Next a proper exercise program Fat Loss Miracle Review made up mostly of strength training exercise is next on the list. Muscle tissue is where fat is burned for energy so the condition of those muscle cells is very important so fat burning is boosted. You cannot repair and rebuild your metabolism doing long. Slow. endurance type of activity such as walking, jogging or cycling.

These activities are fine in your spare time but can never ever replace a proper exercise program that works the muscular system through their ranges of movement under a load. The speed of your metabolism depends on the condition and state of that muscular system so a couple of sessions each week is enough if the program is done correctly.

To ensure this seek the help of a fitness professional to set up your program and teach you how to do the exercises with the correct level of intensity degree of effort used so you can get your metabolism back up to speed to burn off unwanted body fat.

This rebuilding process will take some time and you will need to be patient. You did not damage your metabolism overnight so it is not going to repair itself overnight. What did the doctor say about your weight. Most doctors will say that you need to maintain a certain weight to your height. The measure they use is very simple. Your height and weight go together. According to your height, there is an index for weight.