This year the Digital 1to1 celebrates its 9th edition of pure networking and collaboration between experts from the retail industry in Barcelona Spain.After multiple successful events, big brands, and industry experts look forward to this event to exchange thoughts, ideas, and innovative products and services with others present at the event.Digital 1to1 focuses on helping people build real human connections that can positively impact the business and the individual.Although technological innovations and social media play a key role in business promotions, the real growth of any business lies in networking with consumers and other related players of the industry.If you have a similar thought process, then book your dates for the Digital 1to1 event which will be held from 4th to 6th March 2020 in Barcelona, Spain.Explore the MostThese types of events are for networking and collaborating with experts and exploring innovative business ideas.Hence, try to communicate with the attendees the most.Explore all possible opportunities, showcase your products, interact, discuss over varied topics, accept feedback and learn.Prepare Yourself WellAn event like Digital 1to1 is a giant platform for networking and one means of collaborating with big brands is to have vast knowledge of your industry.Know your products well and be prepared to answer any type of related questions.The more knowledge you hold about your business and offerings, more will be the chances of brands getting interested to interact with you.
However, in the case of Suppliers/Distributors/Manufacturers, their ultimate-Thule is another company rather than an individual.Look more like B2C yet gather huge sales: The popularity of retail eCommerce has changed the habit of companies placing their order on an e-Commerce.Stay ahead of your competition: B2B clients prefer to repeat purchases with the same supplier that they already know who has already met their needs instead of starting a new process of searching for new offers, validation, and decision-making.Build a website that retains them.Optimize your website for B2B customer experienceYou can find Altius Technologies at the National Hardware Show 2020 to implement the upsides of B2B eCommerce for you.Your $1 spent on us= $4 ROI for you!1 Give attention to your product pageA vibrant display of your product is an important part of optimizing your B2B e-commerce.It can be achieved with premium services from Altius Technologies like Product Catalogue Management, Product Data Management, Product Information Management, Enriching product data or by developing product Taxonomy & basing all information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Every business is transforming itself from physical stores to online stores.How does it impact the business?All these questions and more will be answered in this blog.Technology helps to Enhance Customer ExperienceThanks to technological advancements, businesses are able to create innovative ways to enhance user experience while shopping online.Today online shopping is much easier and hassle-free.Shopping is a matter of few clicks on mobile devices and the product is delivered at your doorstep in no time.Technology Provides Personalized DataThis is a relief for the B2B sector.Technology enables gathering personalized data which allows B2B players to understand consumer behavior.This eventually helps the business deliver data-driven services which enhances customer retention and attracts new customers.Artificial IntelligenceTechnology advancement has given us the gift of Artificial Intelligence.
As a small and medium-sized enterprise tries to expand and diversify, it encounters a series of challenges.These challenges do not affect large companies but have a major impact on the growth of SMEs.In this blog, we will look at such challenges and the ways to overcome them.LeadershipMost often when a business starts to grow, up to a certain extent having family-like bonding with the employees works for the business as employees are then willing to help the business sustain and grow.However, when the business starts to expand and diversify, there is a need for strong leadership, the right skill sets, and talented coworkers.This is when finding high performers becomes a challenge.In order to overcome the challenge, business leaders must be strong-willed and should encourage their employees to perform better from time to time.Strategy PlanningSME owners may find strategy planning challenging at times.Since strategy is the base for any business to function smoothly, it is essential to have the plan in place and seek help whenever required.Now, thanks to technology, there are tools that can document single page business plans for the company.Executing the strategy becomes difficult since there are some situation-based or sudden issues that the business must overcome.Hence, the ideal solution is to break the yearly plan in quarterly plans and ensure that the goals are met accordingly.Systems and ProcessesHaving defined systems and processes is as important for small and medium-sized businesses, as it is for established large organizations.This is what makes the business more productive.
In addition, online competition is ever-increasing.In order to deal with all of this and perform well in a competitive environment, businesses are taking help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation.eCommerce is working hard to live up to customer expectations and adapting to the latest technologies.eCommerce businesses are using AI to drive more revenue and improve productivity.Thanks to Alexa, and Google Home devices, AI is an intelligent member of our homes these days.In this blog, we will look at how automation has impacted the Indian eCommerce market.Improved Customer Service – As mentioned earlier, customers demand for more with every online shopping experience.eCommerce giants are now experimenting with machine learning (ML) capabilities like product catalogs, product size recommendations, customer payment security, and more.This has led to 85% of positive increase in customer service eventually leading to increased sales.Improved User Experience – Generally while shopping online, we come across a section “frequently bought products”.This section enables the customers to find their desired products in no time.Similarly, some eCommerce sites like Trivago helps users to compare the costs of various hotel rooms along with the facilities offered and make their booking accordingly.Faster Product Search – While you search products on a website for shopping, AI plays a major role as it allows you to search for your products with the help of images.
The number of startups and small and medium-sized enterprises are increasing rapidly.Thanks to eCommerce, startups are able to establish themselves and reach out to their target audience at great ease.eCommerce has helped to elevate business activities and build create active customer base.Small businesses have realized the importance of eCommerce and how it offers numerous benefits.In this blog, we will look at the benefits of eCommerce on SMEs and startups.Low Operational CostsFor small businesses, being able to sustain on limited finances is very important.Running online stores require less operational costs as compared to physical stores.This is because owning a physical store means incurring building rental costs, location preferences, employees’ salary, and more.In addition, there are many more costs to be managed, like inventory, accounts, payments, delivery, and so on.On the other hand, online stores require less investment.One needs to invest in a good website development team.The cost incurred to develop a good e-store shall be compensated within few online sales.Additional costs on insurance, infrastructure, inventory management, etc., are also saved.Increased RevenueOnline businesses do not have any geographical limitations unlike physical stores.Hence, online businesses can target audiences from across the world.
ShopTalk is one of the most exciting events of the year that gather retailers from various industries.The event attracts established retailers and brands, tech startups, large tech and internet companies, venture capital investors, real estate developers, equity analysts, media, and others.This is an event to learn and network to create a fruitful future of the retail industry.If you are planning to be a part of the ShopTalk 2020, then here is a list of things you must remember.Understand What the Event has to OfferShopTalk is known to have attracted more than 8500 individuals from across various industries, and more than 3000 retail professionals.The event spans across 4 days which is filled with curated meetings, productive networking opportunities, and numerous social engagement opportunities.Engage with Decision MakersShopTalk speakers are industry experts, innovators, and retail professionals.With these kinds of experts being present at the event, you must be interacting with them as much as possible.There are mostly CEOs and founders of established brands, who have plenty of insights to share.Hence, you must not miss out on any opportunity in interacting with some of the bright minds of the industry.Plan the VisitShopTalk 2020 will host around 600 companies’ exhibits and curate nearly 10,000 onsite meetings.This is a lot to cover in just 4 days.Hence, plan to visit well.
With the advancement in technology and upsurge of social media, the way businesses are functioning has also changed.eCommerce and social media have eliminated all the geographical boundaries, enabling businesses to connect with people around the globe.Thanks to digital marketing, everything ranging from education to real estate is made available to customers online.Industries like real estate have been greatly benefitted by digital marketing services.The biggest advantage that the industry has got is in generating leads.Property related information like area, price, facilities, contact details are all available online for the customers to access through their digital medium like smartphones, laptops and desktops.Today’s generation has a busy work life and prefer to enjoy lazy weekends.This means, they prefer to collect all the necessary information online before approaching the site in person.Having all the real estate listings online makes it easy for the potential customer to sort out the best picks based on their requirements.The internet offers plenty of real estate portals that offer details of suitable properties like budget, accommodation, and nearby amenities.Similar to other industries, digital marketing enhances the art of ‘shopping’ in the real estate industry as well.Digital marketing and other cutting-edge technologies have changed the way real estate properties are sold or purchased or even rented.Realtors are depending largely on defined digital strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Web Traffic, and Paid Advertising.
eCommerce businesses are growing; however, to sustain for a long time a business must adopt some effective supply chain strategies.An efficient supply chain means faster product delivery, faster return policies, better movement of goods from warehouse to the end customer.Strategy can be defined as fulfilling organization’s long-term goals in alignment with the business objectives and how you plan to achieve them.Supply chain strategies can be defined by answering some questions like:How to reduce labor costs in warehouse while fulfilling orders?How can you offer the fastest delivery in lease time and cost?How to improve inventory control to eliminate back orders?How to increase warehouse capacity for storage?Here are some top supply chain strategies that any eCommerce business can follow in order to grow.Make the Inbound Supply Chain More EfficientGetting the inbound materials and products on time is a major concern for many businesses.Be responsive to customer expectations and focus on fulfilling orders faster and at lesser cost.Also, take into account additional costs like additional facilities, staffing, and management.Increase the Capacity of WarehouseMoving to a new warehouse every time is not a solution for increasing the storage capacity.By addressing these issues, moving to a new warehouse can be delayed.Proper Paperwork and Processing TimeBarcode technology helps you track the activities like “What”, “Who”, and “When” happening in the warehouses.Implementing barcode technology helps to keep proper records and maintain a good processing time.Manage Labor Force EffectivelyManaging labor costs can save you a lot of money.
With restrictions of movement in place for the fight against COVID-19, it presents an enormously challenging situation for B2B Companies, in the absence of live events, conferences and face to face interactions, trade shows, and exhibitions.But it also presents an opportunity in terms of driving demand through digital strategies, this is the medium to utilize to reach customers and clients who are homebound.We have assimilated a list of 10 best practices that B2B’s should consider so as to take control of the present health and logistics crisis.Game Plan- Though the future implications for businesses are uncertain and unclear, it is time to game plan the long term implications of the current situation on B2B businesses.Digital is the clear winner here- Updating your digital channels is the need of the hour.Ensure that your digital data on the web is up to date, relevant and fact based.Make sure you have genuine links to medical information for guidance.Focus on Digital Strategies- B2B companies would need to move into social marketing, content marketing, SEO to target customers who can be found online and devising approaches and tactics for your success.Live Social Platforms- Achieve better eye-catching content and more targeted campaigns that improves your feed in the news feed algorithm by going live using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instragam and Periscope.Choose videos over PowerPoint- Videos are a good option for showcasing your product and it is an alternate for in person sales.Converting your PowerPoint presentations into videos to reach potential customers is a wise thing to use the digital channel for.Podcasts- Digital audio files are the fastest growing content format in B2B.They are a good medium to reach out with more information about your products to clients and also connect with them remotely.Video Conferencing tools- These are the best for sales meeting presentations like Zoom which every B2B should give a shot at, helping teams to meet up through voice or video calls.AI Chat Bots – They can be a great substitute for less staff due to sickness, we are moving towards a market where 85% of interaction takes place without human intervention, so this is the best time to utilize AI Bots for Sales and Marketing activities and they can never get sick.Virtual reality – VR is the tool for live events, demos, trade shows, and exhibitions and ‘walk-throughs’ that can’t take place in person where group-buying is not encouraged.Augmented reality gives your customers the ability to visualize your products or trade show displays remotely using their smartphone.In addition to getting through your sales and marketing pipeline, opting for the above practices will help keep COVID-19 in check due to digital collaboration that doesn’t require physician human to human interaction.Also long after we have defeated COVID-19 and things get back to normal, eCommerce businesses will realize the potential in digital channels compared to ground events and adapt them as part of their long term marketing plan.  
It is just astounding how a simple microorganism, invisible to the naked eye, has changed our lives in a matter of days and weeks, reminding us that after all we are just another living being on this planet earth who have forgotten to coexist with other living creatures.It is time to Re-SetWe are appreciating old values and simpler things in life by forcing everyone to slow down.Parents cherish being able to spend quality time with their little ones and elderly ones at home.Pets are enjoying getting stroked.Spouses are actually talking to each other.This virus has certainly made our world’s small making people reconnect in a more intimate, thoughtful manner As humans retreat, nature returnsDolphins have returned to Italy’s coast, thanks to a near shutdown of cruise- and cargo-ship traffic around Italy’s canal city of Venice.Swans are seen around canals in Italy which were widely populated with gondolas and tourists for the first time in decades.
The world is currently facing the most unforeseen disaster and it has challenged all businesses right on their face.It is important that we all stay together and fight back this virus by doing one simple yet difficult process of socially distancing ourselves.We at Altius are taking every step possible to challenge the Corona Virus and as a first step, we have all our employees working from home thus socially distancing themselves yet all  deliveries commitments to our clients are unaffected.From the Sales & Marketing team, we have taken a cautious decision of canceling all our overseas travel and withdrawing from all the events that we had planned.It was a tough decision to make, given the fact that the decision of participation was made almost a year in advance, but we felt responsible towards the society, therefore the decision had to be taken.What we will really be missing out are the meetings and interactions that we could have had with our prospects, customers and fellow industry experts.But, to compensate all that we will be missing,here’s what we were planning to position at the expos and conferences,Product Content TransformationAltius has been a pioneer in transforming any ordinary website into a rich high performing and an Inquiry Generating Engine thereby directly contributing to revenue generation.We have a proven track record of improving revenue by about 30-40%We could assess your website and give you a clear roadmap to transform your website into a high-performance website.Contact USUnifi-ISpeed means business today.It becomes even more imperative in 2020 for revenue-generating websites like eCommerce stores to acquire the right technology and tools to improve the latency and load time, which we call having ‘sub-second websites’.Switching to a sub-second website is even more crucial for the average eCommerce websiteCoping with turbulent times: Event Participation Update that relies on paid search traffic to attract new and return business.The site speed not only impacts SEO searches but has a profound effect on conversion rates as well.In fact, a study has found an average lift of 15-30% in conversion rates by having a sub-second website for your eCommerce.We are currently offering a free subscription of Unifi-i for the first 3 months.Subscribe NowIn addition to these two primary solutions, we also are  planning to position the following other services and solutions,AI-based Auto-Classification of Products - Easy and unified shopping experience for customers Most cost-effective PIM implementation - Accurate and Consistent data that enrich customer experience Connectors between Systems - Integrating different applications and technologies with easeWe look forward to meeting all of you after we have successfully passed this unfortunate time.In the meantime, we are always up for a Zoom meeting, at a time that is convenient for both of us.Schedule A One-On-One Now  
"Suzuki Roshi, I've been listening to your lectures for years," a student said during the question and answer time following a lecture, "but I just don't understand.Can you reduce Buddhism to one phrase?Then he asked for another question.Explanation: One of the foremost teachings in Buddhism is that everything in life is impermanent.Suzuki Roshi (Shunryu Suzuki of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind) is referring to this impermanence by saying "everything changes".This is a very deep teaching, but I'll attempt to sum it up in a way that can be understood and immediately helpful in a few words.Because it encompasses everything, you can contemplate for hours on end and not realize the full magnitude of the principle of impermanence.You are impermanent, your loved ones are impermanent, your home is impermanent, even our planet is impermanent.Why is this important?
In these hard times, where COVID-19 has wriggled its way into every aspect of our lives including work and with a smack in our face, forced us take a break from our routine grind, the best we can make out of the situation is find the brighter side of it instead of trying to interpret how such an infectious virus could not be brought under control and have reached pandemic proportions that is resulting in total shutdown of the entire world.The best we can do is to listen to the governing bodies and follow instructions and pray for people who are suffering, help those in need or get out of the way for others to help by staying indoors.Crystal Ball gazing into the pastBuddha tales are so apt for the situation the world is in right now, Especially this one about the Acrobats who performed on Streets.Meda and her teacher performed on streets where the teacher balanced a tall bamboo on his head pole while walking on a string and Meda maintained the balance of the string from the other end.Teacher: 'Listen Meda, I will watch you and you watch me, so that we can help each other maintain concentration and balance and prevent an accident.Then we'll surely earn enough to eat.'Meda : 'Dear master, I think it would be better for each of us to watch ourselves.To look after ourselves means to look after both of us.That way I am sure we will avoid any accidents and earn enough to eat.
Once upon the time there was an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years.One day his horse ran away.Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit.“Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically.“Maybe,” the farmer replied.The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses.“How wonderful,” the neighbors exclaimed.“Maybe,” replied the old man.The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg.The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy for his misfortune.“Maybe,” answered the farmer.The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army.
Sometimes just let it After a lot of walking, everyone was thirsty, as they were walking, they spotted a lake. Please get me some water from that lake there.” At once, the disciple agreed and walked up to the lake. When he reached there, he discovered that sort of people were washing clothes in the lake. He also spotted a bullock cart which was crossing the lake right at the edge it. I don’t think it is fit to drink. To this, Lord Buddha said, “Let’s take some rest under the tree”.
When Bankei held his seclusion-weeks of meditation, pupils from many parts of Japan came to attend.During one of these gatherings a pupil was caught stealing.The matter was reported to Bankei with the request that the culprit be expelled.This angered the other pupils, who drew up a petition asking for the dismissal of the thief, stating that otherwise they would leave in a body.When Bankei had read the petition he called everyone before him.“You are wise brothers,” he told them.“You know what is right and what is not right.
There is the story of a young martial arts student who was under the tutelage of a famous master.One day, the master was watching a practice session in the courtyard.He realized that the presence of the other students was interfering with the young man’s attempts to perfect his technique.The master could sense the young man’s frustration.“Before you can master technique, you must understand harmony.Come with me, I will explain”, replied the master.The teacher and student left the building and walked some distance into the woods until they came upon a stream.The master stood silently on the bank for several moments.
A Zen master asked a young student to bring him a pail of water to cool his bath.The student brought the water, and after cooling the bath, threw the remaining water over the ground.“Think,” said the master to the student.“You could have watered the temple plants with those few drops you have thrown away.”The young student understood Zen in that exact moment.He changed his name to Tekisui, which means “drop of water”, and lived to become a wise Zen master himself.Explanation: In our search for knowledge, we are so concerned with finding the big answers (enlightenment, happiness, wisdom) that we sometimes forget the significance of ordinary moments.Like the student who wants Zen wisdom but is careless in his routine chores, we too can forget that our life’s purpose can be found in the smallest of moments – and that our every word, thought and action (like drops of water) holds unique meaning on our path.During this self-imposed social isolation for our quest to conquer COVID-19 this tale shows us savior the quiet and subtle things that we have overlooked in our fast-paced life. 
Gautama Buddha was sitting under a banyan tree.One day, a furious Brahmin came to him and started abusing him.The Brahmin thought that Gautama Buddha would reciprocate in the same manner, but to his utter surprise, there was not the slightest change in the expression on his face.Now, the Brahmin became more furious.Actually there was a look of compassion on his face.He asked, “I have been abusing you like anything, but why are you not angry at all?”Gautama Buddha calmly replied, “My dear brother, I have not accepted a single abuse from you."With a meaningful smile on his face, Buddha said, “Now you are right.He was ashamed of his behavior and begged for Buddha's forgiveness.Explanation:Inner calmness and peace are keys to contented life.