the Biggest threat to the Chinese economy's trade barriers increase the world economy.Protectionism would weaken the country's exports and thus slow down the whole economic growth and would cause the same internal problems.Thus, say Helsinki, visiting Peking university professor and china's state economic adviser Justin Yifu Lin.Donald Trump protectionism may be campaign rhetoric, but it can also be a real policy", Peking university professor acting as Lin said STT.He visited on Tuesday in Helsinki to talk about the Bank of Finland institute for economies in transition of the party conference."Although China's economy has shifted more to domestic consumption to pull for growth, would be protectionism still a great shock."
Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook is this week visiting India for the first time.And he is wasting little of his time on the ground in India by saying Apple will open a new app design and development center in the country in 2017.Cook officially called the upcoming Apple facility a design and development accelerator,  and that it will be located in Bengaluru also known as Bangalore , which is considered to be the startup hub of India.India is home to one of the most vibrant and entrepreneurial iOS development communities in the world, Cook said in announcing the new center.With the opening of this new facility in Bengaluru, we re giving developers access to tools which will help them create innovative apps for customers around the world.Apple said it will use the facility to provide support for the Swift programming language, which Apple created to build apps for iOS, Mac and other products, and will conduct weekly briefings with developers to review development of apps at the center.It s no secret as to why Cook is laying the groundwork for more Apple involvement in India.Anyone with a Groupon account has likely seen an offer for one of these iPhones, which are often phones that were bought, returned for some reason, given the once-over to ensure everything works, and then offered up for sale at less than the original sticker price.However, the Indian government has put up resistance to Apple s efforts as it tries to promote homegrown smartphone makers who sell their products at prices even less than those of refurbished iPhones.Photo: Apple CEO Tim Cook leaves the Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Mumbai on May 18.
The struggling apparel chain s chief executive, Art Peck, told shareholders that Gap is open to selling its merchandise on Amazon or other third parties in the U.S. To not be considering Amazon and others would be in my view delusional, Mr. Peck said Tuesday in response to an investor s question at the annual shareholder meeting.We are always considering all of our opportunities beyond our traditional mix of channels and stores.The company, which also owns Banana Republic and Old Navy, is scheduled to post quarterly results after market close on Thursday.As early as 2014, Amazon was in discussions with about 10 well-known retailers, including Abercrombie & Fitch Co. ANF -0.82 % , to list their products on its online marketplace.Selling on Amazon presents a double-edged sword for specialty retailers with store fleets as large as Gap s. While they can tap into the online marketplace s growing shopper base, the listings might also discourage shoppers from visiting stores, where brick-and-mortar retailers tend to have better luck converting traffic to sales.Gap management spent last year revamping its merchandise offering after attributing weak performance in previous quarters to style and quality missteps.
I still do, 'he says when we meet in an anonymous visiting room in AB Volvo's technical center in Gothenburg. As a technical specialist in combustion systems, he sat when, in 2006, in a motor lab with a single-cylinder Volvo engine and tried to bring down emissions. The combustion chamber in a modern truck diesel is shaped entirely by the piston crown: the cylinder is completely flat top. Normally, it consists of a pit with a bun in the middle. - It worked as we wanted, so I and my colleague Michael Balthasar sought patents in 2007, says Jan Eismark. - A common piston crown is forged first and then finsvarvas combustion chamber.
I still do, 'he says when we meet in an anonymous visiting room in AB Volvo's technical center in Gothenburg. As a technical specialist in combustion systems, he sat when, in 2006, in a motor lab with a single-cylinder Volvo engine and tried to bring down emissions. The combustion chamber in a modern truck diesel is shaped entirely by the piston crown: the cylinder is completely flat top. Normally, it consists of a pit with a bun in the middle. - It worked as we wanted, so I and my colleague Michael Balthasar sought patents in 2007, says Jan Eismark. - A common piston crown is forged first and then finsvarvas combustion chamber.
New rules will see those visiting porn sites forced to prove they are aged 18 or aboveWatching porn online in the UK mainly for underage viewers is going to get tough as the government is set to implement age-based restrictions.In a bid to protect children from online harassment and cybercrime, the UK government's Digital Economy Bill will compel pornographic sites to verify that users are over 18.The regulations have been discussed in the past and mulled over but the mention of the bill in the Queen's recent speech indicates the government is quite determined to go through with the checks.So far, no details have emerged on how this will happen but some reports say credentials such as one's mobile phone operator, Post Office identity proof, NHS identity proof or the Department for Work and Pensions number can be asked from the potential viewer.The real issue, however, will arise when it comes to free pornographic content being widely available on sites like PornHub, which don't require any registrations.The government will also undertake some telecom related reforms under the bill like development of fast broadband and mobile networks and simplifying the way the government uses data to deliver public services.
Kojima's first post-Konami game will use a third-party engine, he has revealed, but we don't yet know which one.After he "left" Konami, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima went on a world tour visiting studios like Crytek, Guerrilla and Media Molecule.Snake on a planeKoj said he believes it's better to make games using internal tech, but doing so would mean his first title - a PS4 exclusive - would take a lot longer to surface."Because I want to release it to the people who are waiting for it, for that title we are going to use a third-party engine," said Kojima."The reason I am travelling the world is that I am looking for such technology to use"Kojima also revealed that the first game will be bigger than he first envisioned, following conversations on his travels."At the beginning I was thinking to make a small title, but after that I met friends worldwide and acquaintances, and they said no, everybody's expecting you to make a big title, just a change of direction.
But for Shuichi Kobayashi, producer of the upcoming Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness known simply as Star Ocean 5 , wildly sprawling narratives and content for content's sake just won't cut it any more.Star Ocean 5 is on a different path, one where even RPG newcomers can give it a try—and Kobayashi, visiting London on his first trip outside of his native Japan, knows just how to make it happen.This is a bold move for a series that has for the past 20 years done a better job than most RPGs in building an audience around a consistent game design, one of real-time battles there's no turn-based tomfoolery here , kawaii characters, and outlandish cut scenes."From the core Star Ocean fans that have been following the series for a long time, there have been mixed opinions about Star Ocean 5.What we did this time was slightly change the focus, though."The obtuse conversations with NPCs and the drawn-out cut scenes have been scaled back in favour of properly integrating the story into quests.
Security researchers have lifted the lid on the Nuclear exploit kit, rated the second largest malware-as-a-service toolkit in the world.Nuclear has generated 1.8 million attacks worth $12m in revenue in one month alone, chiefly through slinging the infamous Locky ransomware.The estimated monthly revenue for the developers of Nuclear is $100,000, according to Check Point.The toolkit is second only behind the infamous Angler exploit kit as a means to run drive-by attacks from hacker-controlled websites.Compromised sites, sometimes otherwise-legitimate internet hangouts, harbor malicious code that pushes malware onto the Windows PCs of visiting surfers using Flash-based exploits and the like.Check Point's researchers explain how the developers of Nuclear exploit kit rent it to attackers, and analyze the source code of Nuclear and the source code of every exploit that uses the kit.
The famed developer behind the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, has revealed that his well-documented world journey has actually been a mission to find a third-party development engine for his new game to speed up the development process.Kojima previously said he and PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny were "searching for the newest technology" - a statement that has not been entirely clear, until now.During a Q session at the Nordic Game 2016 show in Malmo, Sweden, Kojima said although he believes developing games using internally-developed tools is preferable, it does take time to build an internal engine.The reason why I'm travelling around the world is because I am looking for an engine to use."The designer also mentioned that he was initially planning on planning on making a smaller title.While travelling the world in search of the new technology, Kojima took to Twitter to reflect on some of his findings saying you need more than technology "to make magic".
He was seen there with Anant Ambani, son of Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani, whose Jio 4G service is expected to be a game-changer for mobile internet in India by the end of 2016.Such high-speed networks would "unleash the power of the iPhone", Mr Cook had said after announcing Apple's results for the first quarter of 2016.While global iPhone sales fell for the first time ever, a drop of 16% from the first quarter of 2015, they rose 56% in India in the same quarter.None of the California-based technology giant's seven CEOs ever visited India while in office, though Steve Jobs famously came here as a backpacking hippie looking for "answers" in the mid-1970s.Apple announced that it would invest $1bn in Chinese ride-hailing app Didi Chuxing last week to "better understand the Chinese market", Mr Cook told Reuters.The centre would later move to Apple's own campus in or near the city and expand to 2,500 employees, government sources told The Hindu newspaper.
The deep web is actually several times bigger than the indexed web, and it encompasses a lot more than the illegal or otherwise questionable activities that it is often associated with -- though there's certainly a lot of that going on, too.The Dark Web on the other hand merely represents a smaller portion of the deep web that has been intentionally hidden and is inaccessible through standard web browsers.For example content posted on Facebook that is only available to the poster's friends, not the general public, or results for specific queries on a travel booking website -- you simply can't get to the content by clicking through links like a search engine would.This anonymous network consists of thousands of servers located all over the world run by volunteers and online privacy advocates.Its name is an acronym for The Onion Router in reference to its namesake routing technique, which creates a path through randomly assigned Tor servers, or nodes, before reaching whatever website you are visiting.During this process data packets are wrapped in successive layers of packets that get "peeled off" at each node until reaching the destination.
A lack of awareness, fear of admitting to depression and the many myths about what postnatal depression actually is, means that around half of sufferers are not getting help.My co-founder Kartika Tulusan and I experienced depression and isolation first hand.It can be used by anyone, regardless of background and location.PkBoo is also different to the NCT and Children's Centre networks.Climbing the parenting mountain might still feel like a never ending slog, a path littered with nappies, rice cakes and parental anxieties.Become part of the beta community or join one of our events by visiting our website www.pkboo.netHuffPost UK Tech is running a two-week focus on our Tech For Good campaign, which aims to highlight the technology that is driving social change and making a positive, long-lasting difference to our world.
LucasfilmNow that Rian Johnson s Star Wars: Episode VIII is filming mostly under cloak and dagger and Rogue One is going through post-production, things should be quiet in the world of Star Wars.The Real Deal: As far as spoiler-filled leaks go, this was the motherlode: the catalog for publishers Media Lab Books revealed pages from the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story—The Official Visual Story Guide last week, divulging all manner of information about the anthology film hitting theaters in December.This doesn t mean that there won t be a Rogue One comic—Marvel has officially only released information on single issues through August, which gives them some time to reassess and announce without theoretically missing a beat—but it does suggest that plans are changing in some form or another.Sorry, ShippersSource: Mr. FN-2187 himself, crushing dreams while visiting CannesProbability of Accuracy: It s coming straight from the stormtrooper s mouth, so this is obviously legit, if not necessarily legitimately obvious.Now We Have More to Thank Oscar Isaac ForSource: A magazine profile of the Resistance s most dreamy pilotProbability of Accuracy: As true as Poe Dameron s aim.That said, Fall of the Resistance does fall in line with the four word subtitle that is almost a plot synopsis where things go wrong for the heroes pattern of the middle features in the other two trilogies… Right now, file under Interesting.
Google is releasing new advertising products and services to take advantage of the way people use their smartphones to search for items, then often buy in nearby stores rather than online.Google said it now handles trillions of searches a year, with more than half coming from mobile devices.The new products, which include more detailed text advertisements, additions to Google Maps, and new ways to buy ads, were announced Tuesday by the Alphabet Inc. subsidiary at the Google Performance Summit in San Francisco.Google wants to be able to better show how ads on its search engine translate into in-store sales.This year, around 90 percent of all global sales will happen in stores as opposed to online, said Jerry Dischler, vice president of product management for Google s ad business.New ad products include enhanced listings on Google Maps, ads that re-shape themselves according to the website they re seen on and expanded business descriptions in sponsored links.The U.K. subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co. saw that 6 percent of clicks on mobile ads resulted in someone visiting a dealership, yielding a 25 to 1 return on investment, Google said.Google will also let advertisers change how much they pay depending on whether they use mobile, computers or tablets, letting them tweak campaigns according to the device.It s useful because every device has different intents, different conversion rates, said Frederick Vallaeys, the chief executive officer of Optmyzr, which provides tools for advertisers and marketers, and a former Google employee.
You plug your destination into Google Maps and start cruising down your route when a purple pin appears, showing you the location of the nearest McDonald's and offering a few dollars off on a combo meal if you stop.This is the new ad experience that Google is testing out in its Maps app to help businesses entice you into visiting their coffee shop, gas station, pharmacy, whatever.The company has had some form of advertising in Maps since 2010 but it's now building out its Promoted Pins to be much more prominent, and adding new features for advertisers, like letting them list special offers or a local product inventory search bar so you can check if the Walgreens down the street has the right kind of contact solution before you actually go there .Google's big pitch to advertisers is that it's the best partner for the "mobile-first" world because its combination of search and maps data can show when its ads actually drive people into stores.That's actually been Google's pitch for a while, but now it's showing off proof of success: Since it introduced its "store visits" metric two years ago, advertisers have measured over 1 billion visits.NOW WATCH: A SpaceX rocket just did something not even its engineers thought was possibleLoading video...
Notifications suck — for users and developers.Twilio thinks it can help change all of that with its new Notify API, which manages SMS, push and platform notifications.Segmentation is where groups are managed, and each user in a group can be assigned multiple tags.A sales team may get a mobile push notification in the morning about an important meeting, and a follow-up SMS later in the day reminding them of that important soirée.Developers won t need to fuss with multiple integrations on the code level; they ll just need to manage groups and delivery paths via Twilio s interface.Notify is still in beta, but developers can request early access by visiting the link below.
As Instagram continues to make moves to strengthen its platform with more features to keep users visiting it and staying for longer, Instagram s decision to kill off its feeds API on June 1 has claimed another victim: Flipboard today confirmed that it will not be able to provide Instagram integration for the majority of its users after May 31.Flipboard also says that Instagram feeds users follow on Flipboard will also no longer show content, which includes Instagram searches, hashtags and individual accounts.The Instagram tile will be removed from Flipboard completely on June 30.Even the newcomer Being, which saw a promising 50,000 downloads in its first week, found it was soon cut off.Twitter took a similar path several years ago by telling developers to stop building third-party clients.That s not entirely due to its squashed app ecosystem, but the move certainly didn t help.
Android: Before you hit the road this summer, you ll need the right vacation playlist for your trip.Now, TripAdvisor will help by curating playlists from Google Play Music based on the city you re traveling to.The new version of the Android app will now offer playlists themed based on the city you re visiting.You can then open them in the Play Music app.TripAdvisor is giving away a two month trial for the music service.The soundtrack of your next trip is on TripAdvisor with Google Play Music Android Blog
View photosMoreThe Netflix logo is shown in this illustration photograph in Encinitas, California October 14, 2014.REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo - RTX2B4O8BRUSSELS Reuters - European subscribers to online video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video and Sky will be able to access the services when visiting other countries within the European Union under proposals agreed by member states on Thursday.The proposal on portability of digital content will become law after it is approved by the European Parliament.Consumers with subscriptions to services such as Sky TV Now, ProSiebenSat.1MaxDome TV in Germany or Netflix in France, would be able to view content they have paid for when they are "temporarily" in other countries within the EU."This means that citizens who are in another member state for purposes such as holidays or business trips can enjoy for example music, films, games or sporting events just like at home," said Henk Kamp, Minister for Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, which holds the rotating EU presidency and managed the proposal.What constitutes "temporarily" was left open, but member states specified that it is a "limited amount of time".