Immediate  Edge

Immediate Edge

  • london

n the autumn of 1976, fifteen year-old David noticed Larry Mullen's note on the college's bulletin board. The note was an invitation to hitch Larry at his home

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The entire band had honed their performance skills.For their young age, U2 had a very clean and unique sound.Soon once gaining management, U2 scored a record cope with Island Records in 1980 and released their 1st album, 'Boy' in 'eighty one.As a terribly religious young man and with real success looming, the guitarist was conflicted between his spiritual beliefs and also the flashy, self-indulgent life-vogue of a rock musician.So serious was the inner conflict, that immediate edgeconsidered leaving the band, in early '83, throughout the tour for second album 'October'.However when a lot of soul-looking, he came to the conclusion that it had been he that made the choices that ruled his life and actions.