If you are trying to establish your career in the garment industry or prepare to launch your own fashion house, you must have immense knowledge of the dressmaking materials. Visiting at the fabric shop for the first time can be a puzzling experience, and it is quite challenging for the novices to choose the right materials for making different garments. Hence before shopping from an online fabric house, go through the article to accumulate knowledge over the fabrics.

A beginner’s guide to fabric

The Designers Fabric can be woven, knitted, constructed from animal fibers, human-made fibers, and plant fibers. Knitted fabrics are more stretchable in comparison to woven fabrics. Silk and wool are animal fiber, cotton, and linen are plant fibers, and the human-made fiber is nylon.

• Cotton

It is considered the most resourceful fabric; the woven cotton comes in different weights, they start from the lightweight handkerchief, and the list continues till heavy canvas. It is generally used for making skirts, shirts, jeans, trousers, and bags. Even fabrics like moleskin, denim as well as corduroy are constructed from cotton. And from expensive to different inexpensive ranges of materials can be weaved from this fabric.

• Cotton jersey –

These are interwoven through the machine from fine cotton yarn; through this fabric, T-shirts are manufactured. It is comfortable to wear and stretchy but not simple to stitch like the woven fabric.

• Linen –

This form of woven linen is simple to seam and available in an assortment of weights. It inclines the crease and is often combined with cotton. It is generally utilized in manufacturing summer clothing. And as per the present market rate, it is expensive.

• Silk

This fabric is slippery, shiny, and a form of woven fabric. It is commonly used for making luxurious undergarments, dresses, and blouses. This fabric is expensive, too, and quite tricky to stitch.

• Wool

Now we will talk about Scalamandre fabric. It can be either woven or knitted; these fabrics are commonly used to make coats, suits, posh trousers, and shirts. They are relatively costly and can be washed through the dry cleaning process.

Scalamandre fabric

• Polyester and poly-cotton –

It is a type of woven synthetic fabric, usually light in weight as well as crease resilient. Poly-cotton is a combination of cotton and polyester. And they are by and large cheap.

Right fabric choice for the novices

It is always advised to buy such fabrics that are not so expensive and easy to stitch for starting your business. At the starting moment, in general, people make mistakes and end up by ruining some clothes, but after all, effort and try can take you to your desired position. Hence do not be afraid to commence your journey.