According to data compiled by, about 60% of the total Australian population are active on Facebook. Most of these users are in the 25 to 39 age bracket, so it’s likely that your target audience has profiles on the platform.

As it presents a vast marketing opportunity, Facebook mustn’t be overlooked when doing business. Specifically, a Facebook advertising campaign is definitely worth your consideration. Be that as it may, it’s not something you should handle on your own – unless you don’t mind wasting your time.

It might save you money to run a Facebook ad campaign internally but it’s more complicated than you think, and you may end up spending your budget on the wrong things. But even if you see some gains, they’ll be minimal at best because you don’t know how to maximise the resources at hand.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to resolve this: hire a Facebook ads specialist. Your wallet might not agree with the decision at first, but allow us to present good reasons to outsource this task to an expert.

To avoid dealing with a learning curve

If you’ve attempted to use Facebook Ads Manager before, you know that it’s intimidating for a newbie. The interface requires you to provide information you’re not sure how to acquire, and to make decisions the moment you log in.

To complete these tasks, you’ll need to expend several hours which are better used for running your business or growing your team.

To take advantage of advanced targeting

It’s actually possible to target people by education level, interests, gender, income level, location, age and more through the campaign platform. There are even options that are exclusive to Facebook, such as marketing based on recent purchases made.

The problem is that advanced targeting is hard when you have no idea how or where to start.

To reduce your stress levels

You leave your tax forms and payroll to your accountant to ensure you’re not missing any important details, and to avoid paying any expensive fines if you do.

In the same way, you’ll want to hire an ads specialist because:

  • They know the ins and outs of Facebook marketing.
  • They’ll accomplish what you should be spending your money on so you can get the best results.

To finish the work faster

A quick turnaround is important to any advertising campaign. You must be updated on the latest trends in your industry in order to produce timely and relevant content to go on social media.

Rather than dedicate a portion of your day to this activity, get an expert to have the process go more quickly and smoothly. They’ll determine which keywords are currently popular among your audience.

To remarket to your audience

This is a powerful way to target people who’ve already been to your website, provided their email address or downloaded your mobile app. These users have taken the first step in your sales funnel and often need only a little push to proceed with that purchase.

Of course, you’ll have to tag visitors with a cookie to build your remarketing audience first, and an ads manager can do this.

To experiment with different strategies

There is no one-size-fits-all advertising strategy regardless of the platform you use. You’ll have to rely on trial and error to determine which works best for your business.

The money wasted will be kept to a minimum as you’re able to redirect your funds on something new and better the moment you notice that a method isn’t as effective as you want it to be.

To get your ads approved

Facebook values all of their users so they’ll steer clear of anything that could annoy or insult them. This makes it difficult for you to write an ad that will get approved by their moderators.

You could potentially have your account flagged because you’re not aware of their intricate rules and regulations. An experienced Facebook ads specialist is familiar of what does or doesn’t work.

To keep up with the changes

Technology is always evolving, and the same can be said of social media networks. New features are constantly added and old ones are often being modified. These make for better ads but it’s hard to keep up when you have to juggle entrepreneurship with it.

An ads expert spends a huge chunk of their work week on the interface and is the first to know of any updates, and will advise you about the next right thing.

To receive detailed reports

Navigating the reports dashboard is a headache in itself when you’re facing data that you’re not sure how to interpret. You might be wondering if you should be happy about getting hundreds of video views or not.

You’ll also want to tell if people are taking action on your ads or are entering your website through other means. See key statistics without the guesswork through the help of a specialist.

To understand your audience better

Managing numbers is’t the only activity a campaign manager can help you with. They also know which questions to ask to find out how your target audience will interact with you on the platform.

Your ads specialist will also serve as quality control for any marketing copies and designs. They’ll put together buyer personas for your marketing to improve your approach.

Hire a Facebook Ads Specialist Today

There you have it: 10 really good reasons why you should hire a Facebook ads specialist (rather than DIY the job). Plenty more are in store when you find someone who’s skilled and experienced with Facebook Ads Manager.

But note that with so many applicants out there, it’s going to be a challenge to land the best one for your organisation.

Remote Workmate makes the hiring process easier. We handle the initial screening for you according to your requirements and standards. Once we find a suitable candidate, we’ll endorse them to you. It couldn’t get any simpler for you than that!

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