In present times, Bloggers have monetized their blogs through various kinds of strategies. It could be with the help of affiliate marketing programs, promoting merchandise, or through other methods. In simple words, one can understand a blog as a website that is regularly updated with engaging content on a particular or a variety of niche.

While the bloggers engage in their work, they use a variety of SAAS software because of their variety of advantages like website keyword analysis tool-free and others. One doesn’t have to install the software on their server. The company from which you avail this software offers all the security, optimized performance for your website, huge storage space, and much more! So, check out the list of SAAS tools that have made the lives of the bloggers smooth with its array of advantages.

Google Analytics tool

To keep an eye on the traffic pace on your blog/website, Bloggers make use of this free tool. It lets them check from time to time on how their blog is working. From getting information regarding how long does a visitor stays on your blog to the actions they take on the same, this website analytics best tool will get you access to a lot of information regarding the visitors on your website.


It is a renowned platform that let the bloggers end the hustle of getting any plagiarism or grammatical mistakes in their content. From word choice, punctuation, vocabulary, and other notable points, this tool is a prior need if you are blogging for quality and original content for your readers.


To get you to communicate easily with your team at remote locations, Slack is a renowned SAAS tool that helps bloggers with an instant messaging feature. One can easily collaborate with the users and share their important company information on it with no issues of the data leak. It is handy and can be used with ease on both android and ios. It comes free of cost for small companies but has a pricing plan for larger teams.


These are just some out of an array of SAAS tools that you can use as a blogger. Many other tools could end the stress of managing your platform. So, head on and utilize them for smooth blogging.