Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images Former President Donald Trump’s ban on guest worker visas has expired, allowing foreign workers to reapply for entry into the United States. The news is a win for tech companies including Apple, Twitter, and Google, each of which vocally opposed the policy. Former President Donald Trump said the ban was a response to rising unemployment in the United States, due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the campaign trail, Joe Biden pushed back on this claim, calling it an attempt to distract from the Trump Administration’s failure on the virus. The ban focused on H-1B visas, but impacted a broader range of workers, NPR reports. Executives at big corporations and students participating in work-study programs were also caught up in the fray. W... Continue reading…
The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will inform President Joe Biden about the progress of a shared US-European Union approach to the Iranian regime and its clandestine attempts to build a nuclear weapon.He will have decided that a strategic change of direction is possible and further mollification of the Iranian regime is not only pointless but dangerous too.Point to be noted that Blinken attended high-level meetings with NATO and senior EU officials.The European External Action Service and its top diplomat (the Spanish socialist Josep Borrell) will have been quick to confirm their priority foreign policy objective regarding the rapid reinstatement of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal.The EU has been desperately trying to find ways of restoring the deeply flawed deal and mollifying the Iranian regime.It is noteworthy that former US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew America from the JCPOA in 2018 and imposed a range of tough sanctions on the Iranian regime under his maximum pressure campaign.Blinken will be well aware of the pitfalls that such a policy of appeasement will involve, in spite of the EU’s frantic efforts to reopen negotiations with the Iranians.
On Wednesday, Russia called its US ambassador Anatoly Antonov back home for consultations, as Moscow mulls avoiding what its foreign ministry called an irreversible degradation of relations with America during the early days of the Biden administration.Tensions between both countries are increasing following recently declassified reports on Russia’s suspected attempts to interfere in the 2020 presidential election, US condemnation over the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, and Joe Biden calling Vladimir Putin a killer in an interview on Tuesday.A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova said, “The new American administration has been in power for two months, and a symbolic 100-day anniversary is just around the corner, which is an appropriate milestone to try and assess what the Biden team is successful in and what it’s not”.Point to be noted that the recent situation allows Americans to acknowledge the associated risks of the fraying relationship between both countries.She added, “Washington has itself sent into a stalemate in recent years”.The host asked whether Biden thought the Russian president was a killer and threatened some form of retaliation.The back-and-forth comes as Washington once again contends with the fallout from a suspected Russian influence campaign.It is noteworthy that a newly declassified report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has indicated that Russia once again conducted a sweeping social media influence effort during the 2020 US presidential election.
The Biden administration officials said the first batch of $1,400 stimulus payments was processed on Friday with additional large batches of payments to be sent via direct deposits or through the mail as checks or debit cards in the coming weeks.Wells Fargo and Chase Bank issued a statement on Saturday and said eligible customers can expect electronic stimulus payments to be deposited on Wednesday, 17th March 2021.The IRS Commissioner Chuck Retting issued a statement and said, “IRS employees again worked around the clock to quickly deliver help to millions of Americans struggling to cope with this historic pandemic, even though the tax season is in full swing”.Retting added, “The payments will be delivered automatically to taxpayers, even as the IRS is continuing delivering regular tax refunds”.The officials said this round of checks will also go to all qualifying dependents, unlike the first 2 payments which were limited to children under 17.It will be based on 2019 or 2020 tax returns, depending on which was the latest filed or data supplied to the IRS last year by non-filers.More than 85% of Americans are estimated to be eligible for the payments.
He delivered his words in their first bilateral meeting a day earlier and that his American counterpart was open to exploring his proposals on a temporary worker program and helping Mexico obtain more vaccine.He said he didn’t come away with a deal for the US to help Mexico obtain more COVID-19 vaccine.There were questions ahead of the meeting about how the two leaders would get along.It is noteworthy that Obrador had a surprisingly warm relationship with former President Donald Trump that revolved almost exclusively around Mexico’s efforts to stop migrants from reaching the US border.But, on Tuesday, he said there was a lot of laughter in the one hour and 15-minute conversation with Biden that covered nearly all of the main issues in the bilateral relationship.Obrador also said, “There were not any differences, I’m telling you categorically, not a single one”.Obrador said he proposed the US analyze how many workers its economy requires and then design a plan for temporary worker visas that would allow Mexicans and Central Americans to migrate legally for work.
The administration of President Joe Biden has prepared to inform US Congress and others that the US has planned to increase the admissions of refugees in the country.The White House officials and other sources linked to the matter informed that President Biden plans to announce a plan this week.Point to be noted that former president Trump had drastically reduced the refugee admissions cap to only 15,000 before he left office.President Biden’s plan would raise that number to 125,000, an increase of 10,000 over the high ceiling set by former President Barack Obama before he left office.The White House officials and other sources spoke ahead of the formal announcement.They said President Biden will make his plan public during a visit to the State Department on Thursday.He may also address asylum claims for residents of Hong Kong there, according to one official.
On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden signed several executive orders designed at combating climate change, building on unilateral action.He took his first day in the office and heightening the federal government’s focus on the issue.President Biden said his actions will supercharge his administration’s ambitious plan to confront the existential threat of climate change.We see it with our own eyes, we feel it, we know it in our bones”.President Biden also said the nation desperately needs a unified response to the climate crisis.Biden also directed the Interior secretary to freeze new oil and gas leases on public lands and offshore waters wherever possible, and review existing leasing and permitting practices related to fossil fuel development on federal lands and water.Biden stressed that his administration isn’t going to ban fracking, as he promised during the presidential campaign.
Esther Olavarria informed US mayors over the weekend that Biden plans to sign an executive order rescinding the proclamation that suspended certain immigrant and work visas.Point to be noted that Olavarria is deputy director of the White House Domestic Policy Council and one of the president’s top immigration advisers.Olavarria said the upcoming order would rescind the Trump proclamations that precluded the admission of immigrants and non-immigrants either deemed to be a financial burden on our health care system or deemed to present a risk to US labor markets.Olavarria delivered his words during the United States Conference of Mayors’ 89th winter meeting.He said, “These were policies that ignored the decades, and centuries actually, of contributions that immigrants have made to our economy, to our society, to our culture.So we would rescind those policies and return to a country that welcomes immigrants and acknowledges their contributions”.It is unclear when Biden to sign the proclamation, but his plans to issue several immigration actions on Friday has been delayed.
US President Joe Biden concentrated his focus on healthcare in a series of executive orders.The president’s executive actions order the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to open a special enrolment period from 15th February to 15th May 2021.Biden administration issued a press release and said, “These actions demonstrate a strong commitment by the Biden-Harris administration to protect and build on the Affordable Care Act, meet the healthcare needs created by the pandemic”.The statement added, “It will reduce healthcare costs, protect access to reproductive healthcare, and make our healthcare system easier to navigate and more equitable”.His administration instead worked to repeal and replace the ACA (a health reform program first created by Barack Obama when his administration was in office).The program is commonly known as “Obamacare”.It serves about 23 million Americans across the country.
US President Joe Biden has planned to sign an executive order aiming of invigorating American manufacturing, as promised during his election campaign to boost the rules dictating that US federal agencies buy American goods and services.The new order will require federal agencies to strengthen their rules to oversee the purchasing of goods and services from American workers and businesses.The order will also create a position in the office of management and budget to enforce the rule by attempting to limit the number of waivers government contractors get from the “Buy America” regulations.ABC News reported that Biden called for a four-year increase in government purchases of US services and products totaling $400 billion, during the campaign.CNN also reported that former President Trump signed similar orders, but they had few changes effects.A Biden administration official criticized the efforts of the Trump administration and said, “When you look at the outcome, there was no real material change in either the way in which domestic content was measured, the stringency of the domestic content requirements, or the utilization of waivers to the Buy America provisions.So, you know, in practice, nothing happened”.
On Tuesday, Republican lawmakers and conservative groups opposed President-elect Joe Biden’s forthcoming immigration plan as massive amnesty for people in the US illegally.They said the measure will face an uphill fight in a Congress because Democrats control just narrowly.Several pro-immigration groups said they would press Biden to go even further and take steps such as an immediate moratorium on deportations, detentions, and new arrests, in a further complication.Their demands pointed out the pressures Biden would face from his party’s liberal wing as 4-years of President Donald Trump’s restrictive and often harsh immigration policies come to an end.This move will hopefully spotlight his emphasis on an issue that’s defied major progress in Congress since 1986.US Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said Trump’s impeachment trial, confirmation of Biden’s Cabinet nominees, and more COVID-19 relief will be the chamber’s top initial priorities.
Economists and labor advocates said President-elect Joe Biden proposed a plan to more than double the federal minimum wage.It would provide an urgent pay increase to millions of low-income workers and help stem inequality in the US.On Thursday, Biden called for raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour, in detailing his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief proposal.He said, “No one working 40 hours a week should still be below the poverty line”.It includes essential workers such as grocery clerks and home health aides whose jobs have put them on the front lines of a pandemic yet whose earnings are among the lowest.The international president of the United Food and Commercial Workers, Marc Perrone issued a statement in CBS MoneyWatch.Perrone said, “Every worker should be paid a $15 minimum wage, and essential front-line workers need hazard pay for the enormous health and safety risks they face during this pandemic”.
US President Donald Trump finally called the supporters who stormed the building a “mob”, in his first live speech since inciting a mob that overran the Capitol last week resulting in the deaths of five people.He also warned Democrats not to remove him from office in his final days.President Trump was vehement that House Democrats’ plan to have him removed and replaced by Vice President Mike Pence either through the 25th Amendment or impeachment would only further inflame tensions.Point to be noted that Trump and his top aides repeatedly called Biden’s mental cognition into question throughout his 2020 presidential campaign.They alleged the 78-year-old Democratic president-elect may not be fit to hold office.Biden’s campaign and transition team have repeatedly shot down such speculation, which exploded in popularity in the conservative online ecosystem.
US President Donald Trump brushed aside calls for his removal over last week’s attack at the Capitol.Be careful what you wish for”.He said the impeachment effort mounted by House Democrats is dangerous for the USA, especially at this very tender time.It is noteworthy that the US House is moving forward with plans to impeach the president if Vice President Mike Pence fails to invoke the 25th Amendment.It allows a majority of the Cabinet to remove the president from office.US House Democrats planned to bring a resolution to the floor on Tuesday evening calling on Pence to take action and will move forward on Wednesday with a vote on impeaching Trump if Pence declines.
The comments of Pompeo came just a week before the Trump administration leaves office and appeared aimed at President-elect Joe Biden’s stated desire to resume negotiations with Iran over the 2015 nuclear deal.Point to be noted that President Trump withdrew from the deal in 2018.He alleged Iran for secret ties with Al-Qaida, citing newly declassified intelligence suggesting Tehran harbored the group’s No.He was killed in August, reportedly by Israeli agents.It is noteworthy that Shiite-ruled Iran and predominantly Sunni Al-Qaida aren’t natural allies in the Islamic world.Iran alleged Taliban after two years for murdering several of its diplomats in the northern city of Mazar Sharif.However, the US officials had previously confirmed the death of Al-Masri and his daughter, and the widow of Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza.
On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo alleged Iran of having secret ties with the Al-Qaida network and imposed new sanctions on several senior Iranian officials.The comments of Pompeo came just a week before the Trump administration leaves office and appeared aimed at President-elect Joe Biden’s stated desire to resume negotiations with Iran over the 2015 nuclear deal.Point to be noted that President Trump withdrew from the deal in 2018.Pompeo attacked Iran in a speech to the National Press Club just.He alleged Iran for secret ties with Al-Qaida, citing newly declassified intelligence suggesting Tehran harbored the group’s No.He was killed in August, reportedly by Israeli agents.
US President Donald Trump finally called the supporters who stormed the building a “mob”, in his first live speech since inciting a mob that overran the Capitol last week resulting in the deaths of five people.He also warned Democrats not to remove him from office in his final days.President Trump was vehement that House Democrats’ plan to have him removed and replaced by Vice President Mike Pence either through the 25th Amendment or impeachment would only further inflame tensions.He delivered his words on Tuesday at a segment of the US-Mexico border wall in Alamo, Texas.Trump said, “It’s causing tremendous anger and division and pain far greater than most people will ever understand, which is very dangerous for the USA, especially at this very tender time”. 
The US security officials have warned of expected continued demonstration plans after the deadly pro-Trump mob attacks on the US Congress.At least 10,000 US National Guard troops will be deployed to Washington DC ahead of Inauguration Day.Point to be noted that more than 6,200 National Guard troops are already present in the city.These troops were deployed after rioters supporting President Donald Trump breached security measures and clashed with the city’s badly-outnumbered police.The incident caused injuring 14 and resulting in the death of a USCP officer Brian Sicknick.He died as a result of injuries sustained during the attacks.
President-elect Joe Biden pledged that Congress would send a third stimulus check to Americans still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic if Democrats win the pair of races.The closely watched elections will determine whether Republicans retain control of the Senate potentially limiting Biden’s ability to pass his legislative agenda.Democrats would secure a 50-50 split in the upper chamber, with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris then casting tie-breaking votes if Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock win their respective races against incumbent Republican Sens.David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.On Monday, Biden said, “If you send Jon and the Reverend to Washington, those $2,000 checks will go out the door.And if you send Sens.
On Tuesdays, a US federal judge denied President Trump’s request for an emergency injunction to direct Georgia to decertify the 2020 presidential election results.The new Trump lawsuit filed on New Year’s Eve accuses Georgia of violating the Georgia Elections Code, due process, and the electors and elections clauses by ignoring express directions regarding the collection, handling, processing, canvassing, and counting of mail-in ballots, as well as improper certification of elections.The US District Judge Mark Cohen said several times during a Tuesday hearing that the case was beyond unprecedented.He called the president’s motion extraordinary and asked Trump’s attorneys a number of questions related to the suit.Cohen declared that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger did nothing wrong in recertifying the 2020 election results multiple times in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.