Today most parents are serious to keep their kids and children safe from mishaps like burglary and eve-teasing thus they are making them learn Jujitsu. This is a Japanese martial art that was invented by Samurais during the medieval age. This art of warfare and combat has many immense skills. In this combat art, the concerned learner is trained to fight with weapons like sword and staff. Teachers of this martial art also teach students how to fight with many enemies with bare hands. For this reason, many people are being interested to teach their kids this fighting art. When you learn Japanese martial arts then you will also learn some things like striking and throwing on the ground.

How did Jujitsu become famous all around?

The entire community of martial arts has adored the fighting skills of Jujitsu as this is the one that has taught students how to fight with armed enemies without any weapon. People say that this that art of combat with which even kids and children can fight their opponents who maybe even elder to them. Thus children like to learn this art so that they may be able to face as many mishaps like burglary and other bad incidents. The history of Jujitsu is a glorious one as it was being practiced in entire Japan and all East Asia in countries like China and Thailand. During the early years of this martial art, it was practiced only by Japanese Samurais. With the gradual course of time, it became famous and even common people starting learning this martial art.

How can kids benefit from Jujitsu?

When we talk of children’s Jujitsu we will see and realize that kids are learning this martial art on the insistence of their parents. If you go to Japan you will see that many parents consider martial art as an essential part of all-round education of their kids. Thus most children also learn Jujitsu even at school. Today many schools of Japan and countries of East Asia consider learning of martial arts very much essential. For this reason, they give and teach Jujitsu to kids and children. The best feature of this fighting skill is that it makes one proficient to fight with armed enemies without using weapons. This is the greatest merit of Jujitsu.

Jujitsu-When did it come in trend?

You may feel amazed that the art of children’s Jujitsu came into trend during the 70s when people saw martial art kings like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris act in action movies. These stars also learned this art besides Kung Fu. What is so special about the martial arts of Japan, this you will know after seeing and learning combat arts like Jujitsu?