This wonder fruit never ceases to amaze you. Just when you think you know the fruit and how it adds on to your plateful of nutrition, the fruit again charms you with some special quality which was hidden till now. While eating avacados can surely help you with all your diet needs, it certainly demands the correct knowledge to buy avocados online.

While most of the fruit shopping can be done online nowadays, avocados for sale online can be purchased with ease and convenience, without much hassle. Everyone has a personal preference on how to cut Californina Avocados, but using the nick and peel technique is the most useful.

The Process of Cutting and Peeling

The following steps will help you cut the wonder fruit like a pro, without cutting yourself or damaging the fruit while doing so:

1. Pick an avocado which is easy to peel as it will be ripe and ready to eat.

2. Like all the fruits, wash the avocado before you begin to cut the fruit.

3. Keeping the avocado on the chopping board, cut it into half length-wise around the seed.

4. Rotate the avocado one fourth and turn it and cut it length-wise around the seed to make it 1/4th avocado segments.

5. Once you do this, separating the quarters becomes easier and you can remove the seed easily.

6. Now starting from the tip, nick and carefully peel each segment, discard the peel as consuming it is not healthy.

7. Alternatively, you can also remove the seed by scooping with a spoon between the seed and the fruit. Gently work the seed out of the fruit. (In case you plan to store the other half, do not remove the seed from the other half).

Why Peeling Avocados Helps
Peeling avocados opens up all kinds of preparation options and also possibilities for multiple kinds of presentations. Peeling and slicing the avocados for perfectly presentable sandwich, or using it in salads, avocados can be simply delicious when peeled correctly.

Here are top three reasons for peeling avocados:

1. The dark green fruit which is closest to the skin has the greatest concentration of carotenoids or beneficial plant pigments. Avocados contribute as many as 11 carotenoids to the diet, including lutein, as it helps in maintaining healthy eyesight as we age.

2. When we peel avocados, we can ensure that we are not missing out on the nutritional requirements of the super food. This may be lost when avocados are prepared in other ways like by scooping.

3. Consider your safety first, as peeling the avocados allows one to remove the seed using your fingers and it helps in eliminating the risk of cutting yourself, in case the knife is used to remove the seed.