Google Books has made it easy for us to access over a million books online. This seamless service is fuelled by the backbone of the Google Book Library Project and an association with partner book providers. Let’s dig in to know more about Google Books and how exactly it works.

Google Books is a growing online resource that contains a collection of over a million books, magazines, and newspapers. You can download, read, purchase, or preview the digital version of the books from the Google Books platform. The platform has earned a spot for providing utility to scholars as well as general readers.

Google Books Library Project

The Google Books Library Project came into light with Google’s initial intention of partnering with online book providers who provided digital versions of books and magazines. The Google Books Library is arguably one of the biggest collections of digital books from several content partners. Even though the platform is designed to become a more significant collection of resources, there are certain limitations to the content it displays. By default, you can only access the full version of books that are intended to be launched in the public domain. For other books, you will only be able to see a snippet of the original book.

Searching Books on Google

You can directly search for the book titles on Google and then head over to the books tab for seeing relevant results from the Google Books Library. Or else, you can go to the Google Books website and then search for the book titles. There are four layers in which Google displays the books. These are Full View, Limited View, Snippet View, and No Preview Available. It depends on the publisher of the book and the domain targeted. If you know the exact title of the book that you are looking for, you can conveniently search for the books on the Google Books platform.

However, if you are not sure about the exact title, instead you know a few key details about the book like the author’s name, keywords from the title, etc, you can make use of the advanced search feature to find the desired book. The advanced search feature will let you search for books by using phrase matches, author names, keywords from the title, subject of the book, publication date, etc.

Now go ahead and make use of this fantastic collection of books from Google. And the best of all, using Google Books is extremely safe.