Indian cuisine and its taste are popular all over the world for its delicious aroma, wonderful taste, distinctive color and taste. All of these combined together to make a great mix and it’s only found in Indian cuisine. The mystery of the delicious flavor of Indian food is its valuable spices that are used for millions of years and propagate all over the world. 

South India best masala is available on Aachi masala website for online purchase. Aachi masala is the number one masala company in south India that provides the all natural ingredient masala used in Indian dishes. Indian spices are popularly known for its taste, aroma and flavor. Each and every corner in India makes the dish with these ingredients to sustain the wonderful taste. Some of the major ingredients used in Indian foods are listed below and the ingredients available in Aachi masala.

Cumin Powder

The cumin is an amazing spice that has the ability to elevate the dish taste in   any Indian dish.  And also it is used in all variations of the popular garam masala. Cumin is known to be the best health ingredient for its digestive properties. It was known to reduce diarrhea and colic.

Fennel Powder

India's close relationship with fennel doesn't need any introduction. A number of our preparation is dominated by the fennel spice. Intense sources of nutrients such as  Potassium, Calcium , Vitamin C, Iron available and it helps to beat bad breath. Including blood pressure control to water retention, fennel seeds are packed with nutrients that need to be placed in your kitchen.

Coriander Powder

Coriander powder is utilized in a number of dishes. It is a primary requirement for most Indian dishes and it’s used in various forms like seed leaf and powder. Coriander helps to maintain a balanced digestive tract. It is ideal for nausea, diarrhea and indigestion.