so that you are ready to jump back into Fortnite Battle Royale.We will also help you familiarize yourself with the new areas and point out a few places that we think are worth visiting.At least 25 percent of the entire map has been altered significantly, with most of the changes taking place in the southwest quadrant.This is the first time we’ve seen such a huge change since the removal of Moisty Mire and the addition of the desert and Paradise Palms to the southeast.Epic Games totally skipped over cars, skateboards, bikes, trucks, snowmobiles, and went straight to flying in the skies.
We might not be traveling in flying cars and hovercrafts but having an electric scooter will have all your friends wondering why they don’t travel with one themselves.Forget electric skateboards and hoverboards, you want to start 2019 with an electric scooter.Just in time for the holiday season you can grab these fancy electric scooters for a fraction of the price, sold exclusively on Amazon.Usually priced at $550, you can save $215 on the Segway for Cyber Monday.The Segway MiniPro tops out at 10 mph and has a 12.5-mile range, so you’ll have no trouble covering ground to show it off.Through the app you can also sound an anti-theft alarm, see vehicle diagnostics, control speed, and even customize your LED tail lights.
What’s the opposite of memory lane?Try TechCrunch Shenzhen’s Startup Alley — a veritable future-fest, crammed full of startup hopefuls all aiming to become the technology of the future.Shenzhen has been called the hardware capital of the world, and accordingly, many of the startups on display this week were gadgets: high-tech dog bones, skin scanners and skateboards.Yi-Yuan Intelligence‘s AI device is a face-scanner aimed at beauty salon customers.Visitors place their heads into a sleek looking hood that takes five flash photos then uses machine learning to rate their skin on attributes such as oiliness, bumpiness and number of beauty marks or blemishes.The company claims the software can identify acne with a 98% accuracy rate.
Inboard, the startup that sells a range of electric scooters and skateboards, has just opened sales of its first premium scooter to the market just in time for the holiday season.The company has already sold 285 of the scooters in a private pre-sale with 80% of the orders coming from the United States and 35% coming from inside California.Best known for its M1 electric skateboard, the “Glider” electric scooter will become the second product in the Inboard suite.Retailing for $999 the Glider scooter boasts a swappable battery and an integrated app that gives users information about their location while on the go and provide traffic information and diagnostics and maintenance alerts, according to the company.“The Glider is the confluence of hardware mastery, software expertise and our team’s relentless ambition to provide safer and smarter urban transportation,” said Inboard co-founder and chief executive, Ryan Evans.“Our goal is not only to release the most advanced e-scooter on the market, but to enter the space responsibly and lead with safety.
Our cities are getting crowded, and people are trying alternate means of transportation, like electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards.In that spirit, I tried out one of the latest Bamboo GTX Street electric longboards from Evolve Skateboards.Or rather, I had my college kid try it out for me.She was a little better at staying on the board.The 97 millimeter Evolve GT street wheels with a super carve truck system for stability while doing tight turns.It has black grit tape on the surface with the orange Evolve logo.
Electric skateboards are everywhere, and you can thank the sudden boom in rideable companies for that.Boosted Boards leads the charge, but it’s not the only player in the market.Evolve Skateboards has been around for a few years, and it recently released an updated version of its Bamboo GTX electric skateboard.On one hand, the GTX Bamboo board has great build quality with huge trucks, wheels, a flexible bamboo deck, and a total weight of 19.4 pounds.But the remote, which looks like an off-the-shelf part, isn’t flattering at all.The cheap, warped plastic display looks more fitting for a toy than the remote for a $1,700-plus piece of rideable technology.
There are so many electric skateboards out there.It's nearly impossible to find which board is right for you.Well luckily for you, eSkate Hub has done the hard work for you.They've narrowed down all of the eBoards on the market to a select few stand outs.The list isn't that long, but it is comprehensive, real and the best insight into which are the best electric skateboards.My advice to you is to think about what you want out of your board.Daily commuting, weekend rides, fun in the streets after school, or taking it off-road?Whatever your needs, have them in mind as you go through each of the options available.That will help you make the best decision.Now go for it!Check out the list of the best electric skateboards here.
Commuting in cities is hard.Human beings packed together like sardines, smell included.And with “Infrastructure Week” becoming an internet joke for the crumbling and ineffectiveness of our highways, bridges and tunnels, and our current administration, tech companies are seeing an opportunity.On a pleasantly warm October afternoon, Adweek hopped on a Boosted Board to see what an electric skateboard has to offer.None of us is a skateboarder—though I used to play Tony Hawk’s video game a ton back in the day—so it was a bit of serendipity that we stumbled upon a few passersby who ride religiously.While technologies like electric scooters have dominated the discussion of the last mile of commuting, electric skateboards are trying to enter the fray.
Chrome Industries, a maker of tough and stylish urban clothes, bags, and accessories, has its own ongoing end-of-summer sale, letting you take an additional 40 percent off of sale items.Chrome Industries has a bunch of stuff discounted for this Labor Day sale, but unfortunately a lot of it is already out of stock.To give you a leg up, we’ve picked out the best items that are still available on clearance.Some selections are limited to certain sizes and colors, so if you see something you like, be sure to jump on it before it’s gone for good.503 Combat Boot: This tough, great-looking leather and nylon canvas boot is on sale for just $58, down from its usual price of $98.Its versatile design offers plenty of internal storage space for your gear, including multiple compartments, and it can even carry things like skateboards and helmets.
Global Skateboard Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2023 Report “ Provides In-Depth Analysis Of Parent Market Trends, Macro-Economic Indicators And Governing Factors Along With Market Attractiveness As Per Segments.Introduction:A skateboard is a type of sports equipment or toy used primarily for the activity of skateboarding.Most skateboards are made with 7 plies of this wood.Scope of the Global Skateboard Market ReportThis report focuses on the Skateboard in global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa.This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers, regions, type and application.Request a Sample of this Report @ http://www.orbisresearch.com/contacts/request-sample/2230450 The worldwide market for Skateboard is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 2.1% over the next five years, will reach 170 million US$ in 2023, from 150 million US$ in 2017, according to a new GIR (Global Info Research) study.The global average price of Skateboard is in the fluctuation trend, from 37 USD/Unit in 2012 to 33 USD/Unit in 2016.With the situation of global skateboard industry, prices will be in fluctuation trend in the following five years.The classification of Skateboard includes Park Boards, Cruiser Boards, Longboard and Other, and the proportion of Park Boards in 2016 is about 52%, and the proportion is in decreasing trend from 2012 to 2016.Element Skateboards, Boiling Point, Plan B, Krown Skateboards, SK8 Factory, Skate One, Absolute Board and Alien Workshop, etc.
Electric motors are in almost everything these days — bikes, scooters, cars.And as this market has grown over the last few years, some of them have gotten so good that they’re actually practical to use every day.A good electric skateboard needs to have more than just a few miles of range.It should be fast — not just because that’s fun, but because you need that speed to get around obstacles in a hurry.Unfortunately, it’s actually not that easy to find electric skateboards that hit all these marks, especially for under $1,500 (or even $2,000).If you want a good, reliable electric skateboard that’s both fun and will get you to where you’re going, the choice is actually pretty obvious.
When was the last time you seriously saw kids and adults (OK, mostly adults) on roller or inline skates?While skateboards never truly disappeared and continue to have a sub-culture, skates have mostly gone out of fashion long ago.In the spirit of making old things new again, Segway is announcing the Drift W1, the first, not the only, of its new e-Skates line.Fortunately, they’re not calling it hoverskates this time.Take a hoverboard, snap it in half, and shrink them down to fit under a shoe.That’s pretty much how you might think of the Drift W1 and no one will blame you.
There are plenty of good hoverboards around, but Chinese company InMotion has come up with an innovative twist on the concept: Hovershoes.If hoverboards are essentially motorized self-balancing skateboards, then InMotion’s Hovershoes X1 are motorized self-balancing rollerblades — or small hoverboards for each foot.These shoes don’t have to communicate with each other and operate entirely on their own.“Have you ever seen a hoverboard and thought to yourself, ‘Hmm, what would happen if I chopped this in half with an ax?’” Jeffrey Will, experience manager at InMotion, asked Digital Trends.“The concept of Hovershoes is essentially like separating both sides of a hoverboard so that each side operates independently.Technically, each ‘shoe’ is a single wheeled device, not unlike a tiny version of an electric unicycle with 3.5 inch roller style wheels with a platform on top.”
Electric skateboards have always seemed to me like an 80s fever dream come true.What if, instead of using your foot, you could push a button and make a skateboard go as fast as a car?The idea would have sounded absurd 30 years ago, but today it’s true in the form of Boosted Boards.At 29.5-inches-long, the deck has an old school feel that belies the undeniably modern drivetrain underneath.That drivetrain can propel a normal-sized human (less than 250 pounds, that is) up to 18 miles per hour.: It's a smaller electric skateboard
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Swagtron, a company best known for its line of hoverboards and electric skateboards, has expanded its foray into the ebike market by adding three new models to its existing lineup.Two of the models are of the lightweight and foldable variety of electric bike, while the third is a fat bike designed for the youth market.Each of the electric bikes carries affordable price points that should make them more attractive to potential customers.The two foldable models include the Swagcycle EB-5 and the Swagcycle Pro, which builds on Swagtron’s original Swagcycle model.Both are lightweight and compact, but also fold down for easy transport in the trunk of a car or storage in a closet or under a desk at the office.The two ebikes feature durable aluminum frames and are available in either black or white.