Google Chrome is a well-known and trusted web browser. It comes with accessibility and security features, which make online surfing safe. Are you familiar with live captions? Live captions are an accessibility feature that comes with the google chrome browser. You can enable or disable live captions in chrome by making quick choices within the browser's settings. This blog will explain how to enable or disable live caption in chrome. Have a look

Quick Overview of Live Captions

We have provided a brief overview of quick captions for those who aren't familiar with them. Perhaps you have seen the live captions that are generated from the videos on YouTube. These captions can be very useful in certain situations. When we view any audio or video file from any website, captions are displayed in our browser. These captions are identical. It is easy for anyone to recognize the audio and video content on a website. Live captions are automatically generated when you surf social media sites. These captions can be disabled or enabled if you don't like them.

Chrome Live Captions

This feature was first introduced in chrome version 85. It is now available in Chrome version 91. Chrome live captions can be enabled at any time.

  • Google Chrome Browser is open
  • Choose the settings menu from this list
  • Scroll to the Advanced Section and click to Expand
  • To enable live caption switching, toggle the switch.

  • This is it!

Disable Live Caption In Chrome

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Click the Accessibility Section link in the settings tab
  • To disable live captions, turn off the toggle switch

YouTube: How does it work?

You can see whether the captions have been enabled or disabled by opening YouTube. An overlay window will appear at the bottom of the page that displays real-time captions. You can change the size and style of the overlay window to view the chrome accessibility settings. For people with hearing impairments, live captions can be very helpful. Individuals can easily read subtitles for audio and video content on the web site. If you are fed up with the captions appearing on the screen, you can disable them in Chrome's settings.

Customizing the Background and Live Caption Fonts?

Follow these steps to customize the background and live caption font.

  • Google Chrome browser
  • Choose the settings menu from this list
  • Click on the Advanced section and click to expand
  • Scroll down to the Accessibility section, and click Captions Preferences

How to Change the Background Caption?

It's great to add some color to the background. You can also customize the fonts and change the background caption. This will make the color contrast on your screen more appealing.

How can you enable or disable live captions from Global Media Controls?

  • Click on the Global Media controls button while you are playing video in Chrome
  • Click on the Live Captions option under the media session list.
  • It will either close the overlay window if it is visible, or re-enable it.

If you are unhappy with the live caption, or find it useful, you can permanently disable it. Live generated captions have a drawback. The captions will be distorted when you move the video forward or backward. This feature can be disabled or enabled, but there are few issues that need to be resolved immediately. This feature is still being developed by web browsers. Once it's done, you will be able to use it as a useful feature in any web browser. This feature is free to use and you can share it with others so that video streaming becomes easier.