Sleep is an essential rest that allows your whole body and mind to recharge and provide rest for all the internal organs.

Every youngster needs a minimum of 6 to 8 hr deep sleep to refresh their body.

Improper sleep leads to health issues and tiredness, also the brain cannot be function properly.

For many peoples getting a good night's sleep is difficult when depression and anxiety-related issues make you difficult to fall asleep.

It needs more than the home and natural remedies to cure itself. The proper clinical assessment help to get rid of it.

Anxiety Disorders

The term refers to a group of problems like depression, panic disorder, a social anxiety disorder. The above medical condition can be treated.

Some people might experience insomnia, it's the clinical terms for when someone can't able to fall asleep or not be in deep sleep.

Some people waking up too early and then can't get sleep or after waking up felt tired and unrefreshed.

The best Psychiatrist in Chennai treats these common sleep disorders, such as insomnia, walking while in sleep, and narcolepsy.

Nature Treatment for Sleep Disorders

Mindfulness Meditation

It consists of steady and slow breathing while sitting quietly. You can observe your body, thoughts, and sensations as they appear to rise, and pass. It can a lot of benefits and it differs from person to person for lifestyle changes.

If you don't have a lot of time just 15mins enough for this meditation in the morning. It doesn't need any equipment and free to practice in any place.


Yoga has a lot of positive effects on sleep and other lifestyle changes. Choose a style that focuses on allowing you to present and focused. Minimum 20 minutes twice a week can help you to relax.


Exercise boosts overall body health. It can enrich your mood of any of the activities and make you fit and energetic the whole day.

Exercise at least 30 minutes per day, the research found that exercise reduces symptoms of depression and insomnia.


Massage therapy can improve the quality of sleep. If you can't afford professional massage therapy you can do self-massage.

Also can find a partner or friend give you a massage. If your skin is sensitive or has other issues take precaution before a massage.

what have they do in the psychiatrist Clinic

Top Psychiatrist in Chennai offers a comprehensive clinical assessment of insomnia and do the blood test and ECG and other scans if required.

They also suggest home remedies with guidance if it may not work then they do their clinical assessment procedure.