Working from home is a little tougher than traditional work. It’s more challenging to stay on task when no one’s looking, especially when you have easy access to your TV and fridge,

Such is the state of business and employment today because of the pandemic.

For entrepreneurs like you to succeed in your remote work efforts, you’ll need to stay disciplined. Here are several reliable ways to achieve this – even while wearing pajamas.

Get an accountability partner

As an adult, it can still be hard to do what needs to be done without some kind of system in place for accountability. This could be as simple as teaming up with your spouse or partner to give an accounting of what you’ve accomplished while working from home.

When you have to report your work to another person, you’re more conscientious and you raise your level of performance. This enables you to trust yourself more to carry out your tasks.

Focus on results

Entrepreneurs and professionals who structure their time around working from home are in a different economy compared to the typical employee. The two economies are as follows:

  • The time and effort economy, where you punch the clock, work, log out, then go home.
  • The results economy, where you get paid for results, not your time and effort.

If you’re going to work from home and have specific things to accomplish, set a goal to accomplish those specific things. It’s a mindset shift to bring yourself to concentrate on those results rather than merely put in time and effort that an employee does.

When you work for yourself, you’re paid for the outcomes.

Do your work now

You can’t get back the moments that already passed, and the future seconds aren’t here yet. So philosophically speaking, the only time you can do anything is right now.

Let’s define it: ‘Now’ has:

  • A start time.
  • An end time.
  • A specific task in between those two points.

Establishing each of these is an effective way to organise your own mind around the work you have to accomplish at home. Never leave these details about a task undefined.

Let’s say you have to submit a report which usually takes 90 minutes to complete. You enter the start and end times, as well as the tasks needed to complete the report in an accountability system you trust – like a calendar app.

When the start time arrives, you don’t do anything else other than the tasks related to that report. This will help keep you accountable.

But what if something more important comes up, which you have to place at the same slot in your calendar? You need to pick a new ‘now’ for your report.

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