The trailer for Shia LaBeouf starrer “The Tax Collector” movie and its release dates just dropped. 2020’s cinematic year kick-started very well, but things took a sharp left when the world was hit with a global pandemic. All the countries had to shut their public areas and quarantine everybody back at their homes which meant no audience in case a movie releases. But lucky for streaming services—a considerable number of pending movies released online for people to watch on their small screens. Films like “The King of Staten Island” and “Da 5 Bloods” were a joy to watch, and it was a joy that was brought to us courtesy streaming services.

Continuous availability of new films is keeping fans happy, and the audience is appreciating tremendous hard work put in by the cast and crew of the movie, which keeps them motivated. But films like “Tenet” and “No Time to Die” will still make the audience wait for it. And amongst all, one of the most anticipated efforts to be witnessed this year was The Tax Collector, and with the trailer arriving, the audience cannot wait anymore. The fact that the producers decided to release the movie online was a huge sigh of relief for everyone.

Directed by David Ayer, the film features star Shia LaBeouf as a crime lord’s tax collector who is put in a whirlwind of danger when his boss’s enemy returns to the game. The story sounds terrific, but when will everyone receive the pleasure of watching it? The movie is scheduled to release on the first Friday of August, i.e. 7th August 2020. Newsweek highlighted that the film would be available for all to stream on Amazon, Google Play and Apple TV.

It is also noteworthy that apart from being available on streaming services, the movie will also premiere on some selected movie theatres. This makes it the first movie to be released in the cinemas post-lockdown ahead of Tenet by Christopher Nolan. No release date has been announced or finalized for UK releases of the film.

Talking about the actor of the movie Shia LaBeouf, the man is already known to get real tattoos for his roles in previous films. But the fans were still taken aback and excited when they were made aware that he got his chest tattooed for The Tax Collector. David Ayer, in his interview with Slash Film, was all praises for the actor’s skill and commitment towards his work and the project. He also said that the actor had been entirely dedicated to every movie in the past as well. Twitter has been tingling with anticipation since the trailer dropped as the people are in awe of what’s in store for them.


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Source-Tax Collector’s Trailer