Forgive me for the statement but we are guessing how many times your mother or sister complained about the bags your neighborhood has. While she sticks to her old duffle bag.

Guess what? Your mother was right. One needs to have different types of bags so that it can be suited to all occasions.

With keeping these things in mind, below are stylish bags that can be carried away from home to your next trip.

Trunk Tote bag

Very versatile, attractive design, this can be the next best bag for work, shopping, and even in all in one bag.

Its material is fine and foremost. If you are taking it to your office then its leather and nylon will surely make it better one as compared to other bags.

Zipper provided at the top of the bag gives extra security, while internal pocket ensures you don’t have to look for keys when you are standing at the doorsteps.

Messenger Bucket Bag

These are medium-sized bag with the strong strap worn around the shoulder and goes to the chest and whole sack rest on the lower back.

Very adjustable with straps, Keeping the style classic with double coated strap and making your hands free as you can carry on the shoulder with these straps.

Crossbody Bucket Bag

The Crossbody Bucket bag is the most practical that goes with everyday use unless you are a carrier of things like laptop or gym equipment. The accessory such as keys, phones, wallets are known as bumbag is perfect for this bag.

These bags are awesome and adds extra flesh to your personality and make your collection world your updated.

Vintage Shoulder Bag

Old is Gold as the statement suggests how vintage shoulder bags are different and unique from others. These are everyday bags and are the most functional when compared to others.

Adding these bags will surely help to make your fashion world more attractive and upgraded. Just have them in your wardrobe and see the difference from the first day.

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