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Mr. Sameer Negi is the director of Institute of Advanced Robotics.

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On World Music Day on Sunday, popular music composer duo Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Saraiya shared that day is dedicated to musicians, composers and singers who put in efforts on making music, which help listeners in many ways.Jigar told IANS: "The feeling of dedicating one day for music although music is something you can listen to 24x7, 365 (days).It is something that really relieves us from stress and anxiety and gives a good time to all of us..."He said that in a country, where actors are celebrated more because of their songs than the musicians, who made the song."I think it is very important that a day like World Music day is dedicated to emphasise and bring to light the fact that okay that it's actually the musicians, composers and singers who put in a lot of effort to make the song and give them their credit and celebrate music in any way.Sachin shared that he treats everyday of his life as World Music Day."I celebrate music virtually every day of my life.But I am glad that the whole world will celebrate music on this day and being a musician myself I know that maybe the work we've done or many legends has inspired, helped and accompanied listeners in many ways.It makes me happy that I am a musician and I am proud that we are celebrating music," he told IANS.
Mumbai-based alternative rock band The Yellow Diary feels staying positive amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is "really difficult", adding that they are trying to cope up with music.But we must remember that this is a unified stand and we need to take that not only for ourselves but also for the safety of people around us," the band told IANS when asked about how they are coping up with the lockdown.The Yellow Diary band members include Himonshu Parikh (music production, keyboard, backing vocals), Rajan Batra (vocals, songwriting), Vaibhav Pani (guitar), Sahil Shah (drums) and Stuart DaCosta (bass).Asked if they are putting all their energy amid lockdown into making new songs, the band said: "Considering the way we make music is collaborative and we feed energies off each other in the room, it is certainly challenging to make music as a band.However, we stay in touch on a daily basis and keep catching up!"The Akasa-led single is a fresh version of The Yellow Diary's hit "Rab raakha", which had received positive response.
If you are looking for free music to use in your YouTube videos, that's also 100 percent royalty free.I made a video about that and how to explain it and where you can go.If these artists are signed to real major labels and they are going to collect every single penny in royalty out there for all the music you're going to download for free online will be likely independent music and not mainstream music.And we can see, you know, maybe we follow some people we already like.Two channels like Trappe Nation are really good, especially Trappe Nation.Let's just say you're really into electronic dance music and you don't want to pay for it.
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