Like millions of other consumers, I used to be sucked into the endless black hole that was stupidly expensive smartphones, complete with the two-year contract ball-and-chain.Some were easy to dismiss: a crappy Android skin here or a terrible design decision there.What Motorola is able to create at a £140-£160 price point is remarkable, and somehow it has improved on the Moto G from last year to make an even better off-contract champion.With the Moto G third gen sticking to its cheap doesn t have to mean crappy mantra, it s quickly becoming the go-to choice for the budget-conscious smartphone user.In almost all cases, you ll want the OnePlus 3.Well, maybe not in garish green Lumia 640 and 640 XLAs far as Windows Phones are concerned, these guys do the trick.
SPEEDY: The next version of Google Chrome will sport a staggering 47 per cent speed increaseGoogle Chrome is the most popular web browser on the planet.But the vast majority of the changes won't hit your machine until September – when Google plans to release the stable version of Chrome 53.Those who want to take advantage of the performance improvements on OS X and Windows right now can download Google Chrome's beta app, Chrome Canary, currently on version 53.0.2766.0.Chrome will allow Flash Player to run on a select number of websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitch and Amazon.However Google is now more partial to HTML5, thanks to the fast load times and low power usage offered by the rival technology.Elsewhere, a rival browser recently promised to extent your laptop battery life by 50 per cent when compared to Google Chrome.
There's also a screen recorder which can be used to capture video from your screen, and a disc burning option.The initial interface is pleasingly unintimidating, and downloading videos from any of the supported sites – of which there are many – is a simple matter of copying and pasting the URL, choosing the format you'd like to save the video in, and clicking 'Download'.Just draw a selection box around the video you want and you're good to go.aTube Catcher can do more than just download videos - it can also record video from your screenProsYou might not expect it from what many people would not consider 'serious' software, but aTube Catcher includes an automatic updater that ensures you're always using the most recent, most secure, and most feature-packed version of the program.aTube Catcher can also record audio from your microphone or webcam, so there's no need to install a separate program for recording your own music and making podcastsConsThe bundled browser toolbar is a little off-putting, but as long as you slightly confusingly, perhaps click 'Cancel' when it presents itself, it won't be installed.There are lots of extra options and settings - such as the ability to create time-saving video profiles - that are no immediately apparent, and anyone who doesn't investigate the menu system could miss out on valuable tools.
The platform can collect up to one million events per second, and stores data up to a year.Robbins also said that no other company, "from global giants to inspired start-ups", have yet managed to launch such a platform that is "comprehensive, easy-to-use or scalable to the dimensions required by the modern data centre".Billions of flows are searchable in less than a second using Tetration's forensics search engine and user interface.In the first Tetration release set for July 2016, software sensors will support Linux and Windows server hosts, while hardware sensors are embedded in the ASICs of Cisco Nexus 9200-X and Nexus 9300-EX network switches to collect flow data at line rate from all the ports.Speaking to CBR, Bijlsma said: "This platform ships as an appliance, and since it is going to be the place that stores all communication flows from all over the data centre, a tremendous amount of focus has been given on hardening the platform."There is no way to get the wrong data that is stored on the disk unless you are going through the proper analytics search engines."
Find out how Linux differs from other operating systems.Linux is in essence an operating system.The open source OS sits underneath all of the other software on a computer, receiving requests and relaying them to the computer's hardware.It is also different in that there are many different distributions of Linux, thanks to its open source nature.Although most people use a Windows or Mac OS, Linux is a very popular choice - around two-thirds of the web pages on the Internet are said to have been generated by servers running it.The Linux kernel is written in the C programming language.
Enterprises interested in tapping container technology now have a brand-new option for managing it: ContainerX, a multitenant container-as-a-service platform for both Linux and Windows.Promising an all-in-one platform for orchestration, compute, network, and storage management, it provides a single "pane of glass" for all of an enterprise's containers, whether they're running on Linux or Windows, bare metal or virtual machine, public or private cloud.Application programming interfaces APIs are also available for businesses that want to integrate the platform s capabilities into their custom management portals.More than half of companies surveyed for a recent Cloud Foundry Foundation report said they were either evaluating or already using containers, while a full 64 percent anticipate making their use mainstream within a year.Eighty-four percent said that managing containers without a cloud application platform would be a challenge."We're seeing a clear shift, as use moves from small teams of developers towards a more strategic consideration of the value containers can bring to the business," Miller explained.
00:00 02:05 M3 player Forza Horizon 3 Loading Advertising .. New Horizon E3 Forza 3 offers a fast and cruelly entertaining motoring in Australia. Anders Wollner wires loose from E3 in Microsoft's biggest racing title this fall. It is time for the third installment in Microsoft's Forza Horizon series, and this time we get the chance to burn rubber around Australia. For all racing fans with the Windows 10 or the Xbox One, it is high time to start the pep, for this looks really interesting.
The company introduced the feature to the Android and desktop editions of Opera earlier this year, claiming some publishers are displaying adverts that are too intrusive or distracting and lead to a poor web experience.Many use ad blockers because they find ads intrusive while others believe some creatives slow down system performance, use excessive amounts of data and reduce battery life, while others hold security fears.Users are demanding ad blockers because of the better browsing experience it offers, says Nuno Sitima, senior vice president of Mobile Browsers, Opera.Opera claims its browser with ad blocking and data compression enabled, Opera is faster and saves more data than rival browsers such as Chrome.Research from the Internet Advertising Bureau UK IAB UK suggests one in five British adults use ad blocking, but would be less likely to do so if adverts didn t interfere with what they were doing.The addition of web push notifications support further solidifies Opera for Android s commitment to progressive web apps, an emerging set of technologies that bring websites closer to native apps in terms of functionality and look-and-feel, and which are backed by Google, Opera, Mozilla and other big players in the web industry, said Opera.
Browser-maker Opera, which once funded development of its software through advertising, is continuing its push to offer users built-in ad-blocking technology with the official roll-out on all supported mobile platforms.First announced back in March for the desktop release, and disabled by default, Opera's ad-blocking technology is now available on its mobile browser versions for iOS and Windows Phone where it is known as Opera Mini and on Android in the variant called Opera Browser .As with the desktop equivalent, Opera claims that integrating the technology directly into the browser boosts performance and lowers resource usage over the traditional add-on package method - something that will particularly interest those with older-generation smartphones and tablets.'Users are demanding ad blockers because of the better browsing experience it offers,' claimed Nuno Sitima, senior vice president for mobile browsers at Opera, of the release.'Opera users can speed up their mobile surfing, skip extra data charges and stretch their internet packages even further by blocking in the browser intrusive and data-wasting ads and heavy tracking.'According to Opera's internal testing, enabling the ad blocker along with the built-in compression proxy - a system which sends all web requests via Opera's servers, where the data is speedily compressed before being sent to the browser - results in an impressive performance gain over rival software: running on the same device, Google's Chrome browser took 14 per cent longer to load the test pages while the Adblock Browser took as much as 79 per cent longer.
Microsoft has changed the way large games and apps are installed from the Windows Store, so users can now select which drive they wish to use rather than being stuck with the default.This is a pretty basic feature that should have been in there from the start, to be honest, but at least now it's arrived – in preview versions of Windows 10, that is.Insiders testing Windows 10 are able to pick which drive they want to install their app or game on, providing it's a large download smaller apps will still install automatically on the default system drive .But also note that you only get to pick a drive any drive , you don't get to specify a directory or anything further.Still, for those with multiple drives, and perhaps a small system drive – it can often be the case that folks will use a small SSD for the OS and primary apps – the ability to freely choose which disk to install a huge game on is an obvious boon.Presumably this feature will be going live on the full release of Windows 10 with the big Anniversary Update coming next month, so even if you're not a tester, you've not got long to wait now.
It is a revelation that will most likely be met with both anticipation and dread, depending on which gaming side you're camping on.Playing with a keyboard and a mouse is coming really, really soon for the Xbox One.For console gamers dreading the feared amalgamation of Microsoft's console and PC gaming worlds, it is yet another omen of that future.Of course for Microsoft, it just means being able to play Windows 10 games on any Microsoft-powered device, which ultimately means more profit for the company.While there are games that work for both console and PC gameplay, they are still designed for a specific control style.Keyboard and mouse gameplay for the Xbox One turns the tables around.
It was reported last month that Halo 5 s custom map toolset, Forge, would be arriving on Windows 10 as a free release sometime later this year.It was thought that this could signal Microsoft s intention to bring the full game to the PC, but that now seems unlikely.However, one thing that looks almost certain is that the next installment of the franchise, Halo 6, will be available on Windows 10.Many of them, including GOW 4, allow cross-platform play.Spencer went on to compare Forge s PC release to Forza: Apex, the heavily cut-down, free-to-play Windows 10 version of Xbox One title Forza Motorsport 6.As a way of all but confirming Halo's return to Windows, PC Gamer asked Spencer if there would be any ideological reason Microsoft might not release the next Halo on Windows 10, to which he replied: not at all.
BitTorrent Inc BitTorrent has announced that it s spinning out its Sync business into a stand-alone company called Resilio, as it refocuses its own efforts on the consumer media realm.The San Francisco-based company first introduced Sync in April 2013 as a means to let users share folders and files without relying on the cloud.It finally exited a two-year beta period in 2015, launching for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, among other platforms.BitTorrent is probably better known as the company that develops the BitTorrent peer-to-peer P2P file-sharing protocol and the uTorrent app that s built upon the BitTorrent protocol.But the firm has been taking steps to establish itself as a mainstream media distribution company, with original TV shows and multichannel video streaming apps emerging from the company s vaults in recent times.Today s news comes two months after BitTorrent replaced CEO Eric Klinker with two new co-CEOs — Jeremy Johnson and Robert Delamar.At the time the news emerged, the company said that Klinker would remain at BitTorrent in a technical role.That role has been short-lived, however, and Delamer confirmed that Klinker has departed the company to head up the new Resilio business.But why spin out Sync on its own?Delamar explains:In short, BitTorrent is creating a clearer vision for the company to help it focus on consumer media, while Resilio continues to target enterprise companies with Sync.
Lately there have emerged a number of services that offer audio books with the same structure as Spotify. Some specialize in e-books with audio books as icing on the cake, while others offer a satisfactory amount of each. A positive aspect is that Storytel also releases its own audio recordings of books that are not usually available in audiobook format, and expand, thereby offering with exclusive material. You can use the usual mobile applications and unlike the other players, you can also access the content via an ordinary computer. Just remember to use one of the three recommended browsers, or download the Windows 10 app. It automatically resumes where you left off later and also offers bookmarks - perfect if for example you want to record your thoughts or just want a specific part of the book close at hand.
Lately there have emerged a number of services that offer audio books with the same structure as Spotify. Some specialize in e-books with audio books as icing on the cake, while others offer a satisfactory amount of each. A positive aspect is that Storytel also releases its own audio recordings of books that are not usually available in audiobook format, and expand, thereby offering with exclusive material. You can use the usual mobile applications and unlike the other players, you can also access the content via an ordinary computer. Just remember to use one of the three recommended browsers, or download the Windows 10 app. It automatically resumes where you left off later and also offers bookmarks - perfect if for example you want to record your thoughts or just want a specific part of the book close at hand.
Launched this week on the Microsoft Office Store as well as within the web version of Outlook, a new feature integrates the ability to schedule a meeting at a nearby Starbucks.The coffee house meeting feature brings up a map of nearby Starbucks stores and inserts details about the location chosen by you into the body of the email.While meeting scheduling has obviously been an Outlook staple for many years, integrating the function with Starbucks adds a new twist for anyone that schedules meetings on the go.Of course, this requires a Starbucks user account as well as a credit card for pay for the gift card.That card will be sent electronically, perhaps ideal if you are treating anyone attending your next Starbucks meeting.During the interim, Mac users can use Outlook on the Web in order to access the new Starbucks feature.
Credit: Rob SchultzDownloading and storing apps from the Windows Store on Windows 10 is currently an all or nothing proposal.Windows Insiders are reporting that the newest Windows 10 allow users to choose the install location for large apps from the Windows Store, on a per-download basis.Select a drive with at least 26.83GB, the prompt pictured above says in German.Second, it s unlikely that a ton of people are downloading and installing AAA game titles on Windows 10 Insider builds, since these cutting-edge versions of the operating system are generally unstable and bug-ridden.Further reading: How Microsoft's former PC gaming glory could help fix today's Windows gaming woesWhy this matters: There may be other apps in the Windows Store with large install packages, but really this feature is all about catering to gamers.Without the flexibility that PC gaming is famous for, however, few hardcore gamers will be willing to invest their hard-earned gaming dollars on Windows Store apps, Xbox cross-play be damned.
Microsoft handed some bad news to cord cutters last week when it announced that it was stopping work on over-the-air DVR features for the Xbox One.Beyond just playback on the Xbox itself, users would be able to stream recordings to the Xbox app on Windows, iOS, and Android, with support for offline playback on Windows.On the basic end, you can buy a cheap set-top box like the MediaSonic Homeworx HW180STB.Both the TiVo Roamio OTA and the Channel Master DVR are available without ongoing subscription fees, and both boxes include limited access to streaming-video services as well.With that ruling, it s clear that over-the-air DVR will always require an antenna in the home, but there s still room for a simpler setup than the chain of boxes and hard drives that companies like Tablo and TiVo require.Maybe Microsoft will revisit that concept some day, but I wouldn t bet on it.
Fortunately, this doesn t seem to be the case, according to a chat Xbox division head Phil Spencer had on Giant Bomb s E3 live stream.And five years later it will still be bigger again, Spencer said, adding that he still sees Valve as important to Microsoft s strategy.Spencer didn t elaborate on what games could come to Steam in the future, nor did he mean to give any indication that Microsoft wouldn t continue to move forward with its own Xbox Store on the PC.Spencer was quick to point out that there have been some relative bright spots as well.Spencer also addressed the concerns some prominent industry figures like Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney have voiced regarding Microsoft s Universal Windows Platform.There s still definitely concern that UWP and our store are somehow linked in a way that is nefarious.
Opera has announced a controversial new feature for its browsers on iOS, Android and Windows Phone: native ad blocking.Opera says the new native ad blocking feature will help speed up mobile browsing while reducing data usage.As of these updates, Opera says all of its browsers, including the desktop browser, feature native ad-blocking, eliminating the need for users to download third-party apps or extensions.Opera boasts faster speeds than Chrome thanks to a combination of ad-blocking technology and Opera s compression technology.The company also points toward data savings, saying that stripping away advertisements results in kilobytes-worth of data savings on a web page.Demand for ad blocking has steadily grown, and that's a big problem for many companies, leading to websites doing things like showing ad-blocking users a splash page requesting to be whitelisted or, in the case of sites like Forbes, entirely blocking access to the service until ad block is disabled.