There has a been a long-standing debate about different healing methods. This typically falls between two camps. Western “modern” medicine or Eastern “holistic” or “alternative” medicine. Medicine as in pills and drugs is typically considered the standard hence why the other methods are called “alternative”. Surprisingly there has been significant evidence to support both camps of healing. The method that you choose can/should depend on the certain kind of issues you are facing.



Holistic/Alternative Solutions

Many people have decided to turn to eastern medicine because of some of the back draws of medication. The primary of which is that most medication just covers symptoms not actually treating root issues or problems people are facing. By alternative this usually refers to methods like meditation, energy healing, essential oils, muscle testing, emotion release and many other methods as well. There are lots of issues that are stress related or even bacterial and viral. These methods have been shown they are effective for these kinds of issues. All of these methods work for different reasons from harnessing existing natural healing in the body to optimizing natural healing properties or improving flow of energy or electrical flow in the body. Many of these methods are especially effective against ailments that modern medicine doesn’t have clear answers for. Things like auto-immune diseases have been treated repeatedly by alternative methods while western medicine has several auto-immune diseases that don’t have anything close to a cure or a treatment.



 Western Medicine

Have you ever taken a pain killer and then felt better quickly afterwards? Of course, you have. It is because medication works. There are some things that you wouldn’t/shouldn’t use eastern medicine for. If are in accident and have a broken bone. You will not be able to meditate yourself into getting the same benefit that a cast would for your broken bone. If you have a cyst or a blood clot, you will need surgery and no amount of chakra alignment or positive thought will likely fix it. There has been repeated evidence that vaccines or shots make a major difference for preventative measures.

One major critique of western medicine is that all medicine is tested against a placebo. The Placebo Effect is when you tell someone that they are receiving medication when it really isn’t, but their body thinks they will get better, so they do. The placebo test is a standard practice. The fact that medication is testing against positive thought to tell if it is impactful implies a certain effectiveness of positive thought that is universally effective to be used for any kind of medication.




What do I choose?

The answer is both. You need both for different reasons in different situations. The conflict between western and eastern medicine permeates all industries. Industries like massage therapy, chiropracting, therapy of all kinds, weight loss, Diabetes, general sickness, mental health, injury, and so much more. You need both. If you have a pain in your back, it is possibly that the damage comes from a spiritual or emotional imbalance, even if you don’t believe it. It is also entirely possible that you were lifting something too heavy and you threw it out. It is also possible that your body was weak from being surrounded by negative energy and the lifting caused it to go out. Whatever the reason, you can see that you cannot have exclusively one or the other, you need to have a well-rounded plan to keep yourself healthy.