Cricket is a professional game; you need equipment like Cricket Bat, Cricket Helmet, Cricket Gloves, etc. One of the equipment Cricket Shoes is the most vital part of it.

Your best cricket shoes can be a game changer for you as it helps you to improve performance on the ground, but even the perfect shoes need to have proper care and maintenance.

Here are the few points suggested below helps you to prolong the lifespan of your shoes.

Primary Care of Cricket Shoes

To make your shoes good-looking and like look brand new, you need to care for them in the right way. Here are a few things you should avoid while maintaining and cleaning your cricket shoes.

  1. Don’t Put Your Shoes in Washing Machine

This is the most important factor you need to keep in mind while taking care of your shoes, never clean them with washing machine. The vibration in the washing machine will impact the structure and integrity of the shoe, and this could damage your shoes to a great extent.

Now you must be thinking can I use the washing machine without agitators, but sorry my friend. Even now your shoes are not safe in these machines. Try to handle it manually.


      2. Always Dry Your Shoes

It may appear easier to throw your shoes in drier, as it looks easy and faster way to wash your dirty shoes. However, Drier allocated in the washing machines will spin it and can damage it in the whole procedure.

Practically if you are thinking to dry your shoes, you must be thinking about the long-time it takes. I will suggest two key points to accelerate your drying procedure.

  • Stuff a piece of newspaper in your shoes. The newspaper has excellent water-consuming capacity, hence it will inhale all moisture of the shoe.
  • Never put your shoes on the heating source.


      3. Get a Cleaning Brush

A cleaning brush is the most effective way to clean cricket shoes of any material. Practically if we see today, you will find variety of brushes especially made for athletic shoes. These brushes are usually made from boar hair, horse hair and even can be made from artificial material too.

You can easily find them online, but if you don’t want to spend money on it, you can also opt for the most convenient option and i.e. An old Toothbrush. Though it will take time to clean with Toothbrush as it is very small as compare to professional brushes, but it will do the work.

Note: Always use soft bristle brushes for soft material such as nylon net or fabric and stiff brushes for rough and tough material.


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How to Clean PU and PVC Cricket Shoes

Most branded shoes are made of PU and PVC top, which is not that difficult to wash it away.

  • Dip a clean and tidy cloth in warm water and mild detergent or soap.
  • Clean dirty spot area with the cloth.
  • If required, take soft-bristle brush to scrub the shoe in trouble area.
  • Wipe the clean shoe with a wet rag so that remaining of detergent can go.
  • Allow your shoes to get dry.


How to Clean Your Cricket Spikes

Spikes provided on the cricket shoes are the main source of grip on the field. They must be maintained with proper care.

Following are few suggestions on maintaining Cricket Spikes.

  • Never make your shoes tidy with washing shoes nor put them in dryer. This not only can damage upper most material of the shoes but it can also put your spikes in danger. Even the well-maintained cycles can destroy the adhesiveness of shoes which make your soles stronger.
  • Always use shoe brush or toothbrush to replace dirt settled on spikes of the shoes.
  • Clean the shoe’s spike plate with a rag and a little warm water.
  • Dry and clean your shoes after playing in the wet surface so that it can be prevented from rusting.
  • Inspect the spikes of shoes regularly if they look dull or not gripping properly, it’s time to get a new pair of spikes.


How to Maintain Rubber Spikes of Cricket Shoes

Try to place wooden shoes tree in your shoes after using it. This will help to maintain the posture of the shoe like a new, thus minimizing any form of creases. In addition to this, wood will eliminate dampness and odours.


By following guidelines given above, you will be able to extend the life span of favourite shoes while maintaining their look and posture like new.