Taking no chances, Euro 2016 organizers said Tuesday that new technology will be deployed at the June 10-July 10 tournament in 10 French cities to protect against unwanted airborne intruders."We've noted the general proliferation of drone-usage in society," Khoury said in his Paris office.French authorities have been alarmed by dozens of mystery drone overflights of sensitive sites — mostly nuclear facilities, but also military installations and even the presidential palace.The French gendarmerie already has powerful but not particularly sophisticated portable equipment that could help steer drones away from stadiums by interfering with GPS signals; its drawback is that it could also interfere with GPS signals for civil use, including for aircraft."The idea is not to destroy the drones, because there could be collateral damage, notably if they crashed into the public."So the risk for matches should be limited.
Toxic behavior from certain sections of online gaming communities isn t a new phenomenon, but after a black Hearthstone player became the target of racist abuse during a Twitch livestream last week, gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment has vowed to work with the streaming site to block abusive comments.There were ten chat moderators were working during the match, and more were called in to help with the volume of hateful comments, but they were unable to stem the abuse aimed at Miller.Responding to the incident, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime issued the following statement to Polygon: "We're extremely disappointed by the hateful, offensive language used by some of the online viewers during the DreamHack Austin event the weekend before last.One of our company values is 'Play Nice; Play Fair;' we feel there's no place for racism, sexism, harassment, or other discriminatory behavior, in or outside of the gaming community."We're also updating our esports tournament partner policies with a stronger system of checks, balances, and repercussions to provide a better chat experience around our content, explained the Blizzard co-founder.Blizzard and Twitch won t want to censor the former, as it s part of what makes the platform enjoyable for so many people; it s the latter they re trying to eradicate.
Although it s close to being sold for a pittance, Yahoo isn t dead yet.The company has been busying itself building shiny new apps, including a revamped Mail client for Android and a new esports news reader.Available for iOS from today, Yahoo Esports delivers live tournament broadcast coverage, news, highlights, and league scores for major competitive games from various genres: League of Legends , Dota 2 , Counter-Strike: GO , Heroes of the Storm and Street Fighter V .The app features a card-based interface that s easy to browse, and lets you leave comments on news stories.According to research firm Newzoo, the market is set to grow to $463 million this year and hit $1.1 billion by 2019.But Yahoo will certainly have its work cut out for it: earlier this year, ESPN launched a dedicated esports section on its site to cover League of Legends , Dota 2 and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft .
Drew Angerer/Getty Images President Barack Obama on Thursday awarded four Bay Area researchers -- two from UC Berkeley and two from Stanford -- with the nation's top honors for science and technology.His team developed the FinFET, a type of transistor used in modern computer processors.Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press Nine researchers were awarded the National Medal of Science, including:Paul Alivisatos, a UC Berkeley chemist and past director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who is known for his research on the production of nanocrystals and their use in solar energy applications.Stanley Falkow, a Stanford microbiologist who conducted pioneering research on the role of microbes in the spread of antibiotic resistance and disease.He announced a new advisory board to solicit suggestions from youngsters on how the government can support budding scientists and innovators.The Associated Press contributed to this report.Follow Katy Murphy at Twitter.com/katymurphy.
That makes the action a little less satisfying and precise, but it results in a game that works pretty well on a touchscreen.From there, you can trade comments, search for contents, and get alerts when there s fresh activity.One Tap TennisWatching a video ad lets you skip having to replay all the tournament s earlier matches if you fail later on.As the ball approaches, you ll need to tap while the moving line is in the yellow or orange areas to return the shot and continue the volley.The streaming music pioneer might have been left in the dust by Spotify s surge, but the brand is making a comeback and has a few million paying subscribers.If you re already familiar with Glu s Kim Kardashian: Hollywood or Katy Perry Pop, then you know what to expect here: light interactions with cartoonish humans, tapping through loads of dialogue boxes and menus, and a slow-paced climb to stardom punctuated by timers and in-app purchase opportunities.
Sprint is now allowing some online video to be streamed without counting against customers' data caps, making it the fourth major wireless carrier in the US to implement data cap exemptions or "zero-rating" .Sprint's first foray into zero-rating, announced last week, is for the Copa America Centenario soccer tournament being held in the US beginning June 3.Sprint has partnered with FuboTV, a soccer streaming service, to give customers access to every match if they sign up for a 60-day trial.FuboTV costs $9.99 per month if customers keep it after the trial expires.While wireless carriers argue that zero-rating benefits consumers, net neutrality advocates say zero-rating gives an unfair advantage to services that don't count against data caps, allowing carriers to favor some content over others.AT was the first major US mobile carrier to make a big move into zero-rating.
Google introduced a new group dedicated to making artificial intelligence more creative at Moogfest, a four-day music and technology festival in Durham, North Carolina, Quartz first reported.Called Magenta, the group will use its AI system TensorFlow to see if AI can be trained to create its own art, music, and video.If AI were to truly crack creative thought, they would depart from being an extension of code written by a programmer to thinking on their own.Machines can't think entirely on their own, and probably won't for some time.But what Google's AlphaGo taught us when it beat a world champion Lee Sedol at the game of Go, is that deep learning has vast potential to give machines the same thought capabilities of humans.One of the most fascinating takeaways from that Go tournament was when AlphaGo played a move that could only be described by AI experts as "creative.More from Tech Insider:Here's everything coming to Netflix in JuneAerial photos of abandoned developments show what happens when cities grow too fastAmazon customer service has a guy named Thor, and he s on a hilarious 'quest' to help you5 important things we still don't know about Google Home GOOG, GOOGL Sunday's big 'Game of Thrones' shocker was part of George R.R.Martin's plan for the series all alongNOW WATCH: Google just launched a video calling app that does something FaceTime can'tLoading video...
"Familiar tracks and traditions are like clichés: They are everywhere, they may sometimes be correct, but often they are justified by nothing except constant repetition," the PayPal cofounder and "Zero to One" author told the graduating class during Hamilton College's commencement on Sunday."If we choose to believe that we're powerless to do anything that is not familiar, we will be right, but only in a sort of self-fulfilling way," he said.Thiel confessed during his speech that, from middle school through law school, he had been stuck on the competitive track the outspoken entrepreneur is famous for comparing higher education to "the final stage of a competitive tournament" ."Looking back at my ambition to become a lawyer, it looks less like a plan for the future and more like an alibi for the present.But it turned out in retrospect that my biggest problem was taking the track without thinking really hard about where it was going," Thiel said.He said he took the opposite approach a few years later when he cofounded PayPal: He and his cofounders consciously set "very definite, very big plans" to change the world by replacing the US dollar with a new, digital currency.And while Thiel admitted that he ultimately failed at the greater goal of replacing the dollar, he proved the global financial industry wrong by creating a company that allows people around the world to move more than $200 billion a year.Go out and do what your teachers and parents thought could not be done, and what they never thought of doing," he advised graduates.Watch the full commencement speech below:NOW WATCH: This couple left everything behind to travel the world togetherLoading video...
The venue will make its debut alongside the initial rounds of a season-spanning Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament this month, and key moments will be broadcast on the television network TBS.The facility will make its first public appearance via Twitch on May 24 to commemorate the launch of Turner s esports-focused Eleague organization.We re fully committed to providing a best-in-class production experience that will extend across all platforms and we will continue to serve the passionate esports community with high quality, engaging content that always has the live gaming competition at its core.Turner … investing heavily in esports with Eleague is a great move in the right direction for the development of the industry, with their expertise sure to elevate the experience for fans, players and teams alike.Turner s move into the competitive gaming market follows up on recently announced esports initiatives from ESPN and Electronic Arts.Earlier this month, publisher Activision announced that it had partnered with Facebook to broadcast Major League Gaming competitions via the popular social network.
Hands-on with Capcom's latest e-sports shooterAvailable on PS4 and PC from June 21From the moment Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps was revealed its intentions were perfectly clear.Umbrella Corps may have a predominantly online focus, but the first thing I got to play at a preview event is its single-player offering: The Experiment.It feels very similar to The Club, the very underrated title from the previous generation of consoles, but unfortunately Capcom's attempt lacks the same panache.This makes playing with finesse a dangerous tactic as, while an undead blasted with a shotgun to the chest will fly backwards and immediately drop a blood sampler, a head shot leads to a ham-fisted, painfully long death animation.I hoped that eventually the mission structure would change, but single player remained dull and unimaginative.First ImpressionsUmbrella Corps could have been an interesting proposition if it had a clear focus and sound fundamentals.
If you re getting tired of match-3 games, maybe adding some live competition will earn back your interest.Candy Blast Mania, a match-3 puzzle game for mobile devices, has added tournaments.Match-3 games are usually known more for single-player experiences, so this could help Candy Blast Mania stand out in the crowded field that includes hits like Candy Crush Saga.Candy Crush Saga, by comparison, is No.A new feature like this can help bring in new players, which could make it a bigger hit in the $34.8 billion mobile games industry.The very first of its kind in the match-three genre, Puzzle Tournaments lets five gamers compete on the same puzzle simultaneously to win prizes, developer Storm8 told GamesBeat.During the 30-minute tournament, users play for the highest score and a spot on the global, friend and all-time leaderboards.
No, we're not talking about skulking off to the shady corners of the interwebs and dabbling in illicit downloads.Based on extensive interviews with the late Joe Strummer and his gang, it runs at 40 minutes in five sections: perfect commuting fodder.This Valve-funded doc follows the lives of three pro Dota 2 players, all of them hungry for the grand US$1million prize at a tournament, making for a very enticing watch.Its classic movies are even neatly arranged into genres for themed film nights.As the name suggests, it gathers copyright-free documentaries, from the likes of Louis Theroux and Stephen Hawking.Internet Archive: Better known for the Wayback Machine a digital DeLorean for looking at how sites have changed over the years , the Internet Archive also has over 20,000 free films in its vaults.
Dota 2's fashion season 2016 is upon usAs has now become tradition, fans of Dota 2 are being given an opportunity to support the game s massive pro tournament The International as well as nab themselves loot and unlock new things for the community.Each Battle Pass sale contributes to the prize pool for The International 2016, which is currently sitting at just over $8.5 million £5.8 million at the time of writing, as well as unlocks new cosmetic items and seasonal terrain on the map for players who own it.Similarly to previous iterations of the Battle Pass, players can level up their Battle Pass and receive cosmetic rewards.There s even a new wagering system, and a glorified Pachinko machine that players receive upon completing goals as a community.There s tons more for fans of Dota 2 to sink their teeth into, with rewards for fans of either looking fabulous in-game or those who follow the professional side of the game avidly.The International 2016 Battle Pass is available now for $9.99, £7.19, or your equivalent.
Vast, beautiful new land to exploreFull of excellent and varied questsWriting still some of the best in gamesFantastic fights with new combat abilitiesBlood & Wine isn t your standard Witcher adventure.A battle of words, rather than swords.I ve always appreciated the different musical motifs that The Witcher 3 uses to depict each location – even the different islands of Skellige had unique themes.From here, the tale unravels, with vampires playing a major part in what is a surprisingly dark adventure.At its core, Blood & Wine offers more of what The Witcher 3 does so remarkably well – which is to place you at the centre of increasingly bizarre mini-dramas that come together to form a larger overarching threat.There s even a bed, so finally Geralt can have a proper rest rather than sitting around in the woods meditating for hours on end.
The Japanese mobile operator Softbank sells shares to a value of at least $ 7.9 billion, over 66 billion of its large shareholding in the Chinese Alibaba. Revenues will be used by the company to pay off the debts. Read more: Alibaba borrow 25 billion - plans uppköpsräd It takes the same time as the company struggles to revive the US telecom operator Sprint which was bought three years ago, writes the Wall Street Journal. Read more: Alibaba challenge MTG with its own e-sports tournament The investment from Softbank side in Alibaba was the first time in 2000 when founder and CEO Masayoshi Son invested $ 20 million in it at the time, small e-commerce company. Since then, Alibaba has developed at a furious pace and now has a market capitalization of over $ 200 billion. Di Digital / TT / Finwire
Overwatch ReviewPrice: £39.99Developer: BlizzardPublisher: BlizzardPlatforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One,Version Reviewed: PCBefore we begin this review, a confession.I hadn t been particularly looking forward to reviewing Overwatch, as I d pretty much decided it wasn t a game for me.I don t mind multiplayer shooters, but aside from a few exceptions Unreal Tournament, Planetside, Siege I have no great love for them either, and the frequent references to Overwatch s MOBA-like qualities had more or less put me off the idea entirely.But it also diverges from Valve s multiplayer masterpiece in several important ways.Bastion broke my toys.Reinhardt is another tank-like character, carrying a large hammer and an even larger energy shield, which can soak up a huge amount of damage and provide cover for an entire team.
GOG formerly Good Old Games on Wednesday launched a new program called GOG Connect that lets users link their Steam account to GOG and add DRM-free versions of select games to their GOG.com library.Right now, that list is pretty short with just over 20 games including The Witness, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut, Saints Row 2, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition and Unreal Tournament GOTY, just to name a few.You ll need to make sure your Steam privacy settings and profile status are set to public before linking the two.GOG says the API used for the feature supports a limited number of calls each day so you may be put into a queue before accounts are connected.Perhaps the most important thing you need to know is that only one Steam account can be linked to a GOG account and linking is permanent.To help ring in the new feature, GOG is also running a sale through June 6 in which you can save up to 85 percent on select titles.
GOG has just launched GOG Connect, a new feature that will allow gamers to re-download DRM-free games from their Steam library.Bit Trip RunnerBraidBreach & ClearBreach & Clear: DeadlineBroken Sword: Director s CutFTL: Faster Than LightGalactic Civilizations IIIMount & BladeProject ZomboidSaints Row 2Shadowrun ReturnsSherlock Holmes: Secrets of the Silver EarringSurgeon Simulator 2013The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final CutThe Witcher: Enhanced EditionThe WitnessTo The MoonTrine: Enhanced EditionTwo WorldsUnreal GoldUnreal Tournament GOTYVVVVVVXenonautsUnfortunately, these games, and future games that are to be added, will not stick around forever.The problem is that pirates usually find a way around it and it usually ends up hurting legitimate buyers.For example, The Sims 3 had a debacle in which legitimately purchased copies of the game could only be installed up to three times, even when on the same computer.It soon became a champion of anti-DRM, and all games released on the platform are like buying Xbox games from brick-and-mortar retail: once you buy it, you can do with it as you please.GOG is great for consumers, and should help prevent gamers from having to buy a game twice just so that they can play it on a plane.
As good as the picture on your 4K, HDR-equipped 55in TV may be, you still can't quite beat being there when it comes to live sport.With the Euro 2016 football tournament starting in just a few weeks, you've probably given up on being able to cheer England on to yet another plucky defeat against a team they should really beat.Well, don't give up just yet.That's because we've teamed up with Hisense to offer you the chance to win a pair of tickets to England's Group B match against Slovakia at Stade Geoffroy-Guichard in Saint-Étienne on Monday, June 20.Kick-off is at 8pm UK time and though travel and accommodation aren't included, we can guarantee that you'll get to see an England victory** Warning: Actual guarantee not included
Discovery Communications Inc. is in talks with Twitter Inc. and Facebook Inc. to show programming from its Eurosport channel, including Olympic Games, on the social-media sites in Europe, Chief Executive Officer David Zaslav said.The Internet companies approached Discovery and Eurosport, its pan-European sports broadcaster, for deals to stream sports content, Zaslav said in an interview during the French Open tennis tournament on Thursday.Discovery owns the European television rights to four Olympics games, starting with the Winter Games in South Korea in early 2018.Deals with Facebook or Twitter have the potential to expand Eurosport s reach by drawing younger social-media users to the Olympic Games, one of the oldest sporting events on the planet.It s an audience that s been dwindling in recent years as younger people ditch traditional TV in favor of viewing content on mobile phones and tablets.Last year, Discovery agreed to pay 1.3 billion euros $1.5 billion for exclusive European broadcast rights to air the Olympics, which it will show mostly through Eurosport, in a bid to strengthen the network and give it heft in negotiating deals for sports rights.Known in the U.S. for reality shows such as Alaskan Bush People and Deadliest Catch, which features life on board fishing vessels in the Bering Sea, Discovery today earns about half its revenue outside its home country.The Silver Spring, Maryland-based company has committed $5 billion to sports over the next 10 years, Zaslav said.Twitter is paying the National Football League $10 million to stream 10 Thursday night games during the 2016 season while Snapchat in April agreed with Comcast Corp. s NBC to show highlights from the 2016 Summer Games.Discovery, which counts cable-TV billionaire John Malone as an investor and has snapped up a number of European broadcasters and a production studio in the U.K., is also doubling the money it invests in Eurosport to $300 million, Zaslav said.