To start with the process first one might have to take the bag which they have chosen to show their creativity. You can get this bag at very cheap prices. Upcycled canvas bags in usa is trending the most because of its eco-friendly characterstics. If you are just a beginner when it comes to painting on canvas or anything, don't be scared, it will be a whole new experience for you. So it is best to start with plain canvas tote bags to make sure you get the idea of color and contrast correctly. Surely, you can also paint on colored tote bags as you will already have a background color to start from, but we recommend beginners to find their inner artist by starting with simple white or natural canvas so that it won't look messy. For the beginner, it's always best to go in a simple format first so that if any mistakes are gonna happen one can cover it up.

So the process starts with picking up the bag in which you wanna show the art. The bag should be in am medium-size and make sure you take it out of any plastic wrap. You have no idea how many people try to paint over the cellophane wrap.

  • Next, make sure your canvas bag is not wrinkly and crumpled, as it will make the painting process a lot more difficult.
  • Lightly iron the tote bag to obtain a smooth, stretched surface.
  • Prepare your workspace with a board you can pin the four corners of the tote bag onto; the bag has to be stretched while you paint on it.
  • The canvas paper is a great work medium to begin on because it is inexpensive and has a texture similar to a stretched canvas.
  • Board and wood can be good choices too.

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