Data visualization is a process of taking information in the form of data and placing it into a visual format or context such as a graph or map. It makes small and big data easier and familiar to understand. Visualization makes data easier to find trends, patterns, and outliers in groups of data. A good data visualization can place meaning into complex datasets so that their results, message, and conclusion will be clear and concise.

As we have more data than ever before, the importance of data visualization has never been greater than it is right now. With the help of big data, it is easy to interpret increasingly larger batches of data. Data visualization is not only important for data analysts and data scientists, it is also necessary for every data-related career. Since data analytics is essential to get insights, data is much more valuable when it is visualized perfectly. Charts, maps, and graphs make communicating data insights easier, target market, and make appropriate business decisions. It will help to improve their performance and get success.

There are many advanced tools available in the market that offer data visualization solutions. The leader in the data visualization tools segment is none other than Tableau. Many data visualization engineers today rely on Tableau certification training to take their careers to new heights. This article focuses on the basic information about Tableau, what is a Tableau Developer, and his salary prospects in different countries.

What Is Tableau?

“Tableau brings together any data from anywhere, to empower your people everywhere.” It helps people see and understand data with visual analytics. It transforms the way people use data to solve problems, empower people, and make decisions. Many big and small organizations are using Tableau to be more data-driven. People are using Tableau because it provides unlimited data exploration without interrupting the flow of analysis. Tableau’s analytics platform makes it easy to explore and manage data. It is also used to discover and share insights to change the business. Tableau is considered the world’s most powerful, flexible, secure, and end-to-end analytics platform.

Tableau disrupted business intelligence with intuitive visual analytics for everyone, as it includes making statistics, machine learning, natural language processing, and smart data prep more useful to augment human creativity in the analysis. It provides resources to help customers scale and deploy a data-driven culture that gives value and resilience via powerful outcomes, which means it is a complete and integrated analytics platform. It is the fastest-growing data visualization tool that is used in the business intelligence industry. Visualization is created in the form of worksheets and dashboard.

Features In Tableau- There are three important features in Tableau:

  1. Data Blending
  2. Real-Time Analysis
  3. Collaboration Of Data

Tableau is becoming popular as it has generated increased interest among people from different sectors such as researchers, businesses, and many industries.

Tableau Product Suite- The tableau suite includes

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Public
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Reader

What Is A Tableau Developer?

Tableau developers are professionals who use data visualization tools and solutions to improve business growth and process. This job role involves several complex tasks such as working with developers, creating Tableau dashboard reports, creating business intelligence reports and visualization, and attending feedback sessions to improve the system and network. This job is suited to those people who work well as a part of a data visualization team, having problem-solving skills, and can manage their work and time effectively to meet deadlines and achieve goals.

Tableau Developer Duties And Responsibilities

The responsibilities and duties of a tableau developer involve:

  • Create Technical Solutions- It is the primary role of a Tableau developer to create technical solutions for business needs through translating their requirements, and finding insights or resolutions to the brief.
  • Create Data Storage Tools- Tableau developers generate tools to store data effectively and maintain data analytics platforms so that data can effectively be processed for information at a later date.
  • Conduct Tests- Tableau developers conduct unit tests and develop database queries to troubleshoot any issue and to analyze the effect. It is an ongoing process that occurs regularly throughout the whole project.
  • Improve Systems- Tableau developers evaluate and improve existing systems, and collaborate with the teams to integrate new systems and streamline workflow and company process.
  • Develop Technical Documentation- These developers are also responsible for creating reports based on finished projects. They develop and update technical documents for senior and other members of staff within the IT department. This documentation serves as a reference guide.

So these are some of the crucial responsibilities for Tableau developers who have an aptitude for using computers and for data mining.

Average Salary of Tableau Developers

As we know that the world is becoming more data-centric, the demand for Tableau developers

is also increasing. Several big and small organizations are offering a decent salary to hire skilled professionals. Here is the list of a few countries that offer an attractive salary package to Tableau developers. These salaries completely depend on various demographics – geography, experience, and skills.

  • India- The average salary of a Tableau Developer in India is INR 15 lakh annually and around INR 8,55015 per annum for freshers, as per a report by Indeed.
  • US- The average annual pay for a Tableau developer in the United States is $110924 a year. According to ZipRecruiter, the salary of a Tableau developer can go as low as $65,000 at the fresher level with no coding background and as high as $158,500 for senior Tableau experts.
  • UK- In the UK the average salary of a Tableau developer is £50,500 per annum.
  • Canada- The average salary of a Tableau developer in Canada is around $95,550 per year. The starting level salary is $48,102 per year, while experienced candidates get around $156,000 per year.
  • Germany- The average salary for skills in Tableau software in Germany is €46,936, as per Payscale reports.
  • Singapore- A skilled Tableau developer in Singapore can make around $6737 per month as per

Bottom line

The job role of a Tableau developer is in high demand and is a reputed career in the IT sector. Leading companies and many new start-ups are offering attractive salary packages with extra benefits to the developers for the growth of their business. So start your preparation to land your career as a Tableau Developer in the IT world.