AEPS in banking plays a vital role.

Advantages of Aadhaar Enable Payment System:

All Bank Cash Withdrawal.
All Bank Cash Deposit
All Bank Balance Enquiry
AADHAAR into AADHAAR Funds Transfer.

Gateway Authentication Service

The aim of AADHAAR Enabled Payment Method (AEPS) would be to enable a bank client to utilize AADHAAR to get his/her AADHAAR -- empowered bank accounts and execute standard banking transactions which are intra-bank or interbank in character by means of a business correspondent
It serves another major aim of both RBI in the electrification of retail payments. It would allow banks to track the AADHAAR -initiated interbank trades through a central switching and clearing bureau.

Obtain an aadhaar payment program to improve Aadhaar Enabled Payment Method:

Well to start off, you want an aadhaar payment program, because it's the absolute required to maintain progress in this industry. Thus, you must find this aadhaar payment program. But possessing an aadhaar program without certain features would not be a fantastic idea; because it might damage your cause more anything else.

Photo Identity Proof (PAN Card backup )
Address Proof (Aadhaar Card backup )
Bank Details (Bank Chaque/Bank Statement).
Aadhaar Enabled Payment Method Stationary
AEPS Agency Stationary, Following are the particulars of Stationary:
Finger Printing Device, Eye Scanner Startek, Mantra, Morpho Bundle
Desk Top or Notebook
Internet Connection

AEPS User Details.

Before beginning this AEPS:
you ought to have a pc or notebook
you ought to have a printer and Scanner
you ought to get an online connection.