Consistently producing engaging, high-quality content that contributes to marketing effectiveness has ranked as the top B2B content marketing pain point year over year.While time, skill sets, and resources play a role, additional issues with content creation also include:Many marketers are not native writersAdvertising copy is not marketing contentMarketers don t really know their audiences and what they care aboutFlipping from product and company to buyer and customer is easier said than done
If you re familiar with my column, you know I have generally been focused on direct response, bottom-of-the-funnel email marketing that drives the consumer to action.These last-click-attribution type marketing tactics are fun and easy because they are predictable.We know who we are targeting e.g., email, SMS, addressable display/social , or we know what they are looking for e.g., search .In recent years, we have made strides in top-of-the-funnel display and other media, which helps improve engagement during the consideration phase of the life cycle.If we think about luxury goods or insurance, there has to be more than just driving a single transaction.To do it right, you need several layers of information.
With more than half of all Google searches happening on mobile, the search giant is continuing to push its mobile-first search vision.How mobile first search impacts businesses: understanding 'micro moments' Mobile first has been a big theme for the past year -- and for good reason.During visits to brick-and-mortar stores, 82 percent consult their phones when deciding what to buy.Further, 91 percent of smartphone users turn to their phones for help when completing a task.Last year, we experienced Google s first big push towards a mobile-first world when it began using 'mobile-friendliness' as a ranking signal on mobile searches, said Guy Sheetrit, the CEO and founder of Over The Top SEO, said at the Performance Summit.
Much needed filters & custom metrics make their way to Twitter Ads Manager reportingJul 29, 2016 by Greg FinnA new set of tools will allow Twitter Ads Manager users to pick and choose the campaigns & metrics that they d like to report on.How your old content can help with SEOJul 29, 2016 by Tamar WeinbergLooking to get the most SEO value out of your content marketing efforts?
It s not easy to know where and how to allocate funds to craft an effective content strategy.Between technology, resources, and implementing specific tactics, cobbling together a winning marketing mix can feel a bit like playing chess in the dark.Many companies continue to rely on guesswork guided by the latest trends or past successes.Rather than concentrating on building a grounded marketing campaign platform tied to specific content marketing goals, they focus on tactics that have no specific plan or purpose.Define a strategy before creating tactics to connect the dots between effort and ROI—build an effective content strategy first.In 2014, only 6% of B2B marketers rated their organization as optimized, and reported tying their content marketing objectives to specific business goals like customer acquisition, retention and revenue growth.
It lets you go beyond simply promoting your products or services.This post will look at 10 ways you can move beyond the basics and master e-commerce content marketing.Seek out guest blogging opportunitiesFor an e-commerce business, it can be extremely difficult to acquire inbound links.Most sites won t be interested in linking out to product pages; this is one of the primary reasons why it s so important to provide linkworthy niche content.Pitch your ideas to the owners/editors of the sites.
In both our speeches and workshops to audiences not familiar with content marketing, we generally spend the first part of the presentation on what content marketing looks like, and how it can provide multiple ways to create value.
You get to flex your creative muscles by coming up with new campaign ideas, testing them and measuring the results.And you get to enjoy the thrill of the hunt when it comes to attracting more leads and finding just the right combination of elements that maximizes your conversion rates.There are dozens of variables to consider about your audience.There are unlimited potential questions to ask, and because of that, you're just as likely to dig too deep than dig too shallow.Most online marketers have a content marketing campaign as one of their foundational branding pillars; but for content marketing to be successful, you need a running stream of new content topics, and all of them have to be both valuable and original.Coming up with valuable, original topics is hard enough as it is.
Join us for a free, live webinar and learn how to drive revenue with content marketing.Tune in 8/4 at 10:30 a.m. PT.One of the most popular industries for entrepreneurs to focus on is mobile apps; mobile's popularization has inspired an overflow of apps available to today's smartphone users.Drunk Mode is used by college students across the country to party in a safer manner.The app's founder, Joshua Anton, developed the concept after his friend drunk-dialed him at 2 a.m. Anton realized that drunk-dialing was a major problem college students faced, so he and his team set out to stop it -- and help students look out for themselves and one another.Within the first month of starting, Anton had talked to 100 college students at the University of Virginia, asking one specific question, Would you or someone you know download and use an app that stops you from drunk dialing?
So I have been noticing lately a lot of conference keynote speakers are not industry related.Look, I love both of these guys above but what do they have to do with Analytics or Content Marketing.They are not known for their great successes in the industry.So this has me questioning really what would I get out of this conference.The connections are definitely the best part of every conference, but I believe these vague motivational pep talks are getting a bit out of control.Can someone convince me here why this is a good idea to have a keynote speaker that has a recognizable name but adds no value to the community?
Join us for a free, live webinar and learn how to drive revenue with content marketing.If you are a children s clothing company then it s not really relevant.Be clear about your goals.If you have an interesting product and backstory, but no real announcement you could send out pitches to journalists which offer interviews about your company or your expert opinions on trending topics.For example, if you are a UK-based tech startup predominantly staffed by foreign developers, and are considering moving your company abroad in light of the Brexit announcement, your opinions could well be of interest to a journalist writing a broader story about the situation.If you want to reach existing customers, and let them know that you are still alive and kicking in-between regular announcements, regular blog, social media and community posts are the way to go.
Is your web content doing what you need it to do?An audit might sound scary, but it's not.This step-by-step guide walks you through it.The foundation to any solid content marketing strategy is a good content audit.Check out this step by step process on what to do.
It s okay to be wrong.Just learn and evolve from it.What works for other companies, may not work for you.You simply have to test to see what works best for YOUR company.Here s 11 content marketing mistakes we all make, and the recipe to fix each one...
Blog posts, emails, ebooks, webinars, case studies, website copy: each of the above represents a step forward in your buyer's journey.And you want to make sure they all point in one direction: your product / service.Coherence and consistency are key, and if you're taking content marketing seriously, your team needs someone able to turn knowledge into content and use it to turn visitors into opportunities and opportunities into customers.You need a content manager.what exactly does a content manager do?lot has been written on the topic, and to help you wrap things up, we combined experts advice with our own experience and laid out the 7 key responsibilities of the full-stack content manager.
The information is everything they wish they knew when starting out as new entrepreneurs.HubSpot suggests that you really need to be publishing a blogpost nearly every weekday that is, four days per week or 16 times per month .Ultimately it s not about the number of tools but rather the selection of the right tools suited for your agency, Mattan Danio, Founder & CEO of WEBITMD, says.Those tools have seemingly no end, and new ones are always popping up.I believe a custom CRM solution, marketing automation suite and internal task management app is necessary for any agency to run smoothly.Storytelling marketing is one of the best techniques you can use to keep people s attention.
Content Marketing Institute found that 70% of B2B enterprises are creating more content than a year ago, with 52% planning to increase spending on content.In fact, 60% of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it, and 77% of buyers want different content at each stage of the research process.In business pioneer John Wanamaker s words, Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don t know which half.You know your content is bringing in leads and closing deals, but you re still scrambling to scrape together loose metrics to report your success.Below are three key areas that your metrics should focus on.The Health of Your Content Production Cycle
Join us for a free, live webinar and learn how to drive revenue with content marketing.The content you publish and the strategies you implement today won t necessarily lead to explosive results tomorrow.Nevertheless, if you ever decide to sell your business, building your content archive helps you prepare for that eventuality.For better or for worse, search results are more competitive than they ve ever been.Unless you happen to be in an uncrowded niche, executing without a strategy is like shooting in the dark.You need to recognize the amount of time and effort required to generate quality content on an ongoing basis, and set aside the time and resources necessary to maintain a consistent publishing schedule.
In business the need to create cool content, likewise, employs lots of expensive marketers who produce a huge amount of content in the hope of getting one piece that will "go viral."The future of content marketing, I write in my book and am adamant about, is influencer marketing.Brands, in a study by LinkedIn, claimed they have five big content marketing challenges:Lack of time and bandwidth 51% Producing enough variety in content 50% There s only going to be one response: We need to make less click-bait content and more high quality content.
Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.02.32 PMGetting the account penetration desired and the prospects that best fit your ideal profile is difficult.With account based marketing becoming more reliable at data management, companies can now find the right prospects when they are ready to be found.User generated content marketing platform, Offerpop, partnered to test Madison Logic s Activate ABM platform against two other account based marketing vendors.Offerpop s criteria for success was how many prospects that were reached that met their ideal customer profile ICP and if the program exhibited deeper account penetration.By targeting surging accounts accounts that were showing research activity in the topics most relevant to Offerpop we were able to meet and surpass both other vendors and Offerpop s expectations.
Join us for a free, live webinar and learn how to drive revenue with content marketing.My dude Noah Kagan keeps it real.I like texting him random questions and reading his blog posts because of his unique perspective.That s the question I m always asking myself when working on my personal branding.A lot of people put on a professional facade, a dual identity, that pigeonholes them into being that alter ego for the lifetime of their careers.I write about my unique experiences consistently.