Day in and day out, you toil away in front of your computer doing the same tasks. Your emotions alternate from frustration to boredom to loneliness to tiredness. Work has been mundane. Then, you realise that your remote career has gone backwards or nowhere for the past few years.

Almost nothing is worse than the looming dread that you’re reaching a dead-end. Your entire being tells you there’s no future in your current situation. However, finding a new role is easier said than done when your calendar is fully booked or when you’re interested in a completely different industry.

Getting a new degree or certification needs time and money; neither of which you can afford unless you’re earnings tens of thousands in passive income every month. This is why lots of people with stagnant jobs force themselves to continue.

Being confused about your professional path in life is totally normal though. The same is said when you feel underappreciated or invisible to clients and colleagues alike. You’ll be relieved to know that many virtual workers have the same doubts and frustrations as you.

Avoid Reaching the Point of Stagnation

career stagnancy and burnout

Common as it may be, you mustn’t drive yourself into the ground. Stagnancy quickly and easily turns to burnout which can affect your physical and mental health. You’ll only find yourself drowning in excessive stress and experiencing symptoms of depression.

Rather than endure, prevention is better than cure as we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post. There’s more than just staying updated on the trends, building up your network, unplugging regularly, having a goal in mind, personal branding, practicing team play, and finding a mentor.

Participate in training

This isn’t limited to face-to-face training as you can sign up for online courses too. Live webinars and 1:1 coaching sessions are more affordable these days, with a few that are free of charge. Some of them are taught by well-known thought leaders and industry professionals.

If there’s a fee involved, consider if it’s worth the knowledge you’ll be getting out of it. Try asking your employer in advance if they’re interested in covering your expenses as well. If you manage to convince them that it’s beneficial to their business, they might even pay for future training.

Consume relevant content

It’s conceited to think that you know all there is about your industry. Innovation always brings about change which is why we recommended last time that you stay up-to-date on the trends. However, you shouldn’t learn just what’s new but also what’s long been established.

Let’s say as a content writer, you’ve mastered The Chicago Manual of Style but not the AMA Manual of Style. It may not be a new concept but learning both helps you level up your skills all the same. Likewise, content management systems is a related topic and let’s you explore what’s beyond writing.

online training

Join virtual conferences

What’s great about digital summits is that they allow you to simultaneously build up your network and boost your personal branding. Getting involved in relevant events online pushes you to grow professionally, regardless if you’re participating as a speaker, panelist, or attendee.

Don’t hesitate to ask burning questions. Take down notes of important takeaways. Introduce yourself to people you’d like to follow up with for expanding your knowledge base or your connections. These meetings cost a pretty penny but think of them as an investment for your career.

Hone leadership skills

While there are individuals who were born to be leaders, most are self-made. They worked hard to know how to motivate their subordinates and keep everyone productive. If you want to be like them, work on key traits that are crucial for managing remote teams.

Visualize what kind of leader you’d like to be and break down the steps required to achieve your goal. These might involve observing your superiors or your mentor, studying up on delegation, reading up on common organizational mistakes, and so on.

Push for promotion

Rising up the career ladder is as worth deliberating as pursuing a different field. In some cases, it’s not a new specialization that reignites your passion to work but a role you’re unfamiliar with. For instance, it’s possible that your boredom stems from your leadership skills being underutilised.

To be in a better standing to receive a promotion or raise, keep updated records of your achievements and share them with your boss on a regular basis. They may not promote you immediately but you’ll be on the top of their mind if an opening presents itself.

When Your Only Choice is to Move On

throwing in the towel

Sometimes, there’s no other option but to leave. Toxic employers or workplaces, even if they are remote, are going to get to you. They’re rarely worth your effort or patience so know when you must say your farewells to them.

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