Last weekend we talked a bit about a mysterious Chinese mission that put an unknown payload into space. Reports indicated at the time that the payload was a reusable spacecraft, but no one knew exactly what the mission of the spacecraft was. That spacecraft spent two days in orbit around the earth before reentry and landing. The spacecraft launched on … Continue reading
Janus mission seeks solution to orbiting space rocks in the Solar System NASA is splashing $55m on a new space mission to send two small camera-carrying spacecraft to study a type of an object in our Solar System that has yet to be observed in detail: binary asteroids.…
Dust on the Moon discovered by the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft orbiting our planetary companion suggests complex interactions between the Sun, Earth, and Moon. With little water or oxygen, iron oxide (rust) still formed in the harsh environment of the lunar surface, detected within hematite deposits recorded by the lunar orbiter more than a decade ago. Hematite is created on Earth from the interactions of oxygen and water on iron deposits. However, with water in short supply on the Moon (except inside craters at the poles) and a scarcity of oxygen, researchers are puzzled how the mineral may have formed. The Moon… This story continues at The Next Web
Researchers in charge of the OSIRIS-REx mission have reported detailed observations of asteroid Bennu shedding material regularly. The spacecraft has provided scientists with the ability to observe the asteroid’s activity at close range for the first time. The surface of the asteroid is highly active and builds a picture of asteroids as being very dynamic. The spacecraft has provided an … Continue reading
Although the spacecraft is top secret—we’re not even privy to its design—there are some things that China apparently wants the world to know about it.
After two days in orbit, the experimental reusable spacecraft glides home, but details on the mission remain scant.
And it might just have been a spaceplane to rival the USA’s X-37 China’s space program has launched and landed an experimental and re-usable spacecraft and by doing so may have signalled it can match the capabilities of a secretive US strategic asset.…
Little is known about the vehicle, though it may be similar to a U.S. space plane
NASA has a new satellite that it intends to launch this November called Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich. The primary focus for the satellite will be to monitor sea-level rise with extreme precision. Another instrument aboard the spacecraft will provide atmospheric data that will help improve weather forecasts, track hurricanes, and improve climate models. NASA says that the fundamental goal with Sentinel-6 … Continue reading
Yesterday China launched a Long March 2F rocket that carried some sort of reusable spacecraft into space. Precisely what kind of spacecraft China launched is a mystery, but it was possibly a reusable spaceplane. The United States has its own reusable spaceplane called the X-37B that spends extended periods in orbit. Whatever China put into orbit will remain there “for … Continue reading
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This first launch is just a demo, but NASA has already contracted a Photon spacecraft to fly a moon mission in 2021.
A Chinese space plane may be cruising in orbit above us right now.
Vega returns to service after 2019 failure and brings AI to spaaaaace The European Space Agency (ESA) has successfully demonstrated its Small Spacecraft Mission Service dispenser by slinging 53 satellites from a single rocket.…